Black Market Merchant

Several years after major nuclear wars, followed by the rise of robotic armies, have caused the world to become post-apocalyptic. The year is 2276 and Earth is now full of anarchy, corruption, and death. The rich are richer, the poor are poorer and government’s ever crueler. A lone woman carrying a large backpack, in the shape of a coffin, comes to a small post-apocalyptic town in the middle of southern Utah, whose only existence rides on the Colorado River. There is a dam which provides water, food, and transportation to the several thousand people who have been congregating in the slowly re-growing town. Many had once hoped to fix the hydroelectric station to rebuild their lives, but corruption brews. This lone woman stops at one of the bars in town and gets into a fight with some local gangsters who were mistreating a young girl outside. Causing her to become at odds with the gangs of the town. This is the instance that first roots our heroine, Lisa Cunningham, to save this town and prompted her to start growing her Black Market Empire here! However, gangs are the least of her worries! Robotic army’s, rebellion militia, mutated monsters, mad cults, competing companies, government entities and lustful men keep ogling over her all the time!! Not to mention the strange events that slowly begin to unfold around the little girl, Hanna, that Lisa had saved. Yet there is more to Lisa than gorgeous looks alone. She has come back from over 200 years ago and is learning more about what has happened while she was in cryogenic sleep. A sleep that she volunteered to do for the US military due to her cyborg body! There is so much that has changed on Earth, much of which is far from what she once remembered and now she has even more to learn. How will she be able to survive in a hostile apocalyptic world and reach her own frivolous goals to obtain great riches? Follow along now! Please Vote and leave Comments!

KyleSullivanJr · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
267 Chs

Chapter 254: Searing Pain

Lisa had only known Harz for three weeks, but in that short amount of time they had become good battle buddies. So, to see him helplessly laying there, still alive, and under imminent threat of being shot, Lisa could not contain herself. Besides, it was in a Marines nature to never leave anyone behind.

“Cover me Donavan!” Lisa shouted.

Her words seemed to break the blank, shocked stare on Donavan’s face, “What are you going to do?”

“I am going to go get Harz, but we need to take out the shooter that’s aiming at us.” Lisa replied over the sounds of gunfire. She then scooted closer to the vehicles corner once more. “I am going to get the shooter’s attention on me, and I want you to shoot over the JLVT roof to finish him off.”

“What!” Donavan shouted. “I have only ever shot at targets before. I can’t kill a person.”

Lisa scoffed, “That’s why we were trained to be out here in the first-place you idiot! Now do as you are told!”

Donavan shuddered, “Ehh?”