Black clover: Reincarnating as the strongest character

Dying and meeting a being who made him his new brother and promised to reincarnate him into the body of the strongest person of that world, what could go wrong with this right?....Well let's see how our protagonist deals with this when he finds himself inside a body that is destined to be strongest, which he will achieve no matter what. P.S.: It's not a serious story just a light read like a casual fanific about a guy reincarnating into Black Clover with some wishes.

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163 Chs


A day has passed since Sekke had his battle and destroyed a base filled with enemies.

Currently, at another base of the white-armored young masters, a meeting was being held in a huge and luxurious room.

A huge table surrounded by 10 individuals, a giant magic display in the center, and a tense atmosphere could be seen.

In the display, the figure of a familiar blond-haired man could be seen.


Name: Sekke Bronzaza

A human harboring the soul of a strong dragon. Brought in by Squad 10 Captain Xander.

Known Abilities- Multiple Attribute Magic, metal magic being a more prominent one, A magic tool sword, and the mana capacity of a medium-level soul.

Kills: 983 including 3 captains and 12 lieutenants.


"...Damn," said one of the men while looking at the screen.

"983? It should be 984, Xander died twice. Weakling." said another voice.

"Want me to beat the shit out of you Ryan?" asked Xander in a cold tone and declared at the man who tried to make fun of him.

"You can try, although I know in the end it will be your sister who will be wiping your ass after you get defeated." replied the man named Ryan with a shrug.

"What did you say?!?!" yelled Ryan.

"Are you deaf? I said she will be wiping your ass after your defeat!!!" replied Ryan in a provocative tone.

Sparks started to fly between the two of them and soon their mana started clashing as well.

But soon an even stronger mana pressure descended on them making the two immediately stop their bickering.

"Be within your limits." said a woman as she glared at the two as if they were eyesores.

The two men glared back at the woman but still sat back in their seats without causing any more ruckus.

"Getting back on topic, what do we need to do about this human? Squads 10, 9, and 8 were annihilated by him." said a bearded man.

"Zoro is correct. Judging by his prowess it would be foolish to consider the remaining lower five to be of any good as well." said the woman who silenced Ryan and Xander.

"What did you say? Don't think that me and my squad 5 are weak like some other trash squads!!!" yelled Ryan.

"I take offense in that as well, my squad 6 is made for assassination. We can easily deal with a human." said another woman in a cold voice.

"You two say that but you two are hardly better than the other lower five who got defeated." replied the woman back in a mocking tone.

"Ariel you bitch!!!"

While the commotion was going on the man who seemed to be the most important one out of them all continued staring at the screen.

"What is it, Mr. Albert? You seem to be in deep thought?" asked the man sitting beside Albert.

"...I was wondering? Why did a dragon, and someone as strong as this one choose to hide its soul in the body of a human considering how prideful those beings are?" muttered Albert.


"I mean think about it. The dragon's powers are sealed and he is just a common human. We the soul superiors shouldn't be having any difficulty while dealing with him.....unless he is like 'him'." explained Albert.

Hearing that all of them widened their eyes in shock and they got motionless. A look of slight fear appeared on their faces as they looked back at Sekke's image on the magical display.

"I don't want to believe that he will be like 'him'....but to be on the safer side it would be good to kill him before he awakens," said Albert in a serious tone.

Albert then stood up from his seat and looked at the other people who were still sitting and said, "Lower 5, deal with this "Sekke Bronzaza" together. We cannot take chances on each of your squads trying to deal with him. Deal with him and I promise to provide you all with 20 souls worth of divine energy each."

Hearing his order the squad captains were about to complain, but once they heard the reward that they would be getting all of them widened their eyes and nodded with smirks on their faces.

The five squad captains immediately stood and took their leave leaving behind the remaining 5 people in the hall.

"Zoro, Ariel, Merrick prepare your squads as well," ordered Albert.

Hearing that the people in question raised their brows.

"You think the five of them combined will be defeated by a human?" asked Zoro.

"It would be great if they win which is very likely. However, it would be better to be doubly sure, right?" replied Albert with a smile and left the hall as well.


Meanwhile, the person, for whom such tedious preparations were being done was walking in some random direction without any care in the world while singing with the dragon present in his body.


"A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh

A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh"


"In the jungle, the mighty jungle

The dragon sleeps tonight

In the jungle, the quiet jungle

The dragon sleeps tonight, ho, ho!"

"Dude it's a lion."

"Nope, it's a dragon now. Continue your 'A-weema-weh'ing my other half."

Sekke just shrugged his shoulders and started singing as well, even though Vritra's voice was only audible in his head, the two seemed to be enjoying.

The dark continued to move with a small jump in his steps, seemingly enjoying the singing session with his partner.

But all of a sudden a loud growl disturbed the jolly atmosphere the two were experiencing.

"That's already the 10th time your stomach growled and that was literally a roar my other half," said Vritra in a slightly concerned voice.

"Maybe it's time to get something in my stomach. It would be bad if I were to fight on an empty stomach," replied Sekke as he caressed his tummy.

Putting his hand in his pocket, Sekke started searching for something and soon took out a red pellet-like thing.

"What's that?" asked Vritra.

"Remember my [World Tree Debuff Magic: Fruit of Life]? It's the fruit from that. And if my guess is correct-" said Sekke and popped the pellet in his mouth and immediately his body felt full, and both his stamina and mana along with his injuries were recovered.

"-It should work just like a Senzu bean." continued Sekke and patted his filled belly.

"A useful spell.....maybe we should farm them?" asked Vritra.

"...It takes away the life of a person."

"And? I don't see your friends or family in this realm."

"...That's a valid point."

"Hm. Now then where were we?" asked Vritra.

Sekke smiled and took a deep breath.

"Wee-ooh wim-o-weh-"

And just like that the dark lord and the dragon king who were unaware of the danger that was approaching them continued singing and dancing.

Meanwhile, the lower five squads, unaware of the disaster coming closer and closer to them while singing and dancing were busy making plans and traps ready to take on the dark lord.

The five captains looked at the magic screen in front of them and smirked after seeing the official bounty.


Name: Sekke Bronzaza

Current Kill count: 984

Bounty: 100 souls of divine energy