Billionaire Brothers Book

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Billionaire Brothers


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This the story of three brothers, sons of Shim Min-Hoon, the biggest business tycoon of South-Korea. 》Shim Min-Hoon 》Most respected Businessman in South Korea. Mostly focused on his business firms. He wants his children to be successful just like him or even better, more than him. May seem strict but still loves his sons a lot. 》Shim Jung-Nan 》Shim Min Jong's wife, Daughter of Wang's. Used to be a CEO but became a housewife after her first child. Unlike her husband, her children's happiness is more than their success to her. Sweetest mother one can ask for. Likes to cook for her children herself and keep the three of them in one place, bonded. 》Shim Dong-Hoon 》Eldest son of the Shim's. Is not interested in his father's any kind of business. Love his younger siblings as a father himself. Wants to be a chef but cannot fulfill his dreams because of his father. 》Shim Ji-Hoon 》Second son of the Shim's. Most intelligent one in the family. Interested in Business Firms just like his father. Can be considered as a filial favorite one of his father. But he is too rational for his own good. 》Shim Tae-Hoon 》Youngest son of Shim's. Most reckless child of the family. Really playful, spend most of his time rebelling against his father. Hangs out with lots and lots of girls. Partying every now and then. Even after all his shortcomings, is still loved by the family as the youngest. The plus point was that all three of them were immensely handsome. Their family was the subject of jealousy for many others. Mostly the bond between the three brothers was remarkable. Even if their personalities were 180 degrees from each other but still they were inseparable. Can anything be causing a wall between the siblings? The bond between the brothers is remarkable but can the love remains throughout? Will the brothers fight for each other or fight with each other? Three different love stories with a mixture of brotherhood and family drama.