1 Samantha Julie

It was a beautiful morning, with the bright sunlight peeping through the sheer velvet curtains. The chirping birds were clearly heard in the bedroom through the balcony. A girl was laying on the bed.

Her peerless beauty was adorned by her strawberry blonde hair, which suited her pale skin. Her ears were tender and small, like a tiny tot, and her tinted lips like the finest art of the world.

An unusual irritation was seen on her forehead, which let some drops of sweat to escape, seemed like she was having a nightmare.

No one knew about her nightmares, except her sister who she loved dearly, and her two best friends.

The girl clutched her comforter tightly, as if her life depends on it, and shouted.

"Ple... Please... St... Stop!" The girl shouted aloud, waking up in fear, which was clearly visible in her beautiful brown eyes.

She took a deep breath, wiped off the sweat from her forehead hurriedly with the back of her palm.

She opened the lower drawer of her bedside table, taking out a small box. She opened it and took out a pill from the box. She grabbed a glass of water, which was on her table beside her, and gulped down the pill.

Sighing, she closed her eyes and put her head on the headrest, trying to make her breathing stable.

Just then, her phone went off.

She grabbed her phone, which was on the table, and saw the name on the phone screen. She sat straight, calming herself, and answered the call.

"He... Hello." Samantha answered in a shrilled voice.

"Hello, Sam... You okay?" Her younger sister, Alexi asked.

"Ye... Yes. I am good, Alexi..." Samantha stuttered and answered back, trying to hide her fear.

"No... You aren't. You got that nightmare again. I am coming right now!" Alexi said, and her worrying tone became apparent.

"No, Lexi. I am really good. By the way, where are you now?" Samantha asked as she got up from the bed and started walking towards the balcony.

"I was at the gym, but mom told me to grab some groceries before coming home. So, now I am at the grocery store. I have been trying to call her for the past 15 minutes, but she isn't answering. So, I thought why not call you, as you would be up by now." Alexi answered fading away the tension, and Samantha laughed.

"Why do you hate grocery shopping Lexi?" Samantha asked as she opened the door of the Balcony, letting the cool breeze refresh her skin. As soon as the door opened, a shiver ran down her body, and she took a big breath, smelling the freshness of the beautiful morning.

"You know, I only love shopping for clothes and my makeup. Groceries aren't my thing. Like Jesus! I'm a fucking A-lister of Hollywood, for crying out loud. Why should I do all this?" Alexi cried her rants on phone.

"Because mom told you to do it," Samantha answered with a chuckle.

"Yea, because of her, whom I love the most in the whole world. I need to do this all." Alexi replied on the phone irritatedly.

"Shut up, and call dad. They’re both sitting in the garden." Samantha answered while looking at her parents, who were talking with each other in the garden.

"Yeah... But... Are you okay?" Alexi was still worried.

"Yes, Alexi. I am good. Don't worry. Just do the shopping and come home." Samantha replied in a lighter tone.

"Yeah, see you," Alexi replied.

"See you, Lexi," Samantha replied back and ended the call.

Samantha looked at her parents, who are laughing at something.

"This was the scene that I always dreamt about to come true, and finally it did. dad, mom, Alexi, and me, A Perfect family indulged with only happiness in our lives... But..."

Samantha stopped mid-sentence.

"But... I guess, there wouldn't be any happiness in my part of life." Samantha completed her sentence with a sad tone, as a drop of tear escaped from her eyes, but she wiped it as soon as the tear fell down from her eye.

She sighed and walked into her room, leaving her phone on her table. She made her bed and walked into the restroom, getting under the shower.

After taking her relaxing shower, she put on her fluffy robe. Dried her hair and applied the moisturizer on her body. Then, walked out of the restroom, and walked into her walk-in-closet.

