Book 5: Chaos

It was one of the darkest nights in the history of Belmore. It was a starless night, with only the full moon as a witness to the last stand between the warring sides of good and evil.

It was complete chaos as the two sides strike upon the other, as if heaven and hell are both at war, and angels and demons are fighting themselves.

I was there when it happened, blood needlessly spilled, casualties on both sides that are far too depressing to count. We were outnumbered but my team makes up for their talents.

We lost King Adamus and Queen Ochi that night, and until now it still causes me deep sorrow that I lost some of my truest friends. They did their best and were able to take down a horde of soldiers before they were struck down by the masterful leadership of General Moyong.

Lives should not be trampled with, and yet at this point, both sides know there is no respect left for the sanctity of living things.