50 Chapter 50 Yuhan Town

"I miss this feeling," with his head raised upwards, Shung Yun mumbled as a tear drop rolled down his left eye, "the other method can't really compare."

"It's happening again," he said as he saw the flames in front of him twisting and churning before transforming into a wide barren land with no hint of vegetation in sight and the two[2] male individuals in it.

Paying attention to the battle, Shung Yun sensed a little mystical feeling from the rod attack of the upper-stage middle aged man, while he got nothing from the invisible counterattack from the middle-stage elderly with a bead necklace on his neck.

"It's finished," he said as he looked at the charred skeleton with smoke still rising upwards in front of him, "although everything looks the same as the last time I saw the vision, it felt like I spent a longer time in the vision than the previous time."

"M...my king, w..what was that song?" a shock expression was displayed on Mangro's face as he looked at Shung Yun.

"You must have also heard the song of enlightenment from their screams, Mangro. And you, Haru. Seeing the shocked look on your face too," Shung Yun said as he relived the deathly silence he experienced in the realm between life and death, "if the both of you haven't heard it before even the midst of humans been burnt, then being connected telepathically with me must be the reason you both heard it."

"I've seen both humans and beasts been burnt alive by flames before, my king. But I've never heard that song during those times," Mangro said to Shung Yun.

"That means you can both hear it because of the link you have with me," Shung Yun said as he sat cross-legged on the ground, "I'll be cultivating for a while."



With his head a raised a little upward and the tip of a sword a few centimeters from his neck, Shung Kai's irises stared at the upper-stage male teenager in front of him.

"I win," Shung Muzai said with his sword still pointing at Shung Kai's throat, "do you accept your defeat?"

"Yes, captain," Shung Kai said downheartedly as he accepted Shung Muzai as the new captain of the Ravage Unit.

Looking at his soldiers, Shung Muzai said, "as the rule of the military states, the strongest soldier in a unit will be the leader of that unit. We were all informed that the captain has gone on a long trip to further his cultivation path, leaving the position of the captain vacant. Defeating both Shung Xu and Shung Kai, the only Qi birth realm soldiers excluding me in the unit, I've proven to be the strongest soldier in the Ravage Unit of the Warhead Section. As customs demands, from this moment onward, I'll be succeeding captain Yun as the new captain of the Ravage Unit of the Warhead Section of Byui Village's Military."

"Captain!" the thirty nine[39] soldiers in front of Shung Yun shouted as they saluted their new captain.

"About the rule set by the previous captain," Shung Muzai said as he addressed his soldiers, "I think it will go a long way in improving the strength of most our soldiers within a shorter frame of time compared to the normal routine resource distribution implemented by the military. So, you all should prepare for the tournament a a month and three[3] days from now. You can all leave."

Leaving in either silence or murmuring, the soldiers all had diverse thoughts as they processed what Shung Muzai said to them.

"You did your best, Kai," Shung Xu said as she walked towards Shung Kai with Shung Bulin tagging beside her, "you lasted for a while despite just breaking through last night."

"I'm not complaining about losing," Shung Kai said as he looked at Shung Xu and Shung Bulin, "I'm just a little disappointed."

"You didn't fail him, Kai," Shung Xu said to Shung Kai, "you did your best."

"I didn't do it for anyone. I did it for my freedom," Shung Kai said as he began leaving the gathering field, "I'm going to train."

Looking at Shung Kai's back, Shung Bulin said, "he's still hiding his actions behind his facade of freedom. Seems I'm still better than him in coming true to myself."

"Do you have any chance of sensing spiritual Qi before the day we defend our resources comes?" Shung Xu asked Shung Bulin.

"I don't think I do," Shung Bulin sighed as his head dropped freely downwards, "I might not be so lucky to be among the top twenty[20] soldiers in the unit."