Samantha grabbed a expensive black suit and wore it, matching it with a 4-inch high heel. She put on some light makeup and curled up her hair. Then, she grabbed her black bag and walked out of the walk-in-closet. Samantha grabbed her phone, wallet, and kept them in her bag as she walked out of her room.

As soon as Samantha went downstairs, she saw her dad, Liam, sitting on the living room couch. She gave him a big smile walking towards him and then planted a kiss on her dad's cheek.

"Good Morning, dad!"

"Good Morning, my beautiful daughter," Liam greeted back with a big smile as he kissed Samantha's forehead.

Ahh! She loved to see that smile on his face! With no tension on his face. She and her sister went through a lot to make him like that.

If someone asked the sisters if they would go through all that happened in their past again to make their parents happy, then they would happily do and go through all that past.

Liam was happy to see his eldest daughter Samantha, ready to go to work.

Not any 9 to 5 office job. She owned a chain of hotels. Not any normal hotels. She owned 'The Caffeine' by Amaxi Hotels and Resorts. This hotel chain was now taking the hotel business by storm with hotels all over the world, available for every type of family.

And there was his other daughter Alexi Julie, who was a model and actress. She already has impressed the whole world with her amazing acting skills and her beauty.

But Liam hated seeing those stalkers who never stopped looking at his little girl. But, he was proud to say that he was their father.

While smiling at Samantha he looked at the front door, and there stood his little devil. He got an urge to tease her and hugged Samantha.

"That's it. Is she your only beloved daughter? Am I not your daughter?" Alexi yelled, getting jealous standing at the front door.

"Oh my. You are my beautiful daughter too, Come here." Liam replied with a chuckle as he opened his arms widely for her to hug him. Alexi came running towards him and hugged him tightly, and he kissed her forehead while Samantha growled looking at Alexi.

"What?" Alexi asked her teasingly.

" Your such a drama queen!" Samantha got irritated, and Alexi stuck her tongue out at Samantha, and Liam laughed out loud.

"Now go, and take a shower. You smell!" Samantha yelled at her.

"You’re jealous. Aren't you?" Alexi asked, knowing that Samantha would get irritated.

"Why would I be jealous?"

"Because I am getting a kiss from Dad but you are not," Alexi went on her teasing note.

"He is my dad too. I can get a kiss from him any time I want." Samantha replied.

"No you can't," Alexi said as she flips her hair dramatically.

"You little devil," Samantha murmured at her act.

"Girls, don't start it now, please!", Mr. Liam interfered with their childish war.

"Dad, she started it," Samantha complained to Liam.

"No, Dad. You saw it right? She started it first." Alexi replied with her best puppy eyes.

"Don't show those puppy eyes. No one is going to fall for that here." Samantha said and sat on the couch, grabbing the newspaper. She started reading it, and Alexi scoffed jokingly.

"Good morning, my babies," Cassandra said with her charming tone as she walked out of the kitchen and kissed Samantha's forehead.

"Good Morning, Mom," Samantha replied back with a big smile.

"Mom, where is my kiss?" Alexi in a complaining tone.

"You are smelly. Go and take a shower first." Cassandra scoffed at her, and Samantha and Liam laughed out loud.

"You..." Alexi growled at Samantha.

"What me? I already told you, You’re smelly!" Samantha said as she controlled her laughter.

"What's going on here?" Cassandra asked.

"Ahhh! Go away, everyone. I hate you all." Alexi shouted.

"But, we all love you," Samantha replied but Alexi growled and went upstairs.

"This girl will remain a child forever," Cassandra smirked.

"It's okay, Mom," Samantha replied and Cassandra nodded.

"Come on, let's have some breakfast," Cassandra said.

"Let Alexi come down, Mom. Then, we will have it together." Samantha replied and Cassandra nodded.

"Okay, I will make coffee for you," Cassandra said and went to the kitchen.

Samantha continued reading the newspaper.

That's when she saw an article about the 1 billionaire in the world, and a world-famous Interior Designer, Johnson Davis.

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