4 Chapter 4 100 times cash back

"The bridegroom is back!"

At the door of the Marriott Hotel, there was a loud cry.

At the next moment, the voice of the master of ceremonies came from inside.

"Dear friends and relatives, let's welcome the bride and groom with warm applause!"

"Pa Pa Pa!"

Thunderous applause broke out immediately.

However, when the door opened and Su Ming and his party came in, the applause stopped for a moment.

Everyone looked at them suspiciously.

"Where is the bride?"


The master of ceremonies stood on the stage and was stunned for a time. This was the first time he had seen this. For a time, he had not organized his language well and did not know how to speak.

But at this time, Su Ming went directly to the stage and took his microphone.

"Uncles, aunts, aunts, sorry, today's wedding has some changes, this marriage, can't get married!"


"Xiao Ming, are you kidding?"

"Xiaoming, what do you say? We'll try to find a way with you. Marriage is a big deal. Why don't we say no?"

Off the court, the relatives and friends of Su Ming's family immediately asked with concern.

"Son, what's going on?"

At this time, Su Ming's mother zhangsumei and father Su Changhe also hurried to stand up from their parents and asked with worry on their faces.

"Dad, mom, things are a little complicated. We'll talk later!"

"But here, the relatives are all here!"

"Ding! Select trigger!"

"Option 1: pay for relatives, take photos of wine and vegetables, and reward one hundred times of consumption."

"Option 2: stop everything and let relatives and friends leave! Reward title, villain!"

"System, I choose one!"

Su Ming directly skipped the second option. Even without this option, he would not consider the practice of option 2. Of course, it is better to have a choice.

"If the selection is successful, the reward will be settled at checkout!"

As the system prompt tone fell, Su Ming gave Zhang Sumei a reassuring look, then picked up the microphone and said, "uncles, aunts, aunts, I'm sorry, everyone. Today's wedding has some changes, and this marriage can't be married."

"But I, Su Ming, won't let you go for nothing. Today, everyone eats and drinks as usual. It's as if I, Su Ming, invited you to dinner!"

"Well, Xiaoming, it's not good. How can everyone eat free food?"

"Yes, Xiaoming, although we don't know why you suddenly don't get married, we don't need you to say that we also know that we should be made difficult by the woman? It's not easy for your family. I think this meal will be avoided!"

"Yes, yes, let's go. Let's pack up and go back!"

It is said that the relatives of the Su Ming family are still thinking of them.

"Everyone, if you have this heart, just eat and drink as usual today. As for the cost, you don't have to worry about me."

"Right, right, right! Let's eat and drink at ease. Brother Ming doesn't need money!"

At this time, Gao Xiang also helped persuade.

"Come on, Xiangzi, everyone is a farmer, so don't follow the coax!"

"Smelly boy, you want to kill Xiaoming, don't you believe that I beat you to death?"

Gao Xiang's father came up at this time, staring at the boss.

"Dad! Can you give me some face, brother Ming? He is really rich!"

Gao Xiang's 1.8-meter figure shrank at the moment. His father's eyes seemed to remind him of his fear of being dominated by belts.

"Well, uncles, aunts and aunts, I won't stop you if you want to leave. However, today's wine and dishes have been booked. If you leave, people's hotel will also serve as usual. It's a pity to waste it at that time!"

At this time, Su Ming continued to speak into the microphone.

Hearing the word "waste", the faces of all relatives and friends immediately changed.

"Ah! Yes, it's booked. People don't care whether you go or not?"

"Forget it, all stay, or we'll give up the money later, and we can't let Xiaoming's family lose money."

"Yes, yes, that's a good idea!"

All the relatives and friends finally sat down, but hearing their words, Su Ming smiled helplessly.

Of course, he was determined not to accept money from relatives and friends.

"Son, it's time to talk now. What's going on?"

Seeing that the scene was calm, Su Changhe and Zhang Sumei couldn't help asking again.

"Dad, mom, let the second uncle speak!"

Su Ming directly threw the stall to Su Changgui.

"Brother and sister-in-law, let me talk!" Su Changgui didn't show any concern. He immediately told everything that had happened before.

"What? Son of a bitch! How can there be such a brazen person in the world!"

Gao Xiang's father is a violent temper. Hearing the story, the whole person is not well.

"Haha... Lie down and beg Xiaoming to stay, but he was kicked away by Xiaoming. It's really special!"

"However, Xiao Ming, how can you have so much money? Three million cash and three million sports cars!"

Gao Xiang's father looked at Su Ming with shocked eyes.

"Xiao Ming, don't do anything stupid!"

Su Changhe, Zhang Sumei and his wife are full of sadness.

"Parents, don't worry, my money comes from a good source, so you don't have to worry about me!"

Su Ming has asked the system. The source of each sum of money is clear and there will be no trouble.

Of course, he didn't figure out how to tell his parents. After all, once he told a lie, he had to prepare another lie.

"Well... Forget it, your child has always had his own opinion. I don't care how you get money, as long as it's conscience money, that's it!"

Su Changhe said.

Su Ming secretly breathed a sigh of relief. His parents passed the test.

Next, a group of relatives and friends began to eat and drink, and did not leave until the evening.

But when they were ready to follow the members, they couldn't find anyone to collect the members, and finally they were even jointly kicked out by Su Changgui and Gao Xiang's father.

"Xiangzi, let's go and check out!"

After all his relatives and friends left, Su Ming took Gao Xiang to the car to take a few bundles of money and check out in the hotel.

"Hello, Mr. Su, the total cost of your banquet is 38060 yuan. Erase the change for you, and you can give 38000!"


Su Ming directly withdrew twothousand from a stack of money and put the rest directly on the counter.


"It is detected that option 1 has been completed. This consumption of 38000 yuan has received 100 times cash back, and 3800000 yuan has been deposited into the bank card under the host name!"

"Ding Dong!"

The prompt tone of the system just fell, and Su Ming's mobile phone also received a text message.

Three million yuan was recorded. At this time, Su Ming's mood had been well controlled and he didn't show much performance.

When it was over, Su Ming called a car and sent his parents, Gao Xiang's father, second uncle and others home.

Su Ming's parents and others did not live in the urban area. They all lived in the countryside not far from the urban area and worked as household farmers.

Before leaving, Su Ming directly transferred 500000 yuan to his parents. He originally wanted to transfer a little more, but the second old Leng didn't agree, so he had to give up.

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