51 Chapter 51 Storage Ring

"I wonder if Ikunga would've said something different," Shung Yun thought as he looked away from the inscription.

Moving forward, he trailed behind Mr. Guchun until they got to his office.

"Have a seat," Mr. Guchun said as he moved to the head seat in the room.

Taking a seat, Shung Yun stayed silence as he waited for the upper-stage middle aged man across the desk in front of him to continue.

"There's an underground gaming event in the inner sanctum of Yuhun Town," Mr. Guchun said with his left hand resting on his desk while the left side of his body faced Shung Yun.

"Underground sounds interesting," Shung Yun said as the word underground caught his interest.

"Take a look," Mr. Guchun said as he took out a card from the drawer in his desk before passing it to Shung Yun.

"Horse racing?" Shung Yun spoke out as he read through the information on the card," I don't think horse racing alone would make the famous and wealthy cultivators invest large sum of money on it."

"That's right. There's more to the underground gaming event than just horses competing to get to the finish line," Mr. Guchun said to the middle-stage male teenager sitting across from him.

"When are we going to this possible fun event?" Shung Yun asked.

"Let's first talk about the share we're both going to get if you're able to acquire a good result in the underground gaming event," Mr. Guchun said as he turned his body towards Shung Yun.

"My mount, my time, and possibly my life, against your idea, your connections and possibly your money. I say we share sixty[60] to forty[40]," Shung Yun said as he looked at Mr. Guchun.

"Your calculation is awfully accurate, lad," Mr. Guchun said as he sat up, "but don't you think your shared percentage is a little bias. Considering I was the one who gave you the chance to participate in the underground gaming event."

"That's the reason I said sixty[60] to forty[40] percent. You'll have sixty[60], while I'll have forty[40]," Shung Yun said.

"You're giving me sixty[60] percent of the earning you'll make if you perform brilliantly in the underground gaming event?" Mr. Guchun sounded surprised as he said to Shung Yun.

"Money alone isn't quite important or relevant to me. The process of acquiring the money is what I deem important," Shung Yun said while looking at Mr. Guchun, "now, can you tell me when we'll be heading to this underground gaming event."

Seeing Shung Yun waving the card in his hand when talking about visiting the underground gaming event, Mr. Guchun said, "we'll be going an hour after the dark veil covers the sky. You can have some rest before the set time reaches."

"I'll do that after I have some fierce beast's meat," Shung Yun said as he stood up from his seat, "have any idea where I can get some?"

"There's a restaurant six[6] buildings from here. They're one of the best restaurants in town," Mr. Guchun said to Shung Yun.

"Thanks for the tip," Shung Yun said as he left Mr. Guchun's office.

"Interested in the process of earning money than the money earned itself. Who the hell is this kid," Mr. Guchun thought as he still felt baffled by Shung Yun's behavior.

"Welcome," a lower-stage female attendant greeted warmly as she welcomed Shung Yun into a three[3] story restaurant.

"Please, do you wish to book a full table or just a seat?" she asked as she passed a booklet to Shung Yun.

"A full table," Shung Yun said as he passed five[5] Duan silver pieces to the lower-stage female youth attendant after knowing the required price from the booklet in his hand.

"Come with me," the lower-stage female youth attendant said as she brought Shung Yun to the second floor of the three[3] story restaurant, "please, sit here."

Complying with the wish of the female youth attendant, Shung Yun sat in the seat given to him as he contemplated on the meals on the booklet in his hand.

"I'll have the golden striped tiger fierce beast's meat," Shung Yun said as he made his choice.

"Alright," the lower-stage female youth attendant said as she got to work.

Entering the room at the far end of the wide hall, she came out pushing a cart having a light brown colored meat with mild smoke rising from it, and various vegetables arrayed on it.

"Now this is worth thirty[30] duan silver pieces," Shung Yun swallowed hard as his meal arrived in front of him.

Same height as the table, the cart made it easy for the huge silver round tray to be transferred from it to Shung Yun's table

"Here," Shung Yun said as he passed thirty[30] silver pieces to the female youth attendant.

"Enjoy your meal," the lower-stage female youth attendant said as she pushed the cart back into the kitchen at the far end of the second floor.

"This world is awesome," Shung Yun mumbled before digging into his meal.

With time continually passing by, the set time for Shung Yun and Mr. Guchun to leave for the underground gaming event arrived.

"Be careful when we get to our destination," Mr. Guchun said to Shung Yun, "don't offend anyone you see that's younger than thirty[30]. It's either he or she is a genius or has an impressive background."

"I got it," Shung Yun said as he rode Haru beside Mr. Guchun's horse.

"That's good," Mr. Guchun said as he rode faster towards the underground gaming event.

Arriving at the junction connecting the two[2] roads and the overpass road, a token appeared in Mr. Guchun's right hand.

"He's with me," he said to the guard standing in the middle of the overpass road while pointing at Shung Yun.

"You can both pass," the guard said as he stood still without moving or shaking while speaking.

"Is that a storage ring?" having a little knowledge of the world through the books and scrolls he read in the library, Shung Yun asked to confirm his thought.

"You're quite knowledgeable considering where you're from," Mr. Guchun said as he looked at Shung Yun, "are you intending to be a disciple of the Flowing River Sect?"

"Not anymore," Shung Yun said as Haru strolled forward with Mr. Guchun's horse beside him.

"You should really reconsider joining. Your journey will be smoother with the amount of cultivation knowledge and resources stock piled in there," Mr. Guchun said.

"A shame then. I'll have to miss it," Shung Yun said.

"Let's hurry up," Mr. Guchun said before riding faster.

"They're more beautiful than the buildings in the outer sanctum," looking at the buildings around him, Shung Yun thought as Haru arrived at the inner sanctum of Yuhan town.

"We're almost there," Mr. Guchun said as he rode his horse through an opened gate having a horse at both sides of it.

"This doesn't look hidden," Shung Yun said as he looked at the horses racing at a considerate distance away from him.

"Don't let what you see fool you, lad," Mr. Guchun said as he rode straight ahead, "it's called underground for a reason."

Arriving in front of a group of five[5] men rolling dice with several duan silver pieces stacked towards the side, Mr. Guchun took out the card he gave to Shung Yun from his storage ring before showing it to the dice rolling men.

"Guess I'll be the one to roll next," one of the dice rolling men on a grey robe said as he picked up the dice.

"Inscriptions," Shung Yun thought as he looked at the glowing dice in the hand of the gray robed dice rolling man.


Having the ground behind the dice rolling men splitting into two[2] halves and revealing a huge pathway with light orbs hung on both side of it, Mr. Guchun rode round the dice rolling men before riding into the underground pathway.

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