"Then let's go after Kai," Shung Xu said as she began walking to the Shung clan's standard training ground, "time to increase your battle strength, Bulin"


"Yuhan Town," Shung Yun muttered as Haru arrived in front of a seven[7] meters steel gate with a seven[7]fts thick and eight[8] meters high round wall connected to it, "I wonder what fun experience you'll have for me."

Moving forward, Haru brought Shung Yun into the bustling road of Yuhan Town.

Riding through the straight road connected to the entrance gate, Shung Yun saw hundreds of buildings not more than three[3] stories on both sides of the road.

"An overpass," he mumbled as he came to a stop a few feet from the road moving upwards and two[2] more roads connected at the point of uprising of the projectiled road.

"Haven't seen one before?" a voice sounded behind Shung Yun as an upper-stage middle aged man walked forward before standing beside Haru.

"No. My village didn't have this kind of road," Shung Yun said with his eyes still on the overpass road.

"Xuijang, Byui, or Quing?" the upper-stage middle aged man asked.

"Byui village," Shung Yun said as he finally looked at the well-dressed middle aged man with a gold necklace having a round medallion on his neck.

"To have a wild horse as a mount, you must have some ability that can benefit the both of us," the upper-stage middle aged man said as he looked at Haru.

"And what benefit would that be?" Shung Yun asked curiously.

"With proper strategy, we can make a lot of duan gold pieces through your mount," the upper-stage middle aged man said to Shung Yun.

"Making money doesn't really interest me. It's the process that do," Shung Yun said to the upper-stage middle aged man, "so, if the process you'll propose isn't interesting to me, then I won't be bothered about it."

Surprised by the words of the youngster on the black colored horse beside him, the upper-stage middle aged man took a few seconds before responding, "how about you see it for yourself than I telling you."

"I currently have a destination in mind. I don't think I can diverse my attention to anything dull and uninteresting," Shung Yun said.

"Although, I might not be most influencial businessman in Yuhan Town. I can say my deals aren't much lower than the tycoons in the inner sanctum of the town," the upper-stage middle aged man said confidently, "I assure you that the process won't be boring."

"Alright," Shung Yun said as he agreed to the suggestion of the upper-stage middle aged man.

"Follow me," the upper-stage middle aged man said before walking to the connected road at his right.

Moving pass the homes and businesses of the citizens and visitors of Yuhan Town, Shung Yun was amazed at the multitudes of people residing in the town compared to his village.

"This is like fifty[50] times the population of the entire Byui village," he thought as he moved through several more connected routes while trailing behind the upper-stage middle aged man.

"Mr. Guchun," a middle-stage middle aged man sitting behind a wide rectangular shaped opened window called to the upper-stage middle aged man in front of Shung Yun, "I have a nice deal that would interest you."

"I've told you already, Yanbu. Success is a ladder with dozens, hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of steps. You can't hope to skip so many steps by making use of my reputation. You'll miss a lot of important lessons, which will in turn cause your success to be short lived," the upper-stage middle aged man said as he walked pass the middle-stage middle aged man behind the opened window.

"Success is a ladder. Skipping some steps comes with a loss of important lessons. Therefore, making success short lived," Shung Yun thought as he picked up the key points behind the upper-stage middle aged man's words, "his plan might really be fun and interesting."

"We're here." Mr. Guchun said as he stopped in front of a three[3] story building with the words [Guchun's Inscriptions] written on the long rectangular steel at the top of the building.

"Let's go inside," he said as he turned to Shung Yun.

"Alright," Shung Yun nodded as he came down from Haru's back.

Stepping into the three[3] story building, he saw several people of both gender staring at the runes drawn on the papers at the other side of the transparent ice.

"So, this is the famous inscription I read about in the library," Shung Yun thought as he looked at the runes drawn on a paper behinnd the transparent ice in front of him, "a pity Ikunga isn't here to see it. He would've been more responsive than you, Mangro."

"I'm not interested in what I can't make use of it, my king," Mangro said telepathically to Shung Yun.

"I wonder if Ikunga would've said something different," Shung Yun thought as he looked away from the inscription. 

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