Black clover: Reincarnating as the strongest character

Dying and meeting a being who made him his new brother and promised to reincarnate him into the body of the strongest person of that world, what could go wrong with this right?....Well let's see how our protagonist deals with this when he finds himself inside a body that is destined to be strongest, which he will achieve no matter what. P.S.: It's not a serious story just a light read like a casual fanific about a guy reincarnating into Black Clover with some wishes.

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164 Chs

Town's safe

A week has passed since Sekke went on his training journey. During this time the black bulls were sent on a mission by the wizard king to retrieve the magic stone present in the underwater temple where they fought and defeated Vetto, one of the third eyes from the eye of the midnight sun.

And currently, in the Magic Knights HQ, Yami along with Asta and Charmy were giving their report and the acquired magic stone to Julius. After they were done with the job the Wizard King was conversing with them when all of a sudden a projection appeared in the room.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, Wizard King."

"Mushroom Head?" asked Yami as he looked at the projection.

"Who are you calling Mushroom head? No, now's not the time for that!" said Marx.

"What's the matter, Marx?" asked Julius as he looked towards the projection as well.

"The border town of Kiten, which has a history of skirmishes with the Diamond Kingdom, is under attack by a Diamond Kingdom squad," said Marx with a slightly panicked look on his face.

"T-That's Sekke's home!" said Asta as he remembered about his blood squad mate whom he hasn't seen for a week.

"They couldn't have chosen a worse time," said Julius with a grave look on his face.

Marx then proceeds to show the live footage of the situation using his magic which only made the others a bit more serious since quite a few of the elites from the diamond kingdom were in the squad as well with their numbers already being quite huge.

Asta and Charmy got even more worried as Yami and Julius started explaining about the members of the diamond squad but out of nowhere Asta noticed something in the footage and pointed at the projection.

"H-Hey isn't that-"


TOWN OF KITEN(Sekke's hometown):

"I come back to visit after such a long time and they chose to attack. Such unfortunate people," said Sekke as he looked toward the incoming mages from the diamond kingdom.

"Just hold back properly, you still haven't adjusted to your gains," advised Vritra as he just pitied the unfortunate idiots who were going to fight against his host.

"Relax it won't be that bad," said Sekke which immediately earned him a wing slap from Secre.

"Tell that to the ecosystem you destroyed in the strong magic region," said Vritra sternly. He knew that his new host was a delusional idiot. But never in his wildest dreams, he thought that he was a downright crazy training maniac who just had to be talented enough to show off the gains that people take decades to reach.

'Last I checked his current output rate was 69%. If not for his stubbornness in having that 'noise' number he would have progressed even further.' thought Vritra as he still recalled the mocking smirk the idiot had on his face when he surpassed the 40% at the beginning of the third day.

"Aren't you two the glass-half-empty people," said Sekke with a pout but soon a grin appeared on his face as he grabbed a broom from a nearby magic knight post and went in front of the enemy.

Seeing that someone was approaching them the diamond kingdom army halted their advance as they waited for the person who just looked like a young man coming towards them.

Looking at the army in front of him while standing on top of the broom, Sekke stopped at a reasonable distance away from them and glanced through their ranks when suddenly his eyes fell on a man sitting on top of a car made out of black smoke.

"Oh! Lotus-san! Long time no see!" greeted Sekke with a cheerful voice.

Hearing his greeting both the closer and diamond kingdom people got shocked and looked at Sekke as if he grew a second head.

"Oh! Dark Lord-Kun long time no see. How have you been?" greeted Lotus back in a casual tone.

"I have been good. So you got back to your kingdom, huh? But why are you here again? Shouldn't you be spending time with your daughters?" asked Sekke.

"Ah, I wanted to but my daughters just don't like to do that. Not to mention the orders from the kingdom are to be followed or they will cut my salary. I need to feed and provide for my daughters, you know." said Lotus.

'...What the hell are these two doing in the middle of the battlefield?' were the thought that all the mages from clover and diamond kingdom had in their minds as they saw the two people converting with each other.

"Ah, yeah I can understand. But you know Lotus-san, this is my hometown and it would be for your good if you retreat right now. I would not like to...well do things the hard way so that this town remains safe." asked Sekke nicely.

"Ah, dark lord-Kun that request is a bit difficult at the moment you see. I just want to laze around in my home and spend time with my daughters but these guys are just not willing for that," replied Lotus.

