916 916. Sparks

Noah spent the following weeks continuing his tests with his new center of power. He needed to become used to its limits before focusing again on the higher energy that it contained.

Noah would study how long it took for the dark star to return to its peak, how quickly he could withdraw the higher energy, and how much of his darkness he needed to divert on his heart to refill it.

After all, that was a completely new organ, even if part of it still acted as his heart. It was different from his other centers of power since he had almost two centuries to explore their functioning and limits.

Noah forged, experimented with the Will-consuming runes, and even started to work on the living weapons again.

It was needless to say that Thirty-seven felt excited when Noah told him that they would start working together again. Still, that feeling only became more intense when the miraculous properties of the higher energy showed their effects on the organic inscriptions.


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