1 Chapter 1: The Point System


In an apartment room, Suzaku Kirin, a good-looking boy aged 16, could be seen scrolling through his computer.

Unsure of what to do, Suzaku kept scrolling as he looked for something to catch his interest. That was until a massive notification covered his whole monitor.



"What the fuck?" He blurted as he read the message in his head.

Wondering how and why such a question would pop on his screen, whether it was a virus or not, Suzaku moved his mouse cursor and clicked the [Y] answer.

Suddenly, Suzaku felt his vision start to distort, if he were to compare it to something it'd be like when you use a nether portal in Minecraft.

A few seconds later, the distortion stopped as he arrived in a place full of... well, nothing.

The place was pitch black, he tried looking at his own hands but couldn't even do that. And no, it's not because he's a bit on the darker side, it was simply just that dark in the place.

[Congratulations, Suzaku! You have been selected as a transmigrator. You have arrived in the 'Rebirth Void', where you will be able to view the system and select your choice of character]

'Huh? I can't speak... I guess I'll follow along' 

[Your Personal Attributes have been refreshed, please check!]

Instinctively, the word 'Status' popped into his head.

[Name: Suzaku Kirin]

[Age: 16 Years Old]

[Talent: Copy Magic (One-Time)]

[Points: 100]

[Strength: 10 Points] [Strength Rank: E]

[Agility: 10 Points] [Agility Rank: E]

[Vitality: 10 Points] [Vitality Rank: E]

[Magic: 10 Points] [Magic Rank: E]

The system appeared to give Suzaku some time to analyse his stats.

'Talent? What's that d- Nevermind' He was cut off by the system already answering his question before he could ask it fully. Along with that was a bundle of information.

[Remarks 1:

- Strength stat increases user's senses, strength, and endurance

- Agility stat increases user's speed, reaction time and perception of time

- Vitality stat increases user's health, longevity, stamina and recovery speed

- Magic stat increases user's magic power, reserve, control, etc]

[Remarks 2: The Talent "Copy Magic Ability (One-Time)" allows you to copy somebody's Magic. After successfully copying somebody, the talent will disappear]

[P.S. The user is able to have his own natural magic as the copied ability is technically not the user's actual magic (User will have 2 magics)

P.S. 2: Just because the talent will disappear, user is not limited to only have 2 magic. User can gain more magic by other means, such as consuming a devil's heart, if user chooses to]

'Copy somebody's magic? Well, based off that and the literal 'Magic' stat, I can already guess I'll be going to an anime world with magic.

The first ones that come to mind are Fairy Tail and Black Clover... I wouldn't mind either of them as they're both anime/manga that I know a decent amount, though I couldn't catch up fully due to being busy with school'

Having read and probably understood all the information, Suzaku looked at his "Points".

'What do thos- Okay you know what, I'ma just stop asking questions' He was once again comedically cut off by the system appearing with more information that answered his question.

[Remarks 3: Points can be used to increase user's stats, and can also be used to buy items]

[Remarks 4: Points can be obtained through various ways, including: Defeating opponents, helping important characters, and doing tasks issued by others (Points waver based on the task given and who by)]

'Uhuh... Interesting~ I have a feeling I'm gonna like this simple system' He thought with a virtual smile.

[User must now select a character from the anime 'Black Clover'. Once a character is selected, the user will teleport near the character chosen]

When Suzaku finished reading the message, a big book appeared in front of him with the title "Black Clover Characters"

Looking at the book with a smile, Suzaku now paused his actions as he took some times to think.

'Let's see... The Black Clover anime is an interesting anime. If I want to copy somebody's magic, it would probably be Asta... but at the same time having actual magic would be cool as hell...

Plus, if there's already somebody with anti-magic in the world, I don't think it's necessary for there to be 2. At the same time, if there's any magics that catch my interest from what I've watched (Up to the end of the elf kingdom arc), it would have to be:

Yami's Dark Magic, Yuno's Wind Magic, Julius' Time Magic, William's Tree Magic, Dorothy's Magic that I forgot the name of, and... well, actually that's all I think'

While thinking of all that, Suzaku decided that the first page he'd try is the main character's:

[Asta ???: An orphan boy who grew up in Hage Village. Now that he's 16 years old, he is eligible to receive a grimoire at the grimoire tower. Asta is the main character of black clover who has the unique magic/energy: 'Anti Magic', which allows him to use the energy to nullify magic. At the ceremony, Asta will receive his fated 5-leafed grimoire and begin to train for the Magic Knight Exam]

[P.S. User may choose to use his Talent to copy Asta's Magic, but at the expense of not being able to use any magic, only anti-magic]

[Current Timeframe: A Day before Asta and Yuno + Church family go to the grimoire tower]

'Hm... well, since I'll already have my own magic beside the Copy Talent, I don't think there's really a problem at all with choosing Asta as I'll have connections to all the character's I want to copy anyway if I hangout with him. Plus, there's no need to worry as there's no real threat until the eye of the midnight sun stuff anyway, so there's no rush to actually copy an OP magic.

