Beyond Reality: Throne of Nothingness

The story of a guy that got separated from reality and is now ‘existing’ in the Nothingness outside any Universe and Multiverse. He occasionally ends up in different Universes and uses these chances to have fun and grow in power. I don´t own anything except my own characters and worlds Tags: Rape, Torture, BDSM, Absolute Evil MC, Pregnancy This is my first book and English isn´t my native language.

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Saint Seiya 1

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The fusion had begun and it was going smoothly so far.

I felt the players use a ridiculous and unnecessarily large amount of mana to open a portal to another universe. Although they used space magic to do it, with this amount of mana even a monkey could open a portal using earth magic if he knows how.

Well, that has nothing to do with me, I was going to go visit some other realities while they were still struggling with traveling between universes.

First stop: Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya was an old anime that had a power limit that could contend with Tensura but at the same time had other unique powers that Tensura didn't have.

The people of this reality all had a small trace of energy from the Big Bang left in them, commonly called Cosmos, and could use this to perform incredible feats.

With each sense they mastered their Cosmos would grow, giving them access to even stronger powers. These senses were one reason why I was here.

There was a maximum of nine senses here, with the ninth being godhood, but I had more than just nine senses and would thus be able to bring even more power out of it.

During my time in Tensura, I discovered that every time I entered a new reality and used a power that required a certain law of this universe, my soul would absorb a small part of this law or make a copy of it to allow me to keep using my powers in places where these laws weren't present and this reality's law of improving power with each mastered sense was perfect for me, who had hundreds.

Even though I had so many senses and had them at godly levels, I never bothered mastering them.

If I wanted to do all the things I wanted here, I needed to do it in person and since I still had the reality-breaking problem, I had to create an avatar again.

I just grabbed a random person from Earth and did some modifications. This person happened to be female but that didn't bother me, it only needed to do my task and not start a love life.

Since every human contained a bit of Cosmos, I only needed to make a few minor adjustments like longevity and superhuman senses.

Although the Cosmos gave them incredible powers, it didn't give them a longer life or a stronger body. They were basically glass cannons that could destroy the universe and move faster than light with ease but would one-shot each other without their armor and would still die in a hundred years.

Their only form of immortality was the eighth sense which allowed their soul to return to the living world and possess a body or create their own one and the ninth sense which gave gods basically every form of immortality there was.

I was going to start mastering my senses from the bottom, meaning I was only giving my avatar the normal human senses.

The second thing I was interested in was their armor. Just being at the sixth sense allowed them to destroy matter at the atomic level and that power would increase each time they got a new sense.

In the seventh sense, they could destroy on a quantum level, which meant that even these insane metals from realities like Marvel or DC couldn't withstand their punches, yet their silver armors could. I wanted to get the method for making such armors and there was only one person alive that knew how to make these armors.

The last thing wanted to learn here was their control. They fought at a level that could easily destroy the universe but they had such precise control over their power that it only focused on one point, not only causing no damage to the surroundings but further increasing their attack power.

The mastering of my senses might bring me closer to Omnipresence, no I wasn't going to miss such an opportunity.

This reality's story might be mid at best but it had undeniable powers, then again, most old animes had power levels stronger than the newer ones.

Seiya's, the anime's name giver, motivation for becoming a saint was to find his sister but he ended up being dragged into one battle against gods to another by Athena, and even when he could battle gods or hear things that happened in other dimensions, he never found his sister that was still on Earth.

Anyway, the modifications were done, a part of my mind was in the body, and it was time to start.

Even if she mastered all her senses and transferred her mastery to me once I absorbed her back, I still wouldn't have mastered these senses because mine were just way stronger than a human's and I would have to continue mastering them on my own but I would at least have an easier start.