1 Even if she dies, she has to die in the Gu's family (1)

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As the sun rose, the slumbering city slowly began to wake up.

A slender figure walked out of the mist, stopping at a snack bar on the street corner to buy a fried sweet cake and a cup of soy milk. Across the street from the food street was Jinxiu Bay, Luo City's luxurious villa district.


When she arrived at her doorstep, Lu Miao leisurely savored the last piece of fried sugar cake before discarding the packaging into the trash can. The silver bracelet slid off her slim wrist, and with a gentle tap, a thin, unknown thread sprang out and wrapped precisely around the edge of the second-floor balcony. With a flick of her wrist, the thread hoisted her up, landing her on the balcony like a graceful cat.


As she was about to turn back into her room, she overheard a conversation from the window of the next room. It was about her - the owner of this body - Lu Miao.


"Mom, will the Gu family agree to what we're doing?" Lu Siyu's voice came from the window of the room next door.


"Mr Gu's life and death are uncertain now. The Gu family has no other choice. Moreover, she was the one who had agreed to the engagement with the Gu family back then."


"But a few days ago, she even slit her wrists and threatened to commit suicide because of this. I'm afraid that she ..."


"Even if she dies, she has to die in the Gu family and marry Mr Gu in death. Siyu, don't worry. Even though you are not my biological daughter, you're my daughter in my heart. I will never let you jump into the fire pit of the Gu family..."


Lu Miao didn't listen any further and walked directly into the room.

The 'she' they were talking about was the owner of this body, the current her, Lu Miao.


Seventeen years ago, the Lu family's nanny, Song Lin, and Qin Shuang gave birth to daughters one after another. To ensure a better future for her own daughter, Song Lin secretly swapped their babies at the hospital. She then brought Lu Miao away and hid in the mountains.


Only two months ago did the truth finally come to light. Qin Shuang despised Lu Miao for growing up in the countryside and feared Lu Miao would embarrass herself if she switched back. So, she decided to stick to the mistake and cut off all mother-daughter relations with her.


However, a month ago, Gu Shiyan, who was engaged to the Lu family, suddenly fell ill with a strange disease that no hospitals could diagnose. Gu's family tried every means to no avail, and his condition only worsened.


Desperate, Gu Shiyan's grandmother listened to someone's advice and decided to follow folk belief to give him an engagement hoping it would bring good luck to him. Gu's family immediately presented Lu's family with 10% of their shares, 10 million in cash, and several properties as dowry. As a top-notch wealthy family like Gu's, even 1% of their shares was enough to make a person a billionaire, so who wouldn't be tempted by such an offer?


However, rumors circulated in the circle that the Gu family had found some master who would use his fiancée's life to extend Gu Shiyan's life. Qin Shuang did not want to give Lu Siyu to them, nor did she want to miss out on the Gu family's generous dowry. So, she had the idea to bring Song Miao back and change her name to Lu Miao, intending to send her to Gu Shiyan to extend his life in exchange for a huge dowry. The day Lu Miao transmigrated, the original Lu Miao slit her wrists and attempted suicide due to this situation.


To prevent her from causing trouble again, Qin Shuang had kept Lu Miao locked up in her room for the past few days. Other than delivering food every day, the door was locked tightly.

However, the food Qin Shuang sent was really unappetizing.

Lu Miao, still savoring the sweetness of the fried sweet cake from earlier, returned to bed for more sleep.

But just as she had dozed off, she heard a "click" as the door lock opened, and the door was pushed open from the outside.

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