3 Chapter 3: Asta's Grimoire!

"Since you worked so hard, I'll tell you something. These chains of mine tell me the magic power of those who touch them. And you...

Have absolutely no magic power within you. No wonder you can't use magic at all! No one can blame you though... you were probably just born that way after all!" A tall man with a lean build and messy, wavy long black hair who has a burn mark on the left side of his face laughed as he stepped on a defeated Asta.

To briefly explain what happened to lead to that moment: Revchi, a chain magic user, attacked Yuno in order to get a hold of his 4-leafed grimoire and sell it. Revchi had succeeded in defeating Yuno and restrained him with his chains, but Asta arrived on the scene and attempted to defeat him... but ultimately failed.

Currently, as Revchi carried on in ridiculing a pitiful and helpless Asta, Suzaku was watching from nearby, not making any moves yet.

'Let's not get in the way of Asta unlocking his grimoire... maybe THEN I'll interrupt the fight, not that I'm needed - it's mainly just to show off and use my new magic for the first time to be honest' He thought as he watched Yuno motivate Asta on the side.

"Asta is no loser... Asta is...

My rival" Yuno stated with heavy conviction, causing Asta's eyes to widen in realisation and triumph.

"Huh? This guy? Your riv-" Revchi looked at Yuno with a smirk of disbelief, but looked back down at a crawling Asta who gripped his leg that he was using to step on Asta.

"Yeah... I'm not done yet!" Asta's eyes full of resolve and grip that was getting stronger shocked Revchi, who pulled his leg back and walked back a few steps, "Sorry for showing you a pathetic side of me, Yuno. Just hold on...

I'll kick this guy's ass!"

Suddenly an ominous energy filled the air as a whirl of red and black appeared in front of Asta's kneeling self.

A tattered and filthy grimoire appeared in front of him, the clover symbol largely unseen due to the dirt covering it, but if you were to see past the dirt, you'd be able to see not 3, or 4...

but a 5-leafed clover. 

'Damn... that grimoire looks even more ominous and dirty in person. I guess the anime made it so the clover is more clear because it's hard as hell to see any more than 3 due to the dirt (Like how anime/cartoon makes air visible for the people watching)' Suzaku mentally commentated as he observed the grimoire.

The grimoire opened by itself and flipped to the middle page, where the hilt of a sword began to slowly be exposed.

*TANG!* The big sword - the Demon-Slayer Sword to be exact - came out of the back and stabbed itself onto the ground right in front of Asta for him to take hold of as he lifted himself up with the assistance of the sword.

"Y-You...! HOW DO YOU HAVE A GRIMOIRE!? YOU'RE A MANALESS PEAS-" Revchi's scream of complain and fear was cut off by the right side of his face being hit with lightning.

"Uh oh, that might leave a mark... well, at least it'll match with the other one" Suzaku joked as he walked up to an enraged Revchi.

[User has used magic for the first time, 100 Points has been awarded!]

'Damn, I even get points for just that? Not complaining - all in magic'

[Magic: 340 -> 440 Points] [Magic Rank: D- -> D]

"Y-YOU FUCKER! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" An angry Revchi shouted, holding his face where the lightning hit, "I'LL KILL YOU FOR THAT!" He announced as he summoned more chains from his grimoire.

Revchi, now that he had his attention turned away, didn't notice a quite and serious Asta rush at him with a quick first step.

"HaaaAAAAAAAA!" Asta cried out as he appeared beside Revchi without him noticing. The first thing he did was slash the chains coming out of Revchi's grimoire with his sword instinctively.

"W-What!? He nullified... My mag-" With a big sword slashing his chains, Revchi's attention was finally drawn back to an energetic Asta who did a downward slash on his shoulder, "-Kugh!" He coughed out blood due to the heavy weight of the sword pushing him down and breaking a few of his bones.

"EVEN WITH NO MAGICAL POWERS... I'LL BECOME THE WIZARD KING" Asta boldly announced as he pulled his sword from Revchi's shoulder and went for a slash to his chest, "BECAUSE MY MAGIC...

IS NEVER GIVING UP! *Clank!*" The sound of Asta's sword hitting Revchi's chest was heard as a nearly unconscious Revchi was sent flying back into a brick wall.

"Ugh... Kah..." He weakly groaned as he barely painfully remained conscious.

"Agh..." The broken and bloody Revchi frighteningly looked up to see Suzaku looking down on him, "S-Spa...re... M-e... P-p...-lease..." He begged with an ugly cry as tears poured down his face.

"I will, don't worry..." Suzaku smiled deviously as he kicked the side of Revchi's face with enough strength to knock him out, "By making it less painful for you, for now at least"

[User has defeated a 1st Junior Magic Knight, congratulations! 500 Points has been awarded!] 

'Nice, so I get quite a lot of points for defeating people... 100 in each physical stat, the rest in magic'

[Points: 0 -> 500 -> 0]

[Strength: 100 -> 200 Points] [Strength Rank: D-]

[Agility: 100 -> 200 Points] [Agility Rank: D-]

[Vitality: 100 -> 200 Points] [Vitality Rank: D-]

[Magic: 440 -> 640 Points] [Magic Rank: D]

Happy with his new stats and achievements, Suzaku turned to see Yuno and Asta doing their iconic fist bump after declaring their goal of becoming the wizard king, igniting a new spark in their lifelong rivalry.

"Oh, right! Thanks for the assistance, Suzaku!" Asta shouted with a smile as Suzaku walked towards the two of them.

"Thanks for saving me as well... I'll repay this someday, I swear it" Yuno calmly vowed with eyes that spoke 'You can't deny this' when looking at Suzaku.

"Sure, sure... though it was mainly Asta anyway, though I'm guessing you already told Asta you'd repay him" Suzaku said as Yuno silently nodded in response.

"Let's all go back to the church, guys!" Asta cheered as he punched the air with excitement, "Next step... taking the magic knights exam in 6 months, and officially becoming magic knights!" He added.

"Yeah!" Yuno and Suzaku simultaneously said, motivated by Asta's words to pass the exam and become magic knights.

'This is the start of the road to becoming the wizard king!' Asta and Yuno both thought.

'I wonder what magic knights squad I should join' Suzaku thought as he was caught in a trance when walking back to the church, confident that he'd pass the exam.

'Magic Knight Exam... here we come! x3' 


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