5 CH 5: Martial soul awakening

- (1 year later)

"That one's done. Aaand that's the last one!" Hu Liena, with Ah Li sitting on her lap, said as she put away the nail clipper. Gently grabbing his hands, she raised them with a smile :"There, your fingers are now all pretty and cute. You like them?"

Looking down with a smile, she saw him smiling back with his head between her tits, living the dream :"Mhm. Thank you, sister Nana!" Causing her to nod with a smile :"You're welcome, Xiao Li!"

Looking at his cute and delicate fingers, he wiggled his fingers to check his shortened cute nails :'So this is why all those authors were so obsessed with jade-like skin, huh? Really makes anything on the body pretty. Even nails. Well, the surroundings can really add to the beauty.'

"So are you excited for today?" Hu Liena said, gently hugging his waist and putting her chin on his head :"This is the day that you can finally awaken your martial soul and be a soul master like me, sister Xue and master!"

Days had turned into weeks, and weeks had turned into months since he had been found. After months of living at his current home, he had been nearly cured from his intense frostbite, and was finally able to do normal activities and anything else with no difficulty. But the most important thing was that today was finally the day he'd awaken his martial soul!

Just as she placed her chin on his head, the sweet fragrance of Ah Li and his hair invaded her nose. Her breathing turned shaky as she bit her lip, lowering her head to place her nose directly on his hair :'Damn it, this is so wrong...' Taking in more and more of his unique smell, she squeezed her legs together to relieve some of the ache that was beginning to form between her legs and crotch.

"Yeah, I am!" He said excitedly, pulling her out of her own little space and causing her to jolt :"I wonder what my martial soul will be though. Do you think it will be something strong?"

"Ahem ahem, yeah, definitely! Xiao Li is so smart and adorable, of course the martial soul will be amazing as well" she exclaimed with a crimson tint on her gorgeous face and beautiful skin :'Damn it, what's wrong with me...?'

"Hahaha, I don't think looks really matter when it comes to martial souls, sister Nana." He chuckled, but Bibi Dong who just entered the living room disagreed :"Not completely right, but definitely related."

"Oh, hey, master!" The two called out, Ah Li excitedly, and Hu Liena with a little bit of embarrassment :"Good morning."

Yup, that's right. Ah Li was accepted as Bibi Dong's disciple even before awakening his martial soul! She had said that since he has already lived so long with them, he had already been a part of their little family. And that Qian Renxue and Hu Liena would be sad if he went away. He didn't know why, but he felt like that wasn't the real reason. He always had this feeling that there was something else. Something more. But he just couldn't put his finger on it. So why bother with it if he's not going to figure it out?

"Hey, you two. What are you doing?" She asked with a smile, and Ah Li raised his hand to show off his pink and clean nails :"Sister Nana just clipper my nails! She wouldn't let me clip them myself."

"Hmph, why would I? What if you hurt your pretty fingers?" She glared down, gently knocking on his head. As Ah Li rubbed his head in pain, Bibi Dong chuckled :"Well, happy to see that. Now, back to the subject.

Physical appearance and the martial soul are actually related. Depending on your martial soul, your body will grow up to suit that martial soul. For example, the body of a power attack branch soul master will be more muscular to suit the strength that she or he needs to use, while the body of an agility attack branch soul master will probably be more lean so it would be suited for quick movement.

It also does have a relation with the face. The stronger the martial soul, the more the chances of the soul master being very handsome or beautiful. Just look at your sister Xue or sister Nana. Xiao Xue's martial soul, Seraphim is one of the strongest, if not, the strongest martial souls there are. Nana's martial soul, even though not as powerful as Xiao Xue's, is also very strong in the charm and control branch. Her martial soul focusing on charming is also one of the reasons she is beautiful."

"Oooh, I see." Ah Li nodded with a look of realization, before looking up at Hu Liena with a smile :"So that's why my sisters are so beautiful. It's because they are so strong and their martial souls are so powerful."

"Oh you~." She smiled in satisfaction and a little shyness, gently pinching his face :"You're just a kid yet you really know how to talk." Seeing the heartwarming interaction between her disciples, Bibi Dong smiled in satisfaction before she continued :"Actually, the body grows from birth to suit the martial soul.

It's just that there really isn't a unique or noticable change for a kid less than ten years old. That's why it can't be predicted as to what the martial soul will be. But since you're seriously just too adorable, just as Nana said, there's actually a pretty big chance that your martial soul will either be a very strong one, or one that uses physical appearance as a weapon. Like Nana's martial soul."

"Mhm, I understand! Thanks for explaining, master." He nodded with a smile, and she smiled while looking into his big, bright red eyes :"You're welcome. So, are you ready to finally have your martial soul awakened?"

"Do you even need to ask?!" He nearly shouted in excitement, jumping off of his senior sister's lap and smiling brightly :"I can't wait anymore! Let's do this already!"

"Hahaha, happy to see you're excited." His master chuckled in amusement :"But let's wait a bit. Your sister Xue is still taking a bath. Let her finish, then she'll be there too when your martial soul is awakened."

"Guess he doesn't need to wait that long then." The amused voice of Qian Renxue was heard as she walked in. When they turned to her, they saw her wearing nothing but a bath towel while drying off her wet beautiful hair.

