1 Chapter 1-Raincarnation? Is That a Good Thing?


The sound of an ambulance echoed through the streets.

I was lying on road with blood splattered, plus rainwater made my blood seem to flow more.

After school, I plan to buy the newest game that is popular, heavy rain doesn't stop me from buying it, because this game has limited stock and if it runs out of stock I have to buy it in another place which is quite far away.

But who would have thought I would be hit by a speeding truck. Seeing the guy in the truck drunk really pissed me off.

Initially, the truck had stopped, but due to heavy rain, the truck could not stop on time.

"Ugh… luckily my wound wasn't too bad"

Just as the truck was about to hit me I still had time to dodge, luckily my efforts were not in vain, although I was still slightly affected by impact at least I was still safe.

"Quickly, take the victim to a hospital!" Someone gets out of the ambulance and screams.

'Thank God I'm still safe'

Just when I thought that I had survived, suddenly the sky began to rumble, like the roar of a terrible creature had arrived, that's when lightning came and struck me. I can even feel how it feels like my heart stops.


In a room that is quite large, there are three beds side by side, on each bed beside it there is a table and a night lamp on it, on the wall of the room there is a wardrobe large enough to accommodate a lot of clothes and things.

On the bed in the middle there is a boy who looks 10 years old and has white hair, his appearance can be said to be handsome when he grows up, but it looks like his forehead is currently injured because there is a bandage on his head.

Right now the boy had a frown on his face like he was having a terrible nightmare.


The boy screamed in pain and got up from his bed. He looked terrified as if he had experienced the most terrible thing in his life.

Groping his body and finally his chest trying to see if his heart was still beating, after feeling everything was fine finally the boy breathed a sigh of relief.

'Looks like I'm still alive,'

'What the hell was that? How can suddenly a lightning strike me it's really scary, even I can feel my heart stop beating,'

After calming down I looked around, I was surprised because this place wasn't like a hospital, it was more like a room in an orphanage.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened, a middle-aged woman with black hair, brown eyes, and a pretty face walked towards me with a worried face.

"Lute are you okay? I heard from Silvie that you got hurt while playing,"

The woman asked me and checked the condition of my body, from the tone of her voice it could be seen that she was worried.

'Lute? Who's that? and also who is Silvie?'

"A-ah I'm fine, who are you, mam?'

The woman widened her eyes, in surprise at what I said, the woman looked at me with an increasingly worried face.

"W-what happened, did you lose your memory?"

Suddenly the woman reached her hand over my head.


Her hands started to glow, I felt pain in my head lessen. Confusion appeared on my face.

'W-what is that? is that some kind of magic? How is there magic in this world? Wait I feel my body is smaller than usual,'

Looking at my body I was surprised because my body is small like a 10-year-old child.

'How is my body like a child? What happened?'

"Huft seems fine, rest here and don't go anywhere, I'll make you some soup for you to eat,"

After saying that, the woman went out of the room and closed the door slowly.

I watched the woman slowly leave, began to analyze the current situation. It seems that I died and was reincarnated into this child's body.

'Why is it like this?, I thought, I would survive an accident, but who would have thought that there would be lightning that struck me to death,'

Now it seems that I'm in a world where magic is commonplace, for some reason this now makes me excited.

As a fantasy game addict, of course, this is something I've always dreamed of. Like going on adventures and becoming strong, creating my own party, and maybe even making my own harem.

Just thinking about it already makes me want to go on an adventure now.

Suddenly memories flooded my head, I felt a little pain in my head.

After remembering everything I broke out in a cold sweat because I was now in the body, one of the characters who were about to be killed by the protagonist, in one of the eroge stories I've ever played.

This game is called [Fantasy Ero Time], this game is an eroge that has a battle feature like most other fantasy games. Besides that, this game has a gacha system to get heroine, this game also has a lot of heroine in it.

There is a main heroine in the main story, there is also a sub heroine that can be obtained from gacha. These sub heroines have their own stories that are separate from the main story.

Unfortunately, this game is less popular even though it has interesting illustrations and features. This is because this game is very difficult to play.

To increase heroine's love meter requires a very hard effort, the battle is also very difficult to complete, and the gacha rate to get an SSR character is 0.5%, without a guaranteed feature to get SSR, so it can be said, that every 200 times gacha will only get 1 character SSR.

I am now Lute Carter, actually, Lute is not a villain in-game, instead, he is the best friend of the protagonist in the story.

But because this game is an eroge game, of course, no player wants other people to interfere in the protagonist's harem, I also don't want anyone to interfere with the protagonist's harem.

Eventually, he will be killed by the protagonist, to make the protagonist stronger.

The reason why Lute is killed by the protagonist, because Lute has [Berserk] skill, that will make him strong, but has a weakness, namely that he becomes a killing machine that will kill anyone in front of him.

Lute used this skill for the first time when the protagonist's party cleared a beginner dungeon, but who would have thought, that the dungeon had a trap set by a demon.

Demon emerged from the portal after they defeated the boss in a dungeon, due to exhaustion after defeating the boss, they didn't have enough strength to fight the demon, even if they were in good condition, they would still lose because the demon was very strong.

Lute who doesn't want his friend to die is forced to use [Berserk] skill to defeat the demon.

As a result, the demon died but now Lute is getting out of control, due to the side effect of [Berserk] skill. Lute tries his best to control it and tells the protagonist to kill him.

The protagonist heard this tried to find a way other than killing Lute. But Lute knew that there was no other way to calm [Berserk] skill.

Actually, if a teacher from the academy was there, he might be able to calm down [Berserk] skill, since the teacher was stronger than Lute, unfortunately, they were in a dungeon and could no longer wait for reinforcements and teachers to arrive.

Lute who can't hold it anymore finally forces the protagonist to kill him, or else they will be killed by him.

The protagonist hears this, is forced to finally kill Lute. From here, the protagonist is devastated by the death of his best friend, he thinks that if he was stronger and could defeat the demon, Lute would not use [Berserk] skill.

I am as a player, of course, happy for Lute's death, because with this no intruder will disturb the protagonist's harem.

But now I'm not happy at all, because I'm going to be killed by the protagonist.

Lying on the bed, looking up at the ceiling, with eyes like a dead fish. Suddenly there was a strange sound in my head.


[Analyzing the body....]

[Customizing the System to User...]

[System match analyzed..]





Name: [Lute Carter]

Race: [Human???]

Gender: [Male]

Age : [10 Years]

Innate Skills: [Berserk]

Ero Skills: [None]

Battle Skills: [None]

Rank: [F]


[Love Point Exchange Shop

You can get Love Points from women's liking for you. These points can be exchanged for Skills and various items used to increase women's liking for you. Love Points can be obtained from types of feelings such as love, admiration, joy, happiness, likes, and such.]

[Battle Point Exchange Shop

You can get Battle Points from battles and defeat your opponents. Items sold in this shop range from Magic Spells, everyday items, weapons, work equipment, and the like.]


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