5 Production Success, Pride and Prejudice in the Academy

[Ding! Backtrack successful. The previous attempt failed because the host skipped two steps, resulting in an imbalance of energy. Please continue to work hard.]

Hearing the system's backtracking notification, Wu Mo looked at the paper with a conflicted expression. At that moment, he was beginning to doubt his ability in forging.

He had clearly memorized the blueprint of the thunder god's hammer in his mind. Why did he continue to make mistakes? There were only a few hundred strokes, so why were there always errors in the order or flaws.

Wu Mo let out a long sigh. Although he knew that the process of drawing the design draft was complicated and the probability of failure was extremely high, he was still struck by the degree of difficulty upon execution.

In just a short span of forty minutes, he had already damaged two sets of casting materials. If it were not for the fact that the Divine-grade Forging Workbench allowed backtracking, he would not have made any progress!

Distracting thoughts arose in his mind, but Wu Mo forced himself to pick up the coin and make his next attempt.

When he progressed up to 70%, there was a slight deviation in the outline of the stroke, resulting in another failure.


At 55% of progress, there was no distinction between the primary and secondary strokes, which led to an energy imbalance failure.

Backtrack again...

For the entire night, Wu Mo drew repeatedly between each failure and backtrack, forcing himself to remember the reason for each failure in his heart. He strived to not make mistakes again the next time.

The determination in his heart was completely stimulated, and the numerous repetitions had helped Wu Mo's casting ability to improve at the speed of lightning!

After dozens or even hundreds of drawings, Wu Mo's hand became as steady as a mountain, and he could move the pen without any deviation.

Following his instincts, he sketched out the lines bit by bit.

As for the progress of the production, it was difficult to reach 70% in the beginning, but he got to the point where the completion rate exceeded 90% a few times.

However, the final step of sketching gave him the most knowledge points, and Wu Mo had also been making many mistakes in the final segment.

Nevertheless, every time he made a mistake, Wu Mo would be able to avoid it perfectly the next time he drew. That helped his drawing speed to become increasingly fast, and he was also getting closer and closer to 100% completion!

After hundreds of successes and failures, Wu Mo's heart became as calm as the surface of a lake. Even in the face of failure, he no longer wavered.

Time passed little by little. In the chaotic forging space, Wu Mo carried out the same process several thousand times.

It was not until a golden light appeared that his hand trembled gently as he gripped the casting pen!

The casting paper that lay flat on the workbench was releasing a dazzling light. The ink runes on it seemed to be coming to life!

The originally colorless Mjolnir was now giving off a metallic luster. The hammer's straight handle had also turned dark yellow as if there was energy flowing within it.

[Congratulations, host, for successfully copying the blueprint for Mjolnir.

[As the host has successfully completed a blueprint design for the first time, the host has been rewarded with one Random-grade Weapon Forging Blueprint.]

Upon hearing the system's voice, Wu Mo's expression was slightly shocked, and he quickly shook off his feelings of being mystified.

Looking at the design blueprint that was emitting a golden light in front of him, a sense of accomplishment suddenly filled his heart.

He had actually copied the design blueprint for Thor's hammer!

Countless hours of hard work had not been in vain!

"Looks like my talent in forging isn't weak after all!"

Wu Mo stretched out his trembling right hand and looked at his ink-stained fingers as he muttered to himself excitedly.

With this blueprint, he had the confidence to earn the best score in the Divine Arms Academy's graduation assessment and regain the honor of being a four-star blacksmith!

Putting away the blueprint for Mjolnir, Wu Mo slowly closed his eyes and immediately exited the special space.

There was no concept of time in the forging space. Wu Mo felt that he had stayed there for at least a couple dozen hours. He had even gone through the process of retracing time hundreds of times.

Opening his eyes, Wu Mo realized that he was indeed holding the design blueprint, which was emitting a faint light. He opened his phone and looked at the time. He realized that only twenty minutes had passed in the real world.

"Just as I expected..."

Wu Mo sighed. Soon after, his eyelids felt a little heavy, and a wave of drowsiness overcame him, causing him to subconsciously yawn. It was as if he had stayed up all night, and his entire body felt weak.

He had previously assumed that his mental strength would not be exhausted in the forging space. Now, it seemed that the situation was not as he had thought.

Sketching the design blueprint was a very draining task. In addition, Wu Mo had repeated the process hundreds of times in one night.

Although the workbench could greatly reduce the user's weariness, Wu Mo had made too many attempts. Even if he returned to the real world, his spirit energy would still be consumed.

Dragging his heavy body, Wu Mo returned to the bedroom. He carefully kept his design report in the drawer and set the alarm clock for the next morning on his phone. After he did all that, he could no longer hold on and fell asleep on the bed.


That night, Wu Mo slept soundly. The next day, the alarm clock on his phone rang for a full two minutes before he finally got out of bed reluctantly.

He habitually pushed the window open, and sunlight shone in, accompanied by a gentle breeze that brushed past his delicate face. Wu Mo felt warm all over.

There was an indescribable sense of comfort.

The opposite dormitory building was in his line of sight, and he could see many people already preparing to go to class. "It seems that even in a parallel world, there's no escape from the status quo," Wu Mo smacked his lips and said somewhat helplessly.

Sighing, Wu Mo went to the bathroom to wash up. Subsequently, he placed the brand new design blueprint into his bag, put on his coat, and left the single dormitory.

After walking for five to six minutes in the academy, Wu Mo arrived at his classroom without incident.

The special Divine Arms Academy's teaching model was basically the same as on Earth.

There were about thirty students in a class, and they were taught by a teacher.

Walking into the tiered classroom, Wu Mo quickly found his seat.

"Sigh... The sun has risen from the west. The genius blacksmith actually came to class today!"

Wu Mo had just sat down when he heard a whisper behind him. In fact, when he walked into the classroom, the surrounding students revealed surprised expressions. It was as if seeing him in class was a strange thing.

However, Wu Mo was unbothered. He was not a person who cared about the opinions of others. In addition, his predecessor had locked himself up at home to borrow money to forge a Divine Weapon. This behavior was indeed a little strange, so it was not surprising for others to have such an attitude toward him.

"Today is the day we hand in our final-year manuscripts. That guy will definitely come. If he doesn't hand it in, won't he be expelled from school?"

"That's true. But that guy's gone mad. Would he really care about his degree?"

"If I become like that, I might as well just bang my head against the wall and die. My life would be a waste. To forge a Divine Weapon is simply a fool's dream."

A few boys saw Wu Mo sitting down with his head lowered, and they immediately spoke with mocking expressions.

In the past few years in the academy, Wu Mo had almost stolen the limelight from all of them, and their teacher had even called him a genius. Now that they were seeing him again, they were all extremely delighted! 

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