Black Tech System

What happens when a first-year college student suddenly gets a black technology system I will try to upload a chapter ever 3-4 days if you want longer chapters it will be around 6-7 days unless I just feel like uploading a chapter Short chapters will be around 500 and long chapters will be around 1,000

TempestWolf1013 · Sci-fi
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Strange day

"XIN!! You better get your ass up right now"

YES, mom! sigh* I walk downstairs to see my mom waiting for me in the kitchen with her arms folded looking very angry

"Xin you better tell me what this is on the table," my mother says. I look over at the paper and see my grades

Math - A+ 100%

English - D- 60%

History- C- 70%

Science- A+ 100%

I look up to my mom and say "my grades" *Smack* my mother's hands slap the back of my head. "No shit detective I'm talking about why do you have a D in English and a C in History

" Hu because I failed my last test," I said my rubbing the back of my head. " And why did you fail your test," my mother says as she glares at me

" Because I put down the wrong answers " "why did you put the wrong answers"

" I was too lazy to" my mother then says that I'm grounded and that I'm not allowed to hang out with my friends.

I go back upstairs and lay on my bed

*beep beep beep*

[what is the meaning of life]

I sit up quickly and nervously asks "who is there"

In my head, I hear [what is the meaning of life]

I jokingly answered "to be born then die like everyone else"

[Answer accepted system booting up]

[Welcome host to the black tech system]

"what who is there" I sit up immediately look around the room to see where the voice came from. Then suddenly a panel of information was floating in front of me.

[Host] Xin

[Authority Level] 1

[BTP] 0

[Mastered Tech] N/A

'huh, what's this' [Host Welcome to the Black Tech System this system will aid you by mastering different types of technology] Then another panel popped up in front of me.

[ Accept Authority Lv 1 gift pack]

[Yes] [No]

I clicked yes as it was not a hard decision to make.

[Host has received The skill book Programming, 1x brain gene solution]

[Would host like to use the skill book programming] another yes and no option popped up I then clicked yes, and a ton of information about all types of programming flooded into my head giving me a massive amount of pain and discomfort.

[Host is advised to utilize the brain gene solution]

"Fuck give it to me then," I say as I feel my brain is about to explode into bits and pieces. A syringe with green liquid was then sent into my hand and I jab it into my left arm. I then feel something moving in my body through my skull and my headache starts to subsidize.

'Shit I felt like I was about to die' I stand up and I get angry 'Shit system are you trying to kill me what the hell was that all about'

[Answering Host There was a Zero percent chance of you dying in the process of being given the skill Programming] 'yay whatever' I walk to my computer to see what my new skill can do.

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