49 Chapter 49 Mystical Feeling

"Ahhhhh!!" the lower-stage middle aged man screamed louder as his eyes became bloodshot.


"This is it. Hahaha! I can hear it. I can hear it!" Shung Yun laughed as his headache slowly subsides before vanishing in the sound of the song of enlightenment.

"You.. you are amazing!" he said as he looked at the lower-stage middle aged man putting on a nose ring, "for you being the first person I heard the song of enlightenment from without been set ablaze, I will grant you safe passage to peace."


Light slowly left the lower-stage middle aged man's eyes as blood slid down the gap in-between the shaft of the arrow and his punctured neck.

"You look terrified," Shung Yun said as he looked at the middle-stage middle aged man with an arrow on his right thigh, "that's understandable. But it must be so for my spirit to achieve peace and calm, as you will during your walk through the Nether Realm."

"I guess my time has come. I never thought I would be killed by a teenager," the middle-stage middle aged man said softly as he looked at the sky, letting the rays of the sun shower down his face.

"You shouldn't be in a hurry to leave yet, senior," Shung Yun said as he took hold of the right leg of the middle-stage middle aged man before dragging him towards the direction of Mie Ai, "you still have a purpose to fulfil."

"What purpose are you talking about?" the middle-stage middle aged man asked as Shung Yun dragged him forward.

"You'll know when we get to our destination," Shung Yun said without answering the middle aged man's question.

Grabbing the collar of granny Xi's robe with his razor-sharp teeth, Haru slowly pulled her towards the camp made by his king.

Doing the same thing he did when transporting Nue Chu, Mangro coiled himself around his left leg before moving towards the direction of the camp, dragging him in the process.

Arriving beside Mie Ai, he grabbed her right leg with his left hand before dragging her together with the middle-stage middle aged man towards the spot he camped to eat.

"Where's he taking us?" Mie Ai asked the middle-stage middle aged man beside her.

"I have no idea," the middle-stage middle aged man sighed weakly.

Arriving at the young archer's destination, the middle-stage middle aged man and Mie Ai was surprised to see granny Xi and pale faced youth already there.

"How are they here when they escaped at different directions?" they thought as they looked at the static body of their colleagues.

"How long does your venom last?" Shung Yun communicated telepathically with Mangro, hiding his ability to speak with the descendants of the beast race from his captives in case a mishap occurs and one or two of them escapes.

"It depends on the strength of my victim and also on their body constituency, my king," Mangro responded telepathically.

"Is there a way of freeing him from his paralyzed state?" Shung Yun asked as he walked towards Haru.

"Forcing out my venom from his blood vessels will restore him back to normal, my king," Mangro conveyed to Shung Yun.

"Alright," Shung Yun said with a rope in his hand as he moved away from Haru and towards the middle-stage middle aged man and Mie Ai.

"Your chance to fulfil the purpose bestowed on you by the Storm god is here," Shung Yun said as he looked at the middle-aged man and the female youth in front of him, "your services shall forever be remembered by me."

"What services is he talking?" Mie Ai thought as she looked at the teenager in front of her.

"I can't hear, smell, or feel anything with my body," pale faced youth thought as he took in the images gotten from the movement of his irises with the confine of his eye, "what could do such a thing?"

"Mie Ai and I have no chance of escaping even if we were given one," the middle-stage middle aged man thought as he looked at the arrow piercing his thigh from side to side, "granny Xi also have no chance to escape with all those wasted blood from her head. That leaves only pale face. He has no injuries on him, and he was a disciple of that place. He might have a chance to escape and report to the boss if we buy enough time for him. We might have already been dead by then, but the boss will have the chance to avenge us."

Proceeding to carry out the function of the rope in his hand, Shung Yun placed the middle-stage middle aged man and Mia Ai at opposite sides of a tree close by before walking towards granny Xi and pale face.

Squatting in front of the pale faced youth, Shung Yun drew in the spiritual Qi around him as it flowed through his meridians while also slowly flowing out.

"It really can't stay in my meridians," he thought as he directed the drawn-in spiritual Qi into the pale faced youth's body through his palm.

"Urrw!" the pale faced youth groaned as he slowly got back control of his body.


"Ahhh!!" he roared in pain as his hands reflexively moved towards the arrow stuck in his right thigh with blood flowing out of it.

"Wow!!" Shung Yun screamed with his facial expression radiating joy and excitement as he looked at the pale faced youth, "now that was amazing. I... I can't wait to hear you scream your lungs as the sound of your burning flesh blend perfectly with it."

"Yo... Y.... You.." the pale faced youth was horrified as his eyes exuding bone chilling fear while looking at Shung Yun.

"Come on. You don't have to look so frightened," Shung Yun said as he stood up, "death is just a passage to peace. There's nothing to be afraid of."

"Y...you're crazy!! Just as all you said is crazy, so are you crazy!!" the pale faced youth shouted as he struggled to back away from Shung Yun.

"Worry not, senior. For in a few minutes, you'll know that all I said is true," Shung Yun said as he dragged the legs of pale faced youth and granny Xi before keeping them at opposite sides of the tree containing Mie Ai and the middle-stage middle aged man.

"It's finished. Pale face won't be able to escape no matter what hidden card he has," the middle-stage middle aged man sighed as he gave up hope on making the teenager walking towards his wild horse pay for imminent death.

Retrieving a bottle of wine from the bag sitting on Haru's back, he picked a stick from the fire he made for roasting his meat before walking towards his helpers sitting in a cardinal position with the tree as the epicenter.

"Wha.. What are doing!? Stop that! What are you pouring on me!?" granny Xi shouted as she gained consciousness due t the wine poured on her by Shung Yun.

"You can't do this to me! I can give you anything you want! I can even be your plaything if you desire! Just don't kill me! Please, don't kill!" Mie Ai pleaded with Shung Yun as he poured wine on her.

Paying no heed to Mie Ai's words, Shung Yun continued pouring the content inside the bottle on her before moving to his next target.

"Let me go and I promise to give you all my treasures," the pale faced youth said as Shung Yun arrived in front of him, "I assure you that not even the treasure of an inner disciple of the Flowing River Sect can compare with mine. Just release me and all will be yours."

"Your screams are more important to me than your treasures, senior," Shung Yun said as he released his wine on the pale faced youth.

"I can't die here! I will do anything you want! Just don't kill me!" the pale faced youth shouted as Shung Yun walked away from him, "I must kill him! I must kill Hui Dunde before I die!!"

"Enjoy your last days in the land, brat. My boss will come for you and everyone you love. You'll regret ever coming in-contact with us after my boss is done with," the middle-stage middle aged man said as he threatened Shung Yun.

"The only thing I love is my peace," Shung Yun said before throwing the orange tip stick on the middle-stage middle aged man.


Flames erupted into the sky as soon as the orange tip stick came in contact with the wine on the middle-aged man's robe before rapidly spreading to the other three[3] individuals in the south, west, and east cardinal points.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!" painful screams rang out into the sky as the flames ate up the robes on the body of the four[4] individuals before slowly eating up their flesh.

"I miss this feeling," with his head raised upwards, Shung Yun mumbled as a tear drop rolled down his left eye, "the other method can't really compare."

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