Black clover: Reincarnating as the strongest character

Dying and meeting a being who made him his new brother and promised to reincarnate him into the body of the strongest person of that world, what could go wrong with this right?....Well let's see how our protagonist deals with this when he finds himself inside a body that is destined to be strongest, which he will achieve no matter what. P.S.: It's not a serious story just a light read like a casual fanific about a guy reincarnating into Black Clover with some wishes.

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163 Chs

No better way to kill than an overkill

After a good whack-a-mole session, the titan looked at the holographic man and transformed back to his original form.

And since he went huge his clothes were obviously destroyed.

"Even these ones got destroyed. Man I need to find new ones," complained Sekke and started rummaging through the dead bodies to find suitable clothes for himself, totally ignoring the shocked captains and their lieutenants.

Finally finding a pair that would fit him Sekke started changing but soon locked eyes with the holographic man.

The man stared back at Sekke not knowing what the human was thinking.

"Oi pervert, look away. I am changing, can't you see?"

"Hah! Who are you calling a pervert bastard!!!"

"The bastard who is starting at my dong. Look away you small prick b*tch." retorted Sekke and started wearing the clothes.

Ryan wanted to retort but simply turned away, not wanting to look at the human's d*ck.

Once he was dressed Sekke dusted off his clothes one last time before checking out the scene around him.

'I killed a few too many....and I recognize many of their faces. Looks like they really have the power to bring back the dead.' thought Sekke.

"Alright, with the kids being done for the day, what about you guys? Willing to pick a fight or scared shitless after seeing this?" asked Sekke with a smirk.


Ryan remained silent and started looking around.

Xander and the other captains understood what the man was asking and nodded their heads.

Ryan's hologram vanished from Sekke's sight making the dark lord widen his eyes from surprise.

"Hm? Didn't think that they would give up. Oh well, anyway," said Sekke and turned around and started walking away.

But all of a sudden he felt a sudden pain in his chest making him widen his eyes in shock.

Looking toward his chest he found the cause of the pain in the form of a dagger piercing out of him.

"You have some guts, lowering your guard so soon on a battlefield." said a woman who appeared behind him holding the dagger.

"...Well, that one's on me. On the other hand, you are a gutsy one as well for standing so close to the man who annihilated your army with ease," said Sekke.

The woman was about to retort, but Extase's blade immediately launched toward her like a snake and beheaded the woman.

Watching the body fall, Sekke used his [Bronze Body- Logia] to remove the dagger from his body.

He was about to eat a [Fruit of Life] to heal his wound but his ki and mana sensing warned him as he looked up and spotted multiple people standing in the air.

"...So she died as well?" said a woman as she spotted the dead body near Sekke.

"But she fulfilled her mission at least." said another woman as she saw the found on Sekke's chest.

"Xander! My best friend! How you doing bro?!?!" asked Sekke in a cheerful voice.

Seeing the wounded Sekke Xander smirked and said, "How does it feel human? Are you writhing in pain after getting stabbed by her magic? Are you feeling miserable?! Hah! You cannot heal that wound as well yo-"

"You speak too much," said Sekke in a bleak tone as his grimoire started flipping.

[Body Debuff Magic: Damage Transfer]

And Sekke's injury healed in an instant while a similar injury appeared on Xander's body.

"AHHHH!!!!!" screamed Xander from the sudden pain that kept increasing.

"Xander!!!" yelled Xena in pain as she noticed her brother screaming in pain.

"And I told you earlier, don't look at me from above, it hurts my neck."

[Feather Debuff Magic: Flightless]

A mana wave came out of Sekke and passed through the enemies and immediately they started falling.

Except for Xander, everyone else landed perfectly. Although his sister immediately caught his body making sure that Xander was fine.

"So, you used a person capable of inflicting wounds that cannot be healed to hinder me?.... Are you guys really the elites of your army? That was a very childish attempt."

