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Here's my opinion of this novel. it started out fine, the character building wasn't very bad, and the world building was good too and I enjoyed the beginning. But then the MC became "Bipolar" what he does and what he says, keep jumping all over the place. Sometimes doesn't even make sense and the comedy skits, becomes cringeworthy. I mean, If you're 10 years old you might like it.. which isn't realistic as this is an 18+ novel, but me as an adult, I can't. So the big question is, who is the target audience for this novel?. Idk.. This is just my opinion/review Writing Quality - 3/5 SOF - 5/5 Story Dev - 2/5 Character Design - 3/5 World background - 4/5 Overall 3.4/5

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I'm now a shameless review writer. This is the second novel that I have written. Actually, this is a remake of my previous novel, so you can consider this my first novel. Because the previous novel that I made used my first language and the story I felt was not satisfactory.I finally decided to remake. I can't say that my novel is good but I'll let you guys judge for yourself If you see a mistake I'm sorry, English is not my first language. I would really appreciate it if you guys support me, thank you.


The protagonist is a boy for the ones who were confused on the synopsis. The story is also good so far, hoping to see more updates. [img=update][img=update]


It is pretty good. but the english is really bad. Better than MTL. There are a few things being inaccurate, anatomy doesnt seem to agree with author.


Its not even funny anymore how much pedo this novel is, only going for children 10-16 yrs old exclusively


What can I say? Chinanumbawan is written all over this. It's a tad higher than those MTL Novels but still... it's something like a High Mid-tier Tr@sh.


every encounter seems forced , i read upto 50+ chapters and its seems like i am reading something with no proper background or any interesting story development . After reading the synopsis i though if a story is inspired by Little Tyrant how bad the story progression can go? But the Author showed that , he can make is so bad that even an interesting plot can be made into lackluster and girls collection story. I guess Author did not remember the Little Tyrant story part but just the wet dreams he had after reading Little Tyrant . I had high hopes while reading 20+ chapter which was going quite well , but it took a nose dive.


Love the story so far, thanks.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


The book started out decently and just got worse and worse as it went along. The relationships and the comedy just feel forced. The mc waisted all his time during a six year time skip resulting in no progression. The mc also doesn’t use his points properly making it quite frustrating


the novel characteristic are heavily on a game mechanic rather than a reality mechanic so u can expect 'all u can do mc' without proper progress battle experience and reason


This novel has potential.It develops characters and has no sudden forced plot.Tha author has improved a lot from the beginning as I know because I was reading this book from the beginning .Keep Going






well somebody tell me it's just me or story is really going fast and also mc is the op type. don't know what to say or to not well whatever hope story gonna be interesting in upcoming chapters


Reveal spoiler


everything was fine before the author changed the system to a familiar and unreasonable system points income after that a lot of silly things happened Byee Drop


very interesting i really liked it, i liked the plot and the story, i also really liked the character of the protagonist he is the guy could only be less cowardly but it's getting better, more heroines so far they are good, they have a clarismatic personality, just a little loose screws, I recommend it a lot, you won't regret it


Imma give u 4.0 star only because of the the Yandere, I don't really like wish fulfilment fanfic and that nonsensical "berserker stick system" is just stupid!


Anyone know what the discord link is? This is just to reach the word count. dhtejdudbdjchdudjfhuxejjfidhricododofo39e9 re ciifkd0


Read till cp 50,man I can understand you don't want the mc to be op but still you have to give him some abilities. Until now all he have is a chain which he can't use to it's full power, a skill that have a lewd side effect. He have mana but how much idk there no physical stat nor magical stat even though it's a system novle, give him some magic skill or branch skills to his innate skill his not evolving at all nor is his becoming versatile. And give him a specific class or path to walk to become stronger not just finding a ruins in hopes for treasure that he doesn't even know will be useful to him. And mc is a bit coward, he needs to kill strong monstars to become strong but he runs away when encounter a bit strong monstar . All in all it can be fixed inthe future and I hope further chapters are improved