28 Who Would I Pamper if Not You?

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Just as Qin Shu grew dazed from the scene before her, Fu Tingyu suddenly bent over.

It was only then that Qin Shu returned to her senses from the beautiful sight.

"Babe, you're just like candy," Fu Tingyu said, but he seemed like he had not fully expressed himself.

Qin Shu gazed at the man before her and thought that he looked like a cat that had just sated its hunger. His already dark eyes grew even darker and caused her to feel stunned for a few seconds. "Did you catch all these fireflies by yourself? There are so many of them, where did you go to catch them?"

"Yancheng Lake," Fu Tingyu replied quietly, an answer that left Qin Shu taken aback.

There were many fireflies at Yancheng Lake. The overwhelming number of fireflies in that area led everyone to call it the 'Firefly Forest'.

However, the lake was surrounded by swamps, and most people would not be able to make it home from there, which was known as the 'Lake of No Return'.

Fu Tingyu had ventured to such a dangerous place just to catch these fireflies for her. Qin Shu dared not even bring herself to imagine that scenario.

"You went to such a dangerous territory just so you could catch these fireflies? What if, what if..." Qin Shu's voice started to tremble as she did not have the courage to continue her sentence as she seemed afraid.

Yet, Fu Tingyu did not appear to mind this at all. His tone brimmed with uninhibited arrogance. "As long as it is something you would like, I'll do whatever it takes to get it for you."

Qin Shu found herself stunned once again.

Fu Tingyu stood behind her, his slender fingers gripped her hands. He raised them toward the dancing fireflies, and just when they were about to contact the huge glass globe, his movement suddenly halted as if it was out of reach. "Hey, does this look like the Milky Way?"

Qin Shu could not help her tears from falling again. This was all because she had once mentioned that the Milky Way was beautiful.

As a result, he paid no attention to the danger he encountered while he captured these fireflies. Everything was attempted so he could prepare a unique Milky Way meant for her and her alone.

Qin Shu could no longer endure this and threw herself into his arms. Her tears soaked the front of his suit as she sobbed, "Why are you so silly? Why? I treated you so badly in the past, and yet…"

"Because you are my treasure," Fu Tingyu whispered.

Who would he pamper if not her?

Qin Shu cried even more fiercely upon hearing that, and after some time, she grew exhausted from crying and fell asleep.

The following day, Qin Shu suddenly opened her eyes and awoke from her dreams. She subconsciously turned to look at the area beside her only to find that it was empty.

The pillow and sheets beside her were neat and tidy without any wrinkles.

She abruptly sat up and looked around the empty room, her heart felt empty as well.

Fu Tingyu must have left already.

In her past life, he had left without a word before she woke up.

Back then, she was afraid of being abandoned on this gigantic prison of an island.

Even now she was still afraid, but this time she feared that he would never believe that she truly loved him.

Even more so, she was afraid that this incident would further stretch the distance between the two of them.

How could she have fallen asleep?

If she had not fallen asleep and spent more time with him instead, perhaps she might have been able to convince him that she really did love him.

If not that, at least she could have let him know that she did not hate their physical interactions. In fact, she enjoyed them tremendously.

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