912 912. Small star

Noah quickly contacted Thirty-seven, who appeared in a matter of minutes. The automaton then controlled the formation so that the energy radiated by the flares would flow into other parts of the dimension.

"Are you sure about this?" Thirty-seven asked. After all, that was the darkness that Noah had poured for weeks inside the cubical formation.

"Yes!" Noah shouted as he stood on the verge of the formation. "Just let it happen."

Noah's memories of his past life weren't helpful in that situation. He didn't study the stars enough to affect the procedure without risking to disrupt the natural evolution of his darkness.

So, he had decided that it would let his "Breath" regulate itself. Noah felt confident that its laws would force it to act according to his needs.

The flares became less intense as the less dense darkness flew away from the formation. The collapse of the star continued though, and it eventually stabilized when it reached a small spherical form.


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