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This girl was very talented in music!

Or to be exact, she was a musical genius.

As long as she received good music training, she would definitely accomplish great things in the future.

Elder Qian finally knew why his disciple was so obsessed with this girl. She was indeed a musical genius!

Elder Qian's tone became much more polite as he said, "If you're willing to study music from my disciple, as his teacher, I can guarantee that one day you will surely stand at the pinnacle of the global music industry."

"No need." Sheng Yang's amber eyes were very indifferent. "I'm not interested."

"Why? This would only be good for you." Elder Qian was anxious.

"You're so annoying," Sheng Yang said unceremoniously, planning to slip away. Hearing this, Ou Ye and Fang Duo, who were eavesdropping and observing the situation, were stunned. Oh, sh*t, were they going to fight?