57 Chapter 57 Wise

"I won't dare," Shung Yun said as he held the female doll in his hands and her head resting on his left shoulder.

"Have a great time, Yi'er," Bai Qhan waved his right hand at the female doll as Shung Yun walked out the door with her in his hands.


Night time.....

Trot!! Tot!! Trot!! Trot!! Trot!! [x19]

Crossing the finish line a few feet behind Hai Yu, Shung Yun looked disappointed as he rode towards Mr. Guchun, "yesterday's attacks were far more fun to evade than the safe ones today."

"You don't look happy," Mr. Guchun said as Shung Yun arrived close to him, "sad you ended up at the third position?"

"Sad the entire racing process wasn't entertaining," Shung Yun said as he looked downward at Mr. Guchun, "I might stop participating after I've clinched the first place."

"What about the money? Aren't you excited of the money we'll make if you continue racing?" Mr. Guchun asked, confused by Shung Yun's statement.

"As I said before, the money alone doesn't interest me. What interests me is the process in which the money is made. I need entertainment and distractions," Shung Yun sighed as he began riding away, "I'm going to retrieve my win."

"This kid's brain can't be normal," Mr. Guchun muttered as he headed for the stable to retrieve his horse before riding towards the payment room.

Arriving beside Shung Yun after taking his win, Mr. Guchun said while passing a stack of thirty four[34] duan gold pieces to him, "here's your shared percentage."

"I'll no longer participate in the races after tomorrow," Shung Yun said as he kept the square shaped gold pieces in his pouch.

"What would you do after you stop racing?" Mr. Guchun asked as he took a seat beside Shung Yun.

"I'll finish my training with senior Bai Qhan before focusing on the reason I left my village in the first place," Shung Yun said before focusing back on the caged arena.

"What's your chance of clinching the first place tomorrow?" Mr. Guchun asked with his eyes also focused on the ongoing race in the caged arena.

"One hundred[100] percent. Young master Bokan might entertain me if I surpass him in the main event race tomorrow," Shung Yun said as a smile appeared on his face.

"You should be careful what you wish for, kid. You remember what happened yesterday, right?" Mr. Guchun warned Shung Yun.

"I do. And it was amazing. The tension captured my attention to the level of critically lessening the sound and pain I usually feel," Shung Yun said as he looked at Mr. Guchun, "experiencing that again will be amazing."

"There's definitely something wrong with his brain," Mr. Guchun confirmed his thoughts on Shung Yun as he glanced at the smile on his face.

Taking a seat beside Shung Yun, Hai Yu stared at the ongoing race in the caged arena as he said, "I've come to a decision."

"And what is your decision?" Shung Yun asked without taking his eyes off the ongoing race in the caged arena.

"I agree to your suggestion of partnering up. I hope we both benefit from our partnership," Hai Yu said as he continued watching the ongoing race.

"I hope we do," Shung Yun said with a smile on his face while his eyes remained locked on the ongoing race.

"I'll be seeing you later," Hai Yu said as he prepared to leave.

"Hold on," Shung Yun said, stopping Hai Yu from leaving.

"Is there something else?" Hai Yu asked Shung Yun.

"Excluding the one hundred[100] race upper-rank streak, what else can be done for you to regain your freedom?" Shung Yun asked his new partner.

"You want to help me regain my freedom!?" Hai Yu struggled to maintain his calm as he asked Shung Yun.

"I'm sure with the fame you've accumulated in the underground gaming event; you can make something tangible of yourself. But you can only do that if you're free to move anywhere you want to move to," Shung Yun said as he spoke with the backing of two[2] memories of two[2] different lifetimes.

"Is he really just a teenager?" Hai Yu was shocked by Shung Yun's words.

"There's another method of gaining freedom in the underground gaming event," he said after acknowledging Shung Yun's high level of intelligent.

"What is it?" Shung Yun asked interestedly.

"Rounding the entire track under ten[10] seconds," Hai Yu said with a gloomy expression on his face.

Taken aback by Hai Yu's words, Shung Yun asked, "has anyone been freed with this method?"

"Three[3] racing slaves has been freed through this method. But the timing has never being the same," Hai Yu sighed as he relaxed his back on his seat.

"Can you explain?" Shung Yun asked, not understanding Hai Yu's words.

"None of the freed slaves did it in ten[10] seconds. Those running the underground gaming event reduced the time limit every time a slave made the mark and gains his freedom," Hai Yu said to Shung Yun.

"That's very wise," Shung Yun said as he got impressed with the statics of the underground gaming event.

"No slave of the underground gaming event thinks it's smart," Hai Yu rebutted Shung Yun's words.

"Only because you all chose not to think that way. I would do the same if I was in the position of the leaders of the underground gaming event," Shung Yun said without masking his words.

"It doesn't matter if it's wise or not, no horse can move that fast with the limits placed by the underground gaming event," Hai Yu sighed he smoothened his hair backwards.

Knowing the limit Hai Yu was talking about, Shung Yun said, "make your preparations. You'll be earning your freedom after the main event race tomorrow."

"Didn't you hear what I just said!? A horse needs to dash round five hundred[500] meters within ten[10] seconds," Hai Yu sounded grumpy as he said to Shung Yun.

"I understand what you said. Just make your preparations and leave the rest to me," Shung Yun said as he stood up, "I'm ready to leave, senior."

"Then let's go," Mr. Guchun said as he also stood up on his feet.

"You shouldn't play with me. If I fail to make it tomorrow, I might forever be stuck as a slave here," Hai Yu said as he finally looked at Shung Yun, disregarding what those who saw the both of them discussing thought.

"I'm interested in what you can transform into after you gain back your wings. I don't play with my interests," Shung Yun said as he began leaving.

Still processing his thoughts on Shung Yun's words, Hai Yu was quiet as he kept his eyes on his leaving figure.

"What are you planning to do with Hai Yu?" Mr. Guchun asked as he rode beside Shung Yun.

"Same thing I want from everyone. I want them to be the link to my peace of mind," Shung Yun said as he admired the dark veil covering the sky.

"Interesting, entertaining, distracting, and now peace of mind," Mr. Guchun thought as he glanced at Shung Yun, "what's he going through to be in desperate need of these things?"

"Can I make a visit to your organization before I leave for senior Bai Qhan's place tomorrow?" Shung Yun asked as he tore his eyes off the dark veil in the sky.

"You're free," Mr. Guchun said to Shung Yun, "you can come whenever you want."

"Alright," Shung Yun as he looked at Mr. Guchun, "thanks for your hospitality."

"It's all karma. I might be the one asking the next time we meet," Mr. Guchun said as they arrived at the overpass.

"It's indeed karma," Shung Yun said as his body rocked with the forward movement of Haru, "see you tomorrow, Mr. Guchun."

"You too, kid," Mr. Guchun muttered as Shung Yun bolted out of the overpass and towards the street having his lodge.

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