"Well can't be helped. Don't say that I didn't warn you guys," said Sekke with a shrug as his grimoire started flipping.

"What the hell, are you sporting you bastard?! We will crush you!!" said a guy with red hair riding on a red magic-made boar.

"Just who is this unsightly person?!" asked a blue-haired guy from diamond kingdom sitting on top of an eagle made out of electricity.

"Kukuku kids these days don't know their place huh?" said an old man from diamond kingdom sitting on top of a cloud made of slime.

"Well, not the first time someone does the mistake of underestimating the dark lord," said Sekke.

"Oi! Don't use that spell!! They all will die!!" said Vritra as he noticed what spell his hostess going to use.

"...Ok, them being alive gives me more merit anyways," muttered Sekke as his grimoire started flipping once again.

[Bronze Creation Magic: Giant Reverse Magnum Cannon Ball]

A huge amount of mana came out of Sekke's body almost instantly as Sekke looked at it with an excited smile on his face.

The diamond mages who felt the amount of mana were shocked for a moment which made them unable to react in time as all of them got engaged in a huge orb made out of bronze magic.

"So that's your big plan!! Trap all of us in a shell!!" yelled the blue-haired diamond mage.

But as if responding to his question a lot of miniguns appeared all around the orb pointing toward the diamond army mages.

"Nah! Just weeding out the weaklings first," said Sekke with a shrug as he passed his mana into the orb.

And almost instantly the minions started rotating and started firing at the diamond kingdom mages.

"High output is great, you know," said Sekke nonchalantly as he saw the diamond mages trying to dodge the bullets to the best of their ability. Though almost 1/4 th of them were already down in the initial attack and more and more keep on falling as well.

"Yeah, I know that's why I told you to focus on that. But controlling it is as important as well. Well, at least we have our next task planned." said Vritra.

Sekke nodded as he sat on top of the orb while he continued passing mana into it while ignoring the shrieks of panic from the diamond victims. They were so helpless that they were not even able to use any spells to counter the incoming attacks as the mana bullets were raining down on them without stopping.

"Oh! Geld-san! Long time no see!" said Sekke with a happy tone as he saw a middle-aged man from green mantis on top of the wall.

The man just sighed seeing Sekke act so carefree while all the panic going on below him.

'He is even crazier than before' thought Geld as he looked at Sekke. He knew Sekke from the time he was a kid as he was mostly stationed at this border town and Sekke was quite famous from quite a young age.

Sekke soon spotted the familiar faces from the town magic knight squad and greeted all of them. It had been a long time since he met them and he was indeed happy to see that all of them were doing well.

"Well, let's get this over with," said Sekke as he looked down in the orb only to notice that only the three squad leaders along with Lotus and a few of their men were left.

Half releasing his magic making the remaining people fly out in freedom Sekke lowered the rest of them to the ground.

But because of the huge mana Sekke had to focus on them so that they didn't fall and die.

And taking advantage of this the three diamond general rushed toward Sekke while Lotus just watched from the side.

Sekke who was done with placing the defeated diamond mages on the ground sighed in relief.

'I seriously need to make my control better. But before that-'

Sekke took out Extase from its sheath and held it in his hands.

"Extase: extended ki blade."

Immediately the sword glowed and its blade extended. But instead of going straight, it moved around Sekke like a snake and cut off all the spells that were aimed at him before rushing towards the three diamond generals and stabbing their things like a sewing needle.

Sekke looked at the three of them with a smirk and not even giving the three of them time to speak Sekke's other grimoire flipped as he pointed his finger towards them like a gun.

[Debuff magic: Sleep]

Firing mana bullets covered in debuff magic Sekke saw as the three generals fell unconscious and started falling only for the clover magic knights who were already there to assist Sekke in catching them.

Sekke smiled at his work before turning towards Lotus who was already far away from the town retreating shamelessly without even looking back.

"Well, the town's safe," muttered Sekke before he flew back.


Meanwhile back at the magic knight HQ:

"Marx! Let me go!! I want to see his magic in person!!" said Julius as he protested.

"You have more important work to do you idiot of a wizard king!!" said Marx who was already back in the HQ to stop Julius from rushing to Kiten knowing full well that the man would try to do so after seeing the battle.