Binding System

Quote of the main character "With Binding system as my trump card, I will become the strongest man in the world and sit on my throne with beautiful women in my arms." What would you do if you died and God transmigrated you to another world? What would you do if Gods and Goddess watches and comments on your adventures? What would you do if you could communicate with Gods and Goddesses? Xiao Ming, the grandson of the Ruler, fell off a cliff when he was training martial arts with his father. When he thought he was dead, he found himself transported to a parallel world where monsters and powerful people ruled the world. Luckily, one of the goddesses gave him a system to help him survive in his new world and achieve his dream. "You awaken the mage class? You awaken the Archer class? You awaken the Knight class?" Xiao Ming behaved normally. "I only need to bind my system to someone and I can awaken that person's class. In other words, I can awaken all three classes." Xiao Ming, the grandson of the Ruler, decides to continue his dream in his new life. Follow him as he embarks on his journey to become the Ruler and bind his system to beautiful women. Warning..... In the early chapters there were lots of jokes about boy toy and sugar mama. I know some of you feel uncomfortable about that. I'm trying to change them, but I can't do it quickly because some of them are related to the story. However, please keep reading. The jokes stopped after they officially became lovers. I don't do that joke anymore. If you keep reading, you might like this book. *** discord server= https://discord.gg/22hqV9gPn3 *Tags=Slice of life, action, MILF, romance, fantasy, adventure, beautiful female leads, handsome male lead, older love interests, harem, multiple identities, secret identity, Elf, R-18, transmigration, magic, knight, archer, demon, Gods, leveling up. *Xiao Ming is the grandson of Xiao Tian, my main novel. * My main novel is Illicit relationship PS: I don't own the cover. I got it from pinterest.

Shooting_Star · Fantasy
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364 Chs

Revealing Everything

"What makes you think I will run away?" Kane inquired, "I've decided before leaving my house that one of us has to die this time!"

Ace was pleased upon hearing Kane's words. "Then, let's see who will die today."

"Robes of Lightning." Robes made of blue lightning slowly enveloped Kane's body.

Robes of Lightning was a magic enhancement. 

When he wore Robes of Lightning, the power of his Lightning magic would be stronger than normal.

It would be twice as strong as normal.

However, his other elemental magic would be reduced by fifty percent, such as wind, earth, fire, water, etc.

Not only that, but the Robes of Lightning magic effect only lasted for thirty minutes.

After thirty minutes, the Robes of Lightning would disappear and he could not use it again for twelve hours.


It was not because the Robes of Lightning consumed a lot of mana.

It was because the Robes of Lightning had a side effect.