1 He is becoming a man

so many years has gone by since the last fight between the East Frost and the devil king,when he led his army of darkness to over throne mortal and rule the World.

A warrior lead the army to fight the king of hell...which happened to be a bloody war,si many general and civilian where kill buh the descendants of God Zeus still fought till the end to see that everything was put to an end.

Encrypted his golden herd into the mountain only his descendants will be able to pull it out in an emergency time.

The peace has been existing for thousand of years...

The chief in commander of the army of samloco Villa Hill who demarcated from the East Frost nation they where seen as an unruly people and where hated by other tribes.

The general was a straight forward person with a good personality and his fierce fighting techniques made him to be well known around the globe.He had a son who was his only child after so many years of marriage.

Kenna Kenna a voice called he answered it was kenna's mom who is general wife...caring and a lovely wife and mother that makes sure that she does her best as a wife that she is...

Her son is getting older and mature...who wants to be like his father buh still not that hard working though buh he has a simple mind..