480 480. Flames

The Demonic sword hit by the lightning bolt shattered, the power released by the black clouds was meant to stop peak rank 3 cultivators from reaching the heroic ranks, Noah's inscribed item couldn't resist that attack even if it was at the peak of the third rank.

Yet, the corrosive smoke contained in Noah's weapon was enough to deplete part of the lightning's power, only a small portion of its strength remained when it reached Noah's body.

Noah endured the scorching sensation that filled his right arm as he was flung back in the distance, he managed to stop himself only after he had clashed in a few trees.

'I'm an idiot.'

Noah smiled as his black heart pumped more blood inside his circulatory system, the black membrane of the Yin body had become one with his organ, he could now utilize all the liquid "Breath" inside his body to empower his regenerative capabilities.


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