6 CH 6: Teaching P1

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"What the hell?! How is this even possible?!" Qian Renxue shouted in pure shock, Hu Liena even more shocked than her :"Four martial souls?! Quadruplet martial souls?! What's going on?!"

But Bibi Dong didn't answer. She just stood there, staring at Ah Li with wide eyes and a toothy, almost crazy looking smile! With his martial souls awaked, his body began to descend onto the ground.

Opening his eyes, the shock was evident in his own eyes. The wish of this soul piece of Ali was to have more than one martial soul, and that his martial souls all be very strong. He hadn't chosen them himself, and wanted Crow to surprise him.

But he didn't think that Crow would actually give him 4 martial souls!

'Really, Crow?! I'm not complaining, but seriously?! Four?! And one even is the Omnitrix! This is just too much... I fucking love it! ' He curled his lips, but couldn't hold back the smile that formed on his face while looking at the wet dream of every guy in his past life :'If you're gonna do something, you gotta do it as dramatically as possible! Fuck low profile, real men show off like it's the last day of their lives!!'

As the light around him disappeared, he took his eyes off of the martial souls that he could see and turned to the women :"Master, I actually ha-" But just as he turned to them, his eyes went wide open in shock.

Qian Renxue's towel had fallen off!

She hadn't even noticed that her beautiful and big nipples and areola of her huge breasts were exposed, along with her pretty and pink pussy! His lips parted in shock, a little bit of drool coming out as he looked at her heavenly body. He really wondered if his nose had begun to bleed like those cliche anime moments.

Good Crow, did he want to suck on those beautiful and plump nipples while just slamming his cock deep inside her tight hole :'Fucking hell... Check out those girls! It would be a sin to not fuck that body!'

Seeing his sudden change of expression, they all became confused. Qian Renxue even more. Following his line of sight, she blushed heavily, her gorgeous face turning into a tomato before she quickly tried to hide her body with her hands.

But with that kinda figure, could her small hands and delicate arms be enough to hide those fat, cow-like tits?

With one of her nipples still sticking out while she hid her crotch, she glared at Ah Li with a red face :"Xiao Li, look away already!" But would he do that? Or would he use the "innocence" of a child as an excuse to see more and tease instead?

Answer, the second option!

"Huh? But why?" He asked with big, clear and confused eyes as he tilted his small head :"Why are you so embarrassed, sister Xue? Also, why are your nipples so big? Mine are just tiny dots, but yours are really big. You also don't have a penis. It was just a pretty pink slit. Why is that?"

"You!" She gritted out, face even redder than before as she tried to hide her boobs even more. A futile effort. And only making herself sexier with how her tits were getting squeezed.

"Alright, alright. That's enough. Here." Bibi Dong sighed, picking up Qian Renxue's towel with her soul power and handing it to her. Taking the towel, Qian Renxue immediately covered herself as her mother looked at her with an unimpressed face :"Now you see why I told you to not walk around like that?"

Too embarrassed, Qian Renxue didn't even say anything back. She just wore the towel and looked away in embarrassment. But Hu Liena's voice pulled all of their attention towards the subject at hand :"Hold on, are you all seriously forgetting about what just happened?! Xiao Li seriously just awakened four martial souls! Four! Even master only has two!"

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"Ahem ahem, Nana's right, mom." Qian Renxue agreed, trying to change the subject before she actually turned serious :"What is going on? How could someone awaken quadruplet martial souls? Even twin martial souls are already extremely rare and have been seen a handful of times in history! Also, what is this body martial soul about? I've never heard of that term."

"About how he has quadruplet martial souls, it's just like how someone has only one martial soul while another person has twin martial souls." Bibi Dong explained calmly :"It can't be explained because nobody knows. However, I do know about body martial souls. But I'll explain it later. We should check Xiao Li's soul power level now. But I honestly don't think it'll be anything but full innate soul power."

As she finished speaking, she took out a blue, almost transparent blue ball the size of a basketball with a smirk :"Now, Xiao Li, come here. Just put your hand, and your soul power level will be checked."

"Umu." He nodded with a smile, hopping towards her with a good mood before he raised his hand and placed his palm on Bibi Dong's blue ball <ಠಿ⁠_⁠ಠಿ>.

The moment he touched it, he felt his soul power being pulled by the glass ball before it immediately glowed a dazzling and bright light! With a smile, Bibi Dong pulled away :"What did I say? Anybody born with twin martial souls is also automatically born with full innate soul power.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if Ah Li was born with level 20 innate soul power considering he was born with quadruplet martial souls! But that might not be possible considering the rules of this world..."

"Rules? What rules?" The older blond asked, confused, before Hu Liena also nodded :"Yeah, what does that mean? If it's not possible, how come sister Xue was born with level 20 innate soul power?"