"It wasn't just that, the wound inflicted would not have stopped hurting, instead the amount of pain would have kept on increasing to the point of causing insanity, and the wound itself would have gotten worse with time." replied the new unknown woman as she glared at Sekke.

'...Good thing my logia body doesn't feel pain.'

"Dodged a bullet there my other half," said Vritra.

While the conversation was going on Xena healed her brother who was still clutching his chest with a frightened look on his face.

"Anyway, too much chatter. Let's end this," said Sekke in a bored tone.

[Mana Zone: Yggdrasil Harvest]

The mana around the captains got dense and soon a giant tree appeared above them.

[Law Magic: Spell Down- Condition- Human User]

A magic pattern appeared around all of them and soon the mana zone formed by Sekke disappeared.

"...Why can't these people have simple magic like fire, water, ice, and shit," muttered Sekke and sighed.

He then tried to use a different spell but his grimoires didn't flip the pages.

"It will not work now. I have sealed your ability to cast spells. No more playing around. It will go down as it should have gone from the start. We will finish you here." said the woman who cast the law magic.

"Oh my, whatever would I do without my grimoire spells. Looks like I have no choice but to surrender to these cowardly b*tches that are gonna die soon," said Sekke with a dramatic tone.

"You bastard!!!" yelled Ryan who was about to attack Sekke but was immediately stopped by one of his lieutenants.

"Don't...do it sir. I don't know why, but I am getting some bad signs from him." said the woman in an uncertain tone.

'Looks like she can somewhat sense ki.' thought Sekke as he glanced at the woman.

"Oh, come on let the kid play. After all, what will I do after having my spells sealed? I am just standing here.....menacingly."

Sekke then grabbed one of his grimoires and manually started flipping the pages before he let the grimoire float in the air once again.

"Now come here boy, let's play. I will give you some treats too. Come here, boy. Come on, boy." called Sekke as he gestured to Ryan as if he were a dog.

Some servers started appearing on Ryan's forehead after seeing how the lowly human was disrespecting him.

"...I will kill you right here, right now," said Ryan in a cold tone and started walking towards Sekke.


"Careful my other half, 6 winged angel-level power detecting," warned Vritra.

The air around them started to get violent, and the mana around Ryan started pushing away everything.

"...Another one of these mana-level show-offs," muttered Sekke knowing full well that he was not going to win a clash of mana.

Taking a deep breath Sekke took Extase out of its sheath.

"Don't bother taking it out. Your sword won't be reaching me anytime soon.

[Tornado Magic: Whirlwind Cutter]

Not even a second later a huge tornado surrounded Sekke.

"Ooh, that human's gonna be sliced up good." commented the 9th squad captain.

And indeed inside the tornado wind blades from all directions were cutting Sekke's body. His eyes and ears were already sliced and his hands, legs, and torso were covered in blood.

After a minute the tornado around Sekke vanished and a human covered in blood with one hand and both ears missing stood in front of them.

"Haha! How are you feeling? Can you "see" how messed up you are now? Oh? My bad, your eyes are gone. Hey can you "hear" me at least? On well your ears are gone as well." said Ryan with a disgusting smile on his face and walked towards the heavily injured Sekke.

He then picked up the torn fallen hand and slapped Sekke with it.

"Yo, human. Need a 'hand'?" asked Ryan and slapped Sekke with the torn hand once again.

Seeing no response from Sekke, Ryan smirked and looked towards Xander.

"See this Xander? This is how you deal with low lives like these! No need to send your whole army to die for weaklings like these."

Xander glared at Ryan but soon his and everyone else eyes widened in shock.

Not understanding what was going on Ryan looked at them with a questioning look but soon felt a tap on his back.

Turning around a bloodied hand immediately grabbed his face and slammed him on the ground.

"Calling the dark lord a weakling? Now someone's full of shit," said Sekke as mana started gathering in his hand.

