Blaze Deception: A Villain in a Hero's Disguise

All I wanted was a simple life: love, shelter, food, my hobby of motorcycling. But fate granted me wealth and power, shackling my freedom. Forced into a life of social expectations and heir training, I obeyed for my family's honor and my love for them as Honor and Pride were unshaken pillars of my family. Despite not being strict, they didn't mess around with traditions. To me, they were my heroes, pillars of kindness. Yet the very target of their kindness, the people they saved and protected, became the ones who burned them to their death. Betrayal tore them from me, shattering the good heart they cultivated in me and plunging me into darkness. Only one question left: What do I do!? Revenge!! That's what my heart shouted at me as my heart turned cold. Can I reclaim the heroism they instilled in me, or am I destined to become the villain that grew within me? __________ This novel might have slower or faster pacing in some places. The first volume focuses more on the MC's backstory. The villain's acts and deceptions will be in the second volume. Regarding romance, I haven't added a tag yet. Let's see how the story goes and whether there's a need for romance. I'm still new to writing, so please bear with me. Tell me your suggestions via comments. Thank you! -This is my entry for WSA 2024. Your support means a lot to me. Join my Discord: https://discord.com/invite/B7yZHuXAe2 (Book Cover- credit goes to Forteller)

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As time went by, I became a guide for Vince in the world of computers and helped Greg improve his martial skills. The three of us found comfort in our shared goals, determined to move forward despite the haunting memories of that terrible incident.

However, my nights were still filled with nightmares. Every time I slept, the faces of the people I unintentionally killed haunted my dreams. The guilt weighed heavily on me, but I refused to let it break me. My desire for revenge remained strong.


As the teacher announced, "Class dismissed! You can all head home," I gathered my things, ready to navigate the familiar alley leading to my home. However, my path was abruptly blocked by Bradley, my classmate who used to hold the top spot until I arrived at Elite Sparks University.

"Look who we have here," Bradley sneered, accompanied by his followers. "Blaze, always the 'new guy,' stealing my spotlight since you showed up."

I tried to maneuver around him, but the group closed in, trapping me. Bradley continued, "My father's not happy that I'm not at the top anymore. You think it's a joke, huh? Your arrival messed everything up for me."

Feeling the tension rise, I maintained my composure, replying, "I'm just here to learn and do my best. I didn't ask for any of this."

Bradley's followers snickered, and he, fueled by frustration, added, "You might not have asked, but you're going to pay for it. This is your fault, Blaze."

Sigh. Never thought I would also encounter this usual thing that often happens in school settings.

Should I just run away?

Or fight them?

If I run away they might think I'm a coward and they will block me another time again for sure.

If I fight them... hmmm looking at their appearance I can easily beat these kids. But what will happen next? Bradley's father is one of the school directors will he kick me out of school?

Sigh. I just wanna have a peaceful school life. But that seems impossible now.

Being so outstanding is a subject of envy to many. It isn't my fault for being a genius and handsome. I pity them.

Whatever. If they strike then I will strike.

"Why don't you talk? Did you become mute from being scared now?" Bradley said that to me in a mocking tone.

This guy is starting to piss me off! Should I just punch him?

Sigh. I'm too lazy to deal with them. When will they end this nonsense thing?

"Are you that petrified that you even forgot how to react? Your nonchalant expression right now won't make me spare you, Blaze."

"Just shut up! It's either you fight or go away. Stop wasting my time by spouting nonsense." He's just all talk but doesn't take action. Tsk.

He suddenly threw a punch, but I caught it with my right hand and crushed it. I heard the sound of bones cracking.

"Ahhh! Stop! Stop! Let go of my hand! Let go!" He was wailing like a baby who just pooped and wanted a diaper change.

What a weakling!

While his followers were terrified after witnessing what I had done, especially after hearing the cracking sound of bones, they remained standing on the ground, unable to make a sound or react.

I thought there would be at least a fight. What a disappointment.

Anyway, it's good. I'm free to go home now.


As the days went on I didn't encounter any problems. But Bradley was absent ever since that time when they blocked me. I guess his broken fingers needed some more time to heal. While his followers who were also our classmates remain silent about what happened.

Luckily his father didn't kick me out of school.

