Bewitched His Soul

COMPLETED The four aristocratic heirs Tristan Ambrosio , Blake Anderson , Dimitri Santoris and Aiden Cooper had everything at their fingertips except love. As fate would have it they all met their other half at destined time and with lot of up and downs they are all happily married. Now it’s time for their kids so join their journey of love, loss and much more. Aristocratic series: Book 1 - Bound To Him [completed] Book 2 - Bride Of Hades [completed] Book 3 - Bewitched His Soul [completed] Each book can be read as stand alone. Note- Follow me on Instagram @ starysky96

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237 Chs

Chapter 214

Louis clenched his fits and took a step forward but Bella stood in front of Asher and said ,"Brother ,you cannot hurt Asher ."

"Bella ,do you really love him or is this some infatuation ,"Louis asked.

"I am very sure that what I feel for him is love and as I got to know him I gradually fell for him ,"Bella replied.

Louis frowned and stated ,"You both come to my study room ."

Bella looked at Asher with fear and he squeezed her hand to assure that he will handle everything .Louis was seated in his chair while Asher and Bella were standing in front of him.

Asher looked calm and composed as if he was already prepared for this day but Bella was nervously fidgeting with her fingers.

"Asher ,you seem to say you love my sister but what if you are interested in her just because of her princess status which will bring you lot of benefits ,"Louis asked.