Bewitched His Soul

COMPLETED The four aristocratic heirs Tristan Ambrosio , Blake Anderson , Dimitri Santoris and Aiden Cooper had everything at their fingertips except love. As fate would have it they all met their other half at destined time and with lot of up and downs they are all happily married. Now it’s time for their kids so join their journey of love, loss and much more. Aristocratic series: Book 1 - Bound To Him [completed] Book 2 - Bride Of Hades [completed] Book 3 - Bewitched His Soul [completed] Each book can be read as stand alone. Note- Follow me on Instagram @ starysky96

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237 Chs

Chapter 130

"I remember they never specified about any seven star hotel they just said the accommodation will be good .Previously we all stayed in such expensive places that I totally forgot how can seven star hotel be built in such a small village ,"The assistant ant said sadly.

The cottage had at most ten rooms and each room size was smaller than Evelyn's bathroom at home. There was a cot in the middle and either side there was a single wardrobe and a study table.But at least the mattress and the bedspread was newly changed and looks that the place has been recently disinfected.

"Evelyn , I don't think it's too late to go back . How about I call the company and say we cannot do it ,"the assistant suggested.

"No , I have already signed the contact .Not only that but if everyone knows that I left my job in the middle then they will point their finger towards my character. Media is waiting to find a fault in me and I cannot so easily give them the chance ,"Evelyn replied.