"Don't walk around like that. You might get sick." Bibi Dong scolded while Ah Li focused on not drooling at the delicious sight of her huge breasts nearly dropping out of the little tower, her enormous ass showing a little and her wet thick thighs :'Fuck... Come on, body, grow up fast so I can fuck that already!' <I don't think you're body's gonna grow because you said it should, pal>

"Heh, who's gonna act like an exhibitionist then?" Hu Liena jabbed with a playful smirk before Qian Renxue rolled her eyes :"Yeah yeah, whatever. I apologize for wanting to be comfortable in my own home."

"Hm... Apology accepted." The younger girl shrugged, causing Qian Renxue's face to twitch in annoyance before she rolled her eyes again :"This little... Don't worry, mom. I'm a level 48 soul sect. Something like this wouldn't make me ill, so don't worry."

"Sigh, fine, whatever you say. Alright, Xiao Li, let's get ready then." With an excited smile, Ah Li saluted :"Am always ready, ma'am!" Causing the women to chuckle at his cuteness before Bibi Dong pointed at an open space :"Okay then. Stand here and I'll start."

Quickly walking to the place she pointed, Ah Li stood in place with a face full of excitement. With an amused shake of her head, the milf of a master took out a few special stones from her storage device :"Alright, we'll begin now."

Her soul power gently flowed around the stones and even into them a bit, causing them to glow a yellow light and start to float. The stones flew towards Ah Li, and started to fly around him, making a yellow circle :"Don't be afraid, alright? Just close your eyes and feel it."

Using even more soul power on the stones, they glowed even brighter before forming a transparent cocoon around him and making him gently float.

With his eyes closed, he began to try and sense something, anything in his body. And it didn't take long to sense an energy that began to move. However, surprisingly, the energy didn't travel to his hand. No, of all the places it could go to, it began to travel towards a very vital part of him!

The energy gathered from all around his body to a single location, his heart! Seeing his chest glowing, and nothing appearing on his hand, the young beauties became confused.

"Master, where is his martial soul? Why is Xiao Li's chest glowing?" Hu Liena asked, pointing at the floating boy before Bibi Dong answered with a toothy grin :"That's because his martial soul is a body martial soul! His martial soul is actually his own heart!"

"What?!" Both girls shouted in unison with baffled expressions before Qian Renxue spoke :"His heart?! That doesn't make any sense! And what the hell is a body martial soul?!"

"It's basically when the martial soul is a certain body part of the soul master himself! I'll explain lat- shit!" She suddenly stopped talking when she felt a sudden spike of soul power from Ah Li. A very dangerous one!

Raising her hand, she created a shield of soul power around him just before a terrifying temperature exploded out of him! The sudden rise of the temperature was shocking. It was hot enough that the girls standing outside of the protective ball of soul power could sense the temperature! But thanks to Bibi Dong taking action quickly, they didn't get harmed, neither were they in any discomfort.

"Mom, what the hell was that???" Qian Renxue asked in shock, and her mother answered with a smirk :"It was the attribute of his martial soul. Ultimate Fire! Not only is his martial soul the incredibly rare body martial soul, but it actually has Ultimate Fire!"

"Ultimate Fire?! You've got to be kidding me..." Hu Liena rubbed her head, speechless at the sudden turn of events. But it seemed like Ah Li wasn't finished with the surprises. Another aura, one completely different from his heart, radiated from him!

The end of each hair strand on his hair suddenly turned blood red, matching the color of his eyes as his body began to change slightly! His ears began to grow, and became red and pointy with a bat wing shape to them. From the elbows lower and knees lower, his skin turned blood red when scales formed while his nails turned into claws. On the lower part of his back, wings actually came out of his body! Blood red in color, bat shaped in appearance, and deadly looking thorns on each wing!

The aura and energy that both martial souls gave out was completely opposite of one another. One was pure holy, the other was purely evil! It was a miracle of how the two could coexist in a single body!

"W-what?! Another martial soul?!" Qian Renxue shouted in shock, Hu Liena following suit :"Twin martial souls?! It's actually twin martial souls?!" But the excited voice of their mother and master shocked them even more :"Not just twin martial souls, but twin body martial souls! Both of them have ultimate attributes at that! I can't pinpoint the ultimate attribute of the second martial soul, but I definitely know that it has one!"

But would Ah Li, a reincarnated, one by an Omniversal Being at that, be satisfied with just this much shock? As he gritted his teeth in discomfort, he raised his hands as two more martial souls appeared! One in each hand!

The one on the left hand was something that any person from Ah Li's past world with even a little bit of intelligence would know. A watch! But not any watch though. A black and green watch with an alien design to it! The Omnitrix itself! It didn't appear floating on his hand like the other martial soul though. It appeared right around his wrist!

The other martial soul was an axe. One that wasn't in its real form, so it was only the size of a dagger. But even if it was so small, its size wasn't able to take away even a little bit of the aura that it gave out! It wasn't the same holy aura as his heart martial soul, nor the evil aura of his body martial soul though. It was on the same level, but it wasn't the same. It was pure crisis, ruin and destruction! Looking at the axe, it felt like looking at the end of existence itself!

"... You've got to be kidding... F-four..." The young girls let out, this time, even Bibi Dong was shocked speechless :"Quadruplet martial souls?!"

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