Blaze Deception: A Villain in a Hero's Disguise

All I wanted was a simple life: love, shelter, food, my hobby of motorcycling. But fate granted me wealth and power, shackling my freedom. Forced into a life of social expectations and heir training, I obeyed for my family's honor and my love for them as Honor and Pride were unshaken pillars of my family. Despite not being strict, they didn't mess around with traditions. To me, they were my heroes, pillars of kindness. Yet the very target of their kindness, the people they saved and protected, became the ones who burned them to their death. Betrayal tore them from me, shattering the good heart they cultivated in me and plunging me into darkness. Only one question left: What do I do!? Revenge!! That's what my heart shouted at me as my heart turned cold. Can I reclaim the heroism they instilled in me, or am I destined to become the villain that grew within me? __________ This novel might have slower or faster pacing in some places. The first volume focuses more on the MC's backstory. The villain's acts and deceptions will be in the second volume. Regarding romance, I haven't added a tag yet. Let's see how the story goes and whether there's a need for romance. I'm still new to writing, so please bear with me. Tell me your suggestions via comments. Thank you! -This is my entry for WSA 2024. Your support means a lot to me. Join my Discord: https://discord.com/invite/B7yZHuXAe2 (Book Cover- credit goes to Forteller)

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Living Goods?

"I will tell you! I will tell you. Don't be mad, Brother Blaze, okay?"

"Tell me now! And stop making those movements as if you're on a theatrical stage performing a drama scene."

Why did this Greg kid have to be so dramatic? Is he aspiring to become an actor?

"Okay, I will tell you the main point now. When I told them I couldn't leave Vince alone. The rich couple decided to adopt both of us, Vince and I. Finally, for the first time in my life, I will be having parents so I was so happy. The rich couple has dual citizenship they're also a citizen here in Sparks Country and they mostly stay and live here. So they brought us here.

While we're getting off the plane. I unexpectedly heard them talking about the real reason why they adopted us. I didn't hear the name of the organization or what the experiments were for. But I surely heard them saying 'The living goods for your experiment will soon be delivered to you. Make sure to send us the money soon.'

Am I right? That they are planning to sell us and be experimented on? That's the way I understand it. So when the car dropped by at a convenience store. Vince and I sneak out while they are inside the store and that's how we ended up living on the streets for two months now.

Brother Blaze thank you for giving pity to our poor souls, for taking as in."

With raised eyebrows, I asked, "Are you sure you heard correctly? What if they're talking about something else? Then you lose your chance to finally have a family or parents."

"How I wish I heard wrongly. But that was not the case. They gave our details to the other person on the phone. Like our age and appearance. So the living goods were us."

As I looked at him, I saw the disappointment etched across his face. His shoulders slumped, and the sparkle in his eyes faded away.

It was as if the weight of the letdown pressed down on him, evident in the heaviness of his expression. A deep exhale escaped him, carrying the sigh of frustration that lingered in the air.

At that moment, I could feel the disappointment radiating from him, a tangible shift in his demeanor that spoke volumes about the impact of whatever let him down.

How badly did he wish for a family? Instead of a blessing what he received was a deadly trap.

Never thought that this kind of organization existed in real life. I thought it was only on movies.

"Did the rich couple didn't try searching for you? It seems you're now on their wanted list."

"Come on Brother stop frightening us. I still want to live long. It's been two months already. Maybe they found another kid to replace us. Now I'm feeling sorry for those kids if that was the case. May their poor souls reach heaven and finally be free from the toxic of the world."

"What makes you want to continue living?" I suddenly got curious. " You want to be an idol, an actor, a celebrity, or the one they call a star?"

"Hehe, how did you know that Brother Blaze? You're amazing! I wanna be a celebrity and receive countless love from people."

"Come on! You're too obvious. And please stop your dramatic intonations and exaggerated expressions every time you speak. It doesn't look good instead it was so annoying. Stop dreaming of being one of those celebrities you'll never make it.

While clutching to his chest, as if he were having a heart attack, "Brother please give grace to this poor soul. You're breaking my heart into pieces."

"You're still a kid you can dream of something else."

"No! I want that one."

"Okay, good luck then."