And as I figured, if I WERE to choose to copy anti-magic I wouldn't be able to use any other magic... yeah, I'd rather not. Like come on, being able to use magic has got to be, like, everybody's dream!'

And so, with that thought, Suzaku mentally pressed on Asta's profile 

[Teleport near Asta? Y/N] 

He pressed [Y], and got another pop up asking [Is user 100% sure?] to which he pressed [Y] again.

[User will now teleport near Asta in 5... 4...




With the countdown ending, Suzaku blacked out.




"Ugh..." With a groan, Suzaku slowly opened his eyes as he adjusted to the sunlight.

Picking himself up off the ground, he patted some dust and dirt off his clothing and opened his status to distribute some stats.

'Hm... since I'm in the black clover world, increasing my magic stat is definitely best, but I also want to be physically fit so...

And~... done'

[Name: Suzaku Kirin]

[Age: 16 Years Old]

[Talent: Copy Magic (One-Time)]

[Points: 100 -> 0]

[Strength: 10 Points] [Strength Rank: E]

[Agility: 10 -> 20 Points] [Agility Rank: E]

[Vitality: 10 Points] [Vitality Rank: E]

[Magic: 10 -> 100 Points] [Magic Rank: E -> D]

Happy with his points usage, and seeing one of the stats move up a rank, Suzaku began to look at his surroundings and realised he was under the skull where the first wizard king's statue stood, a.k.a Asta's training place.

Knowing that he was in Hage Village, Suzaku decided to take a stroll until he found the exact place where Asta trained.


After a minute or so of walking, Suzaku could hear the obnoxious yet familiar screaming.


'Yep... that's Asta alright... God I forgot how annoying his voice was at the start' He facepalmed with a sigh, walking in the direction of the screaming.





The sound of a twig snapping entered Asta's ears as he was doing his daily situps.

"Who's there!?" He kicked himself off the ground, Shawn Michaels style, and had his guard up as he looked in the direction of the snapped twig.

"Oh... who are you?" Asta cluelessly asked as he saw a tall, dark-skinned boy with messy white hair that wore some... odd clothes. [Images]

"Ahah... sorry about that, I'm lost and don't know where I am, that's when I heard your screams and decided to check it out. Sorry if I made you jump" Suzaku said with an apologetic look as he walked closer to Asta.

"Oh, you're lost!? Well, right now you're in Hage Village!" Asta said loudly as he looked up at Suzaku who towered over him.

Asta stood at around 5'0 to 5'1, so standing in front of Suzaku who was 5'10 (Even taller than his rival Yuno) was an interesting site to behold.

"Um... do you mind crouching down a bit, my neck's starting to hurt!" Asta complained, envious of Suzaku's height.

"Sorry, let's sit down on that log over there then..." They walked over to the log and sat down next to each other, making it easier for Asta to talk to Suzaku, "Hage village, right? This place has a grimoire tower, doesn't it?" He asked, to which Asta nodded enthusiastically

"YEAH! Me and my rival, Yuno, are finally 16 so we're gonna go there tomorrow to get our grimoires! And then, when I do..." He jumped up, full of energy even after doing his daily training

"I'm gonna become the wizard king!"

*Clap Clap clap clap* Suzaku clapped his hands, making Asta turn red from both embarrassment and joy, "Eheheh... thank you thank you" He thanked as he sat back down.

"So, Mr. future wizard king, what's your name? I'm Suzaku Kirin" '16?... I guess that's different, when I watched the anime I'm sure he was 15... oh well, I guess that makes most of the characters legal at the start at least'

"Asta, pleasure meeting you, Susaki!" Asta mispronounced his name, causing Suzaku to sigh

"Suzaku. Su-Za-Ku"

"Ahhhh, right right, my bad, Su-Za-Ku" Asta corrected himself with the help of Suzaku, "So, how come you're interested in the grimoire tower?" Asta asked.

"To get a grimoire of course! And then I can hopefully take the Magic Knight Exam and join a squad" Suzaku said with a sudden passion, surprising even Asta.

"Hahaha! I can tell you're very excited! Wanna come with me and my family to the grimoire tower tomorrow? Well, they're not blood-related and all but..." Asta then went on a short rant about his orphanage siblings and Father Orsi

"And then, there's this beautiful sister: Sister Lily! I swore that when I become the wizard king, I'll take her hand in marriage!" Asta got down on one knee as he entered fantasy land.

"Good luck with that" 'You need it' Suzaku stated with a soft smile.


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