"Forget it." The milf shook her head :"You all are far too young to bother with these. So forget it for now. You will know in the future, when you've grown up and when the time is right."

"You're seriously confusing us, but whatever." Qian Renxue shrugged, not bothering to argue :"So what about Ah Li's martial souls? The ones you called body martial souls."

"It's easy to explain. But..." She started, looking at her daughter before sighing :"Can you dress up properly before that? Or do you want to flash your naked body at Xiao Li again? I don't want him to grow up into a pervert because of you."

"Per-!? Hmph, fine, just give me a second." She scoffed in embarrassment before walking towards the hallway of the rooms. As she walked away, Ah Li could stop his eyes from looking at her fat ass that wasn't completely covered.

Looking at her enormous ass jiggling with every little movement, he bit the inside of his lip at the delicious sight :'Mark my words, I will tap that ass. I'm no simp, but I will go against the entire world for that cake! In fact, that's not even a cake. That's whole fucking baking industry!'

"Hmph, where do you think you're looking at?" Hu Liena gently knocked on his head, pouting with an annoyed look and confusing Ah Li. He didn't answer, just shrugged and sat on the couch.

"Hm? Wait a second." While waiting, Bibi Dong suddenly sensed something. As the attention of her students were turned to her, she stood in front of Ah Li. Seeing her huge breasts on top of him, he gulped, feeling a slight oppressive pressure from them. He grew confused, but stayed silent when she placed her hand on his head and her soul power flowed into him.

"As I thought, I can't feel it anymore." The milf said with a smile, raising the curiosity of her students before she explained as she turned around, her ass jiggling at the movement, and walked towards another chair before she sat down :"I'm talking about the Ultimate Ice. Even though it was mostly cured, some leftover energy of it was left that could still be troublesome. However, even that is gone now. It's probably thanks to the Ultimate Fire of your heart martial soul, Xiao Li."

"Oooh, no wonder I feel so refreshed! I thought it was because of awakening my martial soul." The young boy said, stretching his body and smiling when he didn't feel any discomfort.

"Well that's good to hear." Hu Liena smiled while sitting on another chair :"That means that Xiao Li is now completely cured and healthy! Glad to hear that, master."

"Alright, I'm back." Qian Renxue entered the living room once again. But this time, wearing a shirt and a skirt instead of just a loose towel. With a blush still lingering on her beautiful skin, she sat next to Ah Li before looking at her mother :"So, can you please explain?"

"Mhm, sure." She nodded, and began to explain while her daughter and disciples listened carefully :"It's public knowledge that there are only two types of martial souls. Beast martial souls, and tool martial souls.

However, there's actually a third type of martial soul, body martial souls. The reason why almost nobody knows about this type of martial soul is because it's extremely rare. Even rarer than twin martial souls."

"Even rarer than twin martial souls..." The girls awed, and so did Ah Li to not look suspicious before Bibi Dong continued :"That's why only a few people know about them. There are barely any records of body martial souls. The little bit of information there is, only our Martial Soul Hall has it.

Now, as to what body martial souls are. It's actually pretty simple and the name is pretty self-explanatory. Body martial souls are a type of martial soul that dwell within some part of the soul master's body. When activated, the associated body part is innately enhanced in a way or ways appropriate to the body part.

But the most fascinating thing about the body martial souls is that this enhancement grows as the soul master cultivates! Basically, unlike beast martial souls and tool martial souls that have a specific strength upon awakening, the body martial souls are ever growing and will get stronger along with the soul master."

"Whoaa..." The girls said, looking at Ah Li in amazement before a question appeared in Qian Renxue's head :"Wait, but even if they can grow, wouldn't they actually be pretty weak considering their only parts of a normal human?"

"You're wrong." Bibi Dong shook her head :"Sure, at first, the cultivation speed of body martial souls is very slow. But from my knowledge, if they are nurtured enough, a body martial soul can become one of the strongest martial souls there are.

Also, not all body martial souls are the same, neither do they have the same strength. Just like beast martial souls and tool martial souls, there are strong body martial souls and trash martial souls.

The value of a body martial soul is based on how important the awakened body part is to the body. For example, will the soul master die if that part is lost? Is it useful, but won't risk the loss of life? These are what determine the value of a body martial soul.

For example, for trash or body martial souls that aren't really that strong compared to other body martial souls, there is hair, nails, teeth and a few other parts.

None of these parts will really threaten the soul master with death if lost. Hair and nails will just grow back, and losing teeth won't really do anything. That's why these types of body martial souls aren't really that valuable and strong among the body martial souls.

But don't misunderstand, I said among the body martial souls. Even the most useless body martial souls can be extremely strong when compared to most beast martial souls and tool martial souls."


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