Blaze Deception: A Villain in a Hero's Disguise

All I wanted was a simple life: love, shelter, food, my hobby of motorcycling. But fate granted me wealth and power, shackling my freedom. Forced into a life of social expectations and heir training, I obeyed for my family's honor and my love for them as Honor and Pride were unshaken pillars of my family. Despite not being strict, they didn't mess around with traditions. To me, they were my heroes, pillars of kindness. Yet the very target of their kindness, the people they saved and protected, became the ones who burned them to their death. Betrayal tore them from me, shattering the good heart they cultivated in me and plunging me into darkness. Only one question left: What do I do!? Revenge!! That's what my heart shouted at me as my heart turned cold. Can I reclaim the heroism they instilled in me, or am I destined to become the villain that grew within me? __________ This novel might have slower or faster pacing in some places. The first volume focuses more on the MC's backstory. The villain's acts and deceptions will be in the second volume. Regarding romance, I haven't added a tag yet. Let's see how the story goes and whether there's a need for romance. I'm still new to writing, so please bear with me. Tell me your suggestions via comments. Thank you! -This is my entry for WSA 2024. Your support means a lot to me. Join my Discord: https://discord.com/invite/B7yZHuXAe2 (Book Cover- credit goes to Forteller)

Air_Ace · Realistic
Not enough ratings
84 Chs


"My butler told me you never lose a case since becoming a lawyer. Can you help me with what I am supposed to do regarding this drug case that someone is trying to frame me?"



 I laughed cynically inside while listening to Mr. Siapno's words. 


Great, great... He's falling for my trap.


"Mr. Siapno, to be honest, according to the evidence we gathered, it was enough to prosecute you even if we found nothing at your mansion during our search tomorrow," I calmly told him.


"What do you mean? What kind of evidence?" 


"Let me send you a file copy of it." 


"Okay." He then hung up the call first and focused on reading.


After a few minutes...


"Hahaha," I couldn't help but laugh out loud.