Suddenly a hand tugged at my shirt sleeves. When I looked to see whose hand it was, I saw Vince's eyes looking at me with anticipation while he rubbed his tummy.

Is he hungry now? Wait! Food?

Yeah, that's right how can I forget I asked him about food?

"You're lucky I have pizza here. Just stay seated I'll get it for you."

"Brother Blaze, how about me do you also have food for me?"

"Ow, you don't need to eat for now. Celebrities often go on a diet to stay fit they're somehow scared of calories. So I wish you luck on your diet."

"Come on Brother Blaze you're so unfair!"

I chuckled at Greg's playful protest.

Returning with the pizza, I handed a slice to Vince, who eagerly took a bite, his eyes lighting up with gratitude. Greg, on the other hand, continued his exaggerated antics, feigning hunger with theatrical gestures.

"Here's your dramatic meal," I teased, handing him a slice. He took it with a flourish, "Ah, the taste of fame and calories!"

Rolling my eyes, I asked him "So, what's your plan now? You can't stay hidden forever. We need to figure out a way to ensure your safety and maybe uncover the truth behind the mysterious organization behind those supposedly adopted parents of yours."

Vince, between bites of pizza, nodded in agreement. While Greg said in an exaggerated tone "Brother Blaze, you're like our guardian angel. I knew you'd help us."

"Enough with the dramatic tone it hurts my ears. Now tell me if you have a contact number with the rich couple."

"What do you need it for brother? Don't tell me you're planning to call them. Are you going to ask them directly? You're going for a confrontation?"

"Are you stupid? Why would I do that? Just tell me if you have or you don't have but wait let me get the laptop first before you give me the number in case you have it."

After getting the laptop and the contact number from Greg I delve into hacking.

My eyes locked onto the computer screen, narrowing slightly, revealing a determined gaze. The dance of my fingers across the keyboard is deliberate and purposeful, each keystroke a strategic move in the digital chessboard.

Leaning forward, I draw myself closer to the screen, entering a state of symbiosis with the digital realm.

The soft glow of the computer monitor casts a subtle illumination on my face, accentuating the subtle expressions that flicker across my features as lines of code scroll rapidly on the screen—a language only I seem to comprehend.

After managing to get the information I needed. I looked back at them. They're both in awe as if they watched a magical show.

"Brother Blaze you're amazing!" Vince spoke in a voice hinting at fascination. That makes both Greg and I look at him in surprise.

Does he speak? Did we hear wrong?

But then he jumped and jumped as if he couldn't contain his excitement while speaking "Brother Blaze, teach me! Teach me! I wanna do it too!"

Does he love computers? Does he want to learn to hack? I didn't expect that. But it's good he finally speaks.

"Sure, but in one condition. You know how to read right?"

He nods with his eyes that is full of anticipation.

"I'm going to give you a book about basic computers you have to read it aloud in front of me. What you've read is also what I'm going to teach you first. Once you've learned the basic knowledge I'm going to teach you my hacking method. Do you agree?"

"Yes, Brother I agree." He replied instantly. His voice was laced with excitement. Something I didn't expect. Now I suddenly feel awkward hearing him speak.

Our interaction was suddenly interrupted by the loud cry of Greg. "Brother Vince you're so unfair! We've been together for a long time but you never speak to me. How come you just met Brother Blaze today but you already spoke to him? I'm hurt! Do you like him more now than me? But still, I'm happy you're finally speaking."

I glanced at Vince, catching a glimpse of surprise in his eyes, likely unexpected to be the subject of such emotions from Greg. My eyebrows arched in a mix of amusement and bewilderment.

Vince, with a bemused smile, replied, "Come on, Brother Greg. It's not like that. I've been dreaming of being a hacker since I was little. Finally, I met a real one now, and not just in movies so I got overly excited. You're still my buddy, alright?"

Greg, maintaining his theatrical flair, dramatically clutched his chest. "Oh, the betrayal! My heart can't take it! But, I forgive you. Brother Blaze, you're a lucky one to have such a forgiving friend like me."

Seems like my days will be noisy from now on.

A month passed since we lived together. Everything is going well but not until I receive a call from Greg.

"Bro, help me! Vince... Vince is missing! I-I haven't seen him... the whole day. I've been searching... for him since... morning but I-I can't find him."

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