Black Tech System

What happens when a first-year college student suddenly gets a black technology system I will try to upload a chapter ever 3-4 days if you want longer chapters it will be around 6-7 days unless I just feel like uploading a chapter Short chapters will be around 500 and long chapters will be around 1,000

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My Skills

I turn on my computer and I feel something is wrong with it my hand seems to move on its own, but deep in my mind, I feel that I am in control of the situation. It just seems that I have to get used to using my new found skill in programming.

I open up my browser and open a programming job forums to see if anyone has posted a job offer that has good pay and medium level risk. There are all types and kinds of jobs such as hacking, finding bugs in software, and plain old development.

They are listed by levels in integers level 1 is the easiest with low pay and low risk such as fixing and or find a bug in someone else code. However level 9 is very high risk and it comes with danger this involves hacking in companies and government agencies around the world.

*sigh I need to test my skill before I take any higher level of service and get caught and put in a black site or killed. I look throughout the site to see if any good-paying jobs are available and one catches my eye.

[Level 4]

[Issued by Rop]

[Payment $100,000 USD]

[Info of job]

Program an anti-hacking software that can withstand an average threat level of 4.

Let's pick this job it seems easy enough I open up my programming software and get to it. At first, I thought it would be hard to accurately predict how good I was at programming but it seems that taking this job I can say that it is very easy and not hard at all. I will have to take a higher-level job to see how far my skills can reach.

It took me about an hour and a half to fully complete the software and turn it into the buyer. Rop said that it will take 2 days to get the money as he has to test the program. In the meantime, I took 3 other jobs an lv 6,8, and 9. Now I can accurately say that these jobs are not too hard but just very lengthy in the process. The Lv 9 job I took was hacking into the United States Federal Reserve and adding 10 new ID of employment and sending them through the mail. It seems that they will send the money after they are done robbing the place and I had to make sure that none of my prints or DNA was on the package as it could be linked back to me. In the meantime, I hacked into the swiss back and make myself an account which is now linked to my profile on the forum. After a few days, I should have around USD 20 million in my account.

-10 million from the lv 9 Federal Reserve hacking.

-8 million from the lv 8 blueprint hacking into a weapon manufacturing company.

-100 thousand from the lv 6 erasing data of a person.

-100 thousand from the lv 4 software development of anti-hacking software.

I look up to the ceiling and see that it is quite dark outside so I look at the time and see that it is 8 p.m.

"Whoo I'm beat my back is killing me say systems can you give you a name it will make everything much easier"

[yes host can name the system to please input name of choice ________] hmmm what name shall I go with let me think a while longer.

"XIN GET DOWN HERE FOR DINNER RIGHT NOW MAKE SURE YOU WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE EATING" my mom yells from the kitchen. "YES MOM BE RIGHT THERE" I yell back I head to the bathroom to wash my face and hands then proceeded to walk down the stairs. I see my mother father and my sister already at the table.

I sit down on the chair where my plate of food is.

My mother was just a normal housewife and my father was a financial advisor in a mid-range company that deals in the entertainment industry he makes around 120 thousand a year which is not bad. My gremlin-like sister, however, is an annoying little brat she is 15 years old in high school and it seems that her favorite thing to do is to make my brain explode every time I talk to her.

Help me find a good name for the system I was thinking about SNOW tell me what you think

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