[Mana Bullet Rasengan]

A spiraling orb of mana appeared in his hand and started drilling through Ryan's face.

"AH!!!!" screamed Ryan but soon the screams stopped and Ryan'a whole head was destroyed by the Rasengan.

"Just because I cannot use spells doesn't mean that I cannot use mana. Idiots," said Sekke as he kicked Ryan's body with full force sending him flying and plastering him in a wall.

He then took out one fruit of life from his pocket, threw it in his mouth, and started chewing. Once he gulped it down, his injuries healed and his mana and stamina were restored.

"Now, which one of you want to try their luck next?" asked Sekke and pointed to Extase at the remaining people.

All of them hesitated at Sekke's provocation, since even if they didn't want to accept it. Ryan was the strongest one among them and the previous brutal attack made them hesitate.

"Really? No one...alright then, let's finish you all at the same time," said Sekke and shrugged his shoulders.

Extase glowed as mana passed through it and soon Sekke slashed the air around him sending out a flying slash.

<Extase: Magic Cutter>

And immediately the law magic set up by the lady disappeared and Sekke's grimoires regained their glow.

"Hey you, law magic lady," called Sekke earning the woman's attention who was about to set up her law magic once again.

"What?" asked the woman in an annoyed tone.

"What would you do? If you came to know that I am back at full power because of you?" asked Sekke.


Seeing her expression Sekke smirked as his grimoire started flipping.

[Law Debuff Magic: Rule Breaker- Dead Soul Restriction]

A violet chain made of mana appeared around Sekke and shattered apart and a smirk appeared on Sekke's face.

<Vritra: Dragon Force>


Draconic mana surged around them and immediately a dreadful feeling fell upon the so-called "soul superiors".

"MY OTHER HALF!!!! GO FULL DRAGON!!!!" yelled Vritra in excitement.

'Why? This will be more than enou-"


'...Can't argue with that logic.' replied Sekke thinking that what Vritra told made sense.

The partial dragonification process stopped and the dreadful draconic mana vanished making the soul superior sigh in relief.

[Memory Magic: Parallel Thinking]

<Vritra Promotion>

Immediately and even worse dreadful feeling fell upon them and a dragon's figure appeared behind Sekke.

A wave of dark mana pushed everything away clearing all the bodies and debris in the path.

Sekke's body merged with the dragon's figure and his body started growing.

An instant later, a serpentine dragon far larger than the giants and the titan they saw earlier stood in front of them and roared out loud announcing its entry.

"HAHAHA!!!! BE READY TO FEEL THE MIGHT OF A BATTLE-STARVED DRAGON KING!!!" announced Vritra inside Sekke's head.

'...Sometimes he just acts weird.' thought Sekke as he heard his partner's words.

"Demolish them my other half! Full power!" said Vritra.

Thinking that it was best to fulfill the dragon's wish Sekke followed the order and took in a deep breath.

Seeing the mana gathered around Sekke the soul superiors tried to run away, only for Vritra's tentacles to latch onto them and using <Delete Field> to stop that attempt.

Black flames gathered inside the dragon's mouth and mana continued to grow inside the flames.

<Prison Dragon King's Roar>

A sea of flames blasted out of the dragon's mouth destroying everything that came in its path.

The people that saw the incoming flames didn't even had the time to register what was going on before their bodies turned to ashes.

Once Sekke was done firing the attack, he looked at the outcome and got speechless.

"...I really should've held back." said Sekke as he looked at the Destruction that he caused.

"Hm. Hm. That's how the Destruction caused by a dragon should look like." Said Vritra as he praised the scene in front of him, feeling proud of his host.


Sekke decided it was not worth arguing with Vritra and just remained silent.


Meanwhile at another location, on a magic display the scene of the Destruction caused by Sekke was visible and the people looking at it had a visible frown on their faces.


Name: Sekke Bronzaza

Current kill count: 20,981(19,997 up)

Bounty: 1000 souls of divine energy(900 up)