Another school day ended, and as I was about to go home my teacher told me that I was being called to the Principal's office.

Was Bradley's father about to take action now? That's the first thing that comes to my mind.

When I entered the Principal's office I saw Bradley's father seated side by side with the Principal.

I remained nonchalant and walked towards them.

"Student Blaze this is Mr. Hough, Bradley's father. I guess you already know why we called you here."

"What is it exactly Mr. Principal? If you may tell me."

I look at him directly in the eyes.

While Mr. Hough just gave me a side eye without any intention to speak.

"Stop feigning innocence, Student Blaze. Admit your mistakes now and we can easily settle things."

"Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Principal. But I don't know what you were talking about." I feign innocence.

"Stop acting innocent. Bradley told us you were the one who broke his fingers."

"Do you have any evidence to back your accusations to me Mr. Principal? I can sue you for defamation."

"You! Fine don't blame me then." Mr. Principal looked at Mr. Hough.

Mr. Hough looked at me with a smug on his face while saying "What a stubborn kid! We don't plan to kick you out of school because of your intelligence. We just want to break your fingers the same way you did to my son. But now, we don't need someone like you in our school."

A group of men suddenly barged in.

"Men, hold this kid and break his fingers for me." Mr. Hough instructed them.

Luckily I've been teaching Greg martial skills so my body agility become better this past week.

Dodging their grabs, I moved quickly and nimble. Spinning around, I swept the legs of one guy, making him stumble. Then, I elbowed another, sending him to the ground. Stayin' cool, I sidestepped lunges, blocking and pushing them away.

A solid kick took down one more, and like a ninja, I took a weapon from another guy, making some space. With smooth moves, I got rid of the rest, leaving only Mr. Hough and the Principal standing.

Facing them, I showed them what martial skills can do. It was like a scene from an action movie, where the good guy takes down the bad guys with style.

Mr. Hough, looking surprised, "You! We aren't done yet. You'll pay for it!"

He left while kicking his men saying "A bunch of useless idiots, can't even take down a kid!"


I was about to leave the school when I saw Vince in the distance he was suddenly blocked by Mr. Hough's car and forced inside the car by his other men.

I ran towards them but it was too late the car already drove away.

Damn it! Vince is in danger again! We often go to school together maybe that's how they find out about our relationship.

Ring ring ring

What I saw was an unknown number but I thought it was Mr. Hough who was calling so I answered it.

"Come to the address I will send you if you want this kid to be safe."

It was indeed Mr. Hough.

Knowing it was a trap I still went to that place. My urge to save Vince is far greater than the danger I might encounter.

Inside the abandoned factory I saw Vince being tied to the chair while surrounded by 6 men.

Before I can even get near they run towards me ready to beat me up like ferocious animals.

As the men lunged at me, I swiftly countered their attacks, using the martial skills I had honed. Ducking and weaving, I managed to disarm one assailant and incapacitate another with a well-placed strike. The element of surprise worked in my favor, giving me a moment to free Vince from his restraints.

One guy gave up, asking for mercy. I hesitated but remembering what my Dad told me that everyone should be given a second chance, I spared him.

But that was a big mistake. When I turned away, he attacked. It hurt, but I fought back, determined to save Vince. In the end, I won, making sure Vince was safe, and the danger in the old factory was over.

Mr. Hough was nowhere to be seen seems his watching us through the CCTV only.

I looked at the CCTV intensely as if telling him that I would make him pay.


At home, Vince helped me clean the wounds I got and bandaged them. While Greg is being furious at the side because we didn't tell him.

"I want to go to school too. Anyone who dares to bully my brothers I will beat them up." He clenched his fists so much.

"If that's your only reason, better stay here. I don't want a troublesome student who only looks for a fight." I glared at him though inside of me I was quite happy knowing someone cared.

The incident made us closer to each other but also solidified my belief that if you pity your enemy you are being cruel to yourself.

That's how I started being ruthless to my every enemy.

I started by hacking and exposing to the media all the dirty deeds Mr. Hough had done. He was arrested by the police. While I was not kicked out and continued my school life.


6 years later

"Please spare my life! I will give you everything I have. Just let me live! I'm begging you!"

I just smirked hearing his pleas without even glancing at him.

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