Betrayed princess - Charming Prince

Author: vinthakadha
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What is Betrayed princess - Charming Prince

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An alien princess is found guilty of treason and is banished to earth. She finds that she has travelled back in time and hopes to find allies in order to regain her throne. Will she be successful?

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Being on a reading hunt is always the best thing to di because I am able to find such amazing creations like this one. The settings and style is really chilling and thrilling. Thanks to the author for amazing work!


stumbled across this book and it was very insteresting! I really got kntk the story. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]




As an Indian, this story makes me dream of the future so much though it's just an imagination😄 It's beautifully crafted and a fresh concept🤗 The world-building is really great too! Keep going, dear author😉


This story is definitely different from what I usually read, but it is pretty interesting! I would highly recommend any reader to try out this story! You won't be disappointed.


Tense gets muddled and lots of unnecessary words are present . Could use some paragraphs and spacing to break it up so we can read it easier. Overall, great book, great ideas. Fun mix of genres. 7/10


I think this is an extremely promising story. The intricate details provided by the author show the great deal of effort put in. It's so easy to visualize everything because of the way described. The characters are intriguing and the flow of the story really good. Good luck with this story. I am sure this will do very well.


The story is rich in detail. Plus it's sci-fi. That's an add on . The details are pretty cool. the writing style is also remarkable. Though Synopsis could have been better.


The author has presented a very refreshing concept. I could imagine everything because of the amazing description. It's an excellent story.


The story, culture, character design and quality is stellar. Only small thing is don't get to wordy otherwise it is excellent and easy recommendation.


The author has put a lot of thought to the world they have created. The characters, unfortunately, do not share that level of description. THe story is engaging and despite some grammer issues, you are sucked in and want to keep reading.


Reveal spoiler


I normally dislike too much history in books, but this book is an exception. The world building was bursting with colour, and I love how the author described the culture, the people, languages, etc. The first chapter is a bit long, but so vivid I could imagine everything clearly. I would've preferred to read more scenes from the princess's pov as she was standing trial, but I think the author uses third person omniscient more than limited. The English is fluent and includes a wide vocab, so I really enjoyed reading everything. If you're looking for a book with rich culture and intricate world(s), give this a try!


The story is intriguing and I must say I become curious after reading the synopsis. The description of event is wonderful it kind of give you a mental picture of the event.


Wow. I have to say this was a wonderful read. The world was captivating and the description was amazing. I like to read books about other worlds and a bit of science fiction, and yours was great author.


This is story is perfect to sit down to have a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the day, it catches you from the first lines, great work by the author.


I love how this is highly inspiring...it captures the attention if a reader who probably loves drama, adventure and suspense... Some characters are relatable to their personality... Very splendid


I love this story. How the author describe the culture and the way of living of the Princess. Very wonderful, I lost track of time because of this. Beautiful story.


I'm all in for a royal story anytime. And I loved this one. The way you describe the culture and style. Its amazing. Keep up the good work author. Keep updating regularly.


The story was interesting right from the start. The correct use of words in describing the events in the story. A good recommendable story. Kudos to the Author! Good job!


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