Ben 10: The Ultimate Predator

(A/N: Guys, I had THOUGHT of making this a two lovers story, and even had gave the readers the decision to choose, with the second lover being Drew Saturday. But I decided against it, since, 1: I hate harems or anything near it in modern world settings. 2: The unneeded and unnecessary drama needed to work it out with her would be annoying as hell. So for those that wouldn't like the idea of her cheating on her family, good for you, it's not happening. Just consider the few chapters that they were around as a one episode crossover.) (A/N: MC doesn't start off as Ben's childhood friend, he literally comes falling down on him with the Omnitrix and the Nemetrix lol.) I died, I met an Omnipotent being, and he granted me some wishes. Pretty cliche at this point, right? Can't get any originals in these times, am I right? But that's where the cliches stop. Why? Well, what do you think my wish was? To be overpowered? To have a massive, useless harem? No, god no. I hate harems, damn it! (Ahem ahem, but some worlds are exceptions.) So what was my wish? Pretty original, I wanted to be a Multiverse myself! Not as in own a Multiverse. But as in be a literal Multiverse myself! Pretty cool, right? But what kind of Multiverse did I become? Simple, I became a Parasitic Multiverse, where I would send pieces of myself to different Multiverses and copy their sources of powers and such to make myself even stronger than them! Comics like Marvel, DC, Invincible, movies like Transformers, Godzilla, Harry Potter, cartoons like Rick and Morty, TMNT, Kung Fu Panda, animes like Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, and games like God of War, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry! I want them all, I want every power available in each and every one of them! So I sent my soul pieces to every one of them! But not as overpowered beings. Nah, that would be boring. I don't want to just copy their powers, I want to experience and venture around too! So what about this soul piece? What's it going to do, and what Multiverse will it go to? Doesn't the damn title make it obvious?! This is the tale of my soul piece going to the Ben 10 Multiverse as the bearer of Nemetrix! But would a parasite like me be okay with just a few predators?! No, so good thing my somewhat (very) weird watch can scan the DNAs of other aliens and even automatically give me their predators! Oh, did I mention I can go Ultimate from day one? Get some popcorn, drinks and snacks, cause it's time to hunt!

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CH 32: Not Everybody's Ungrateful (E5)

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As soon as Ultimate Godspeed disappeared, the TV ended and he appeared in their hotel room again. Transforming back, he picked up the hot chocolate he had prepared :"That should teach those assholes a lesson. See if I won't reveal their search history and every single crime they've committed if they try something."

As he sat down on the big sofa, he glanced at the depressed looking Ben :"What's wrong, Benji?" The brunet sighed sadly :"I just don't get why they're acting like this. I mean, you said it yourself, we're just helping people! But they make us out to be the bad guys..."

Max patted his shoulder comfortingly :"Do you want to know why?" As Ben looked at him curiously, he answered :"It's because of jealousy. Alistair said it right there, didn't he? Believe me, Ben, jealousy can be a very ugly thing.

It can earn the hate of others for no reason, just as you saw. You two became famous, but earned the jealousy of others when you did. People like that guy get blinded by envy and completely ignore your good actions, because they're envious of how you were able to achieve them. They are envious of your abilities, your watches and your fame. But because they can't have them, they simply hate on you instead."

Ben looked even sadder :"Then... what am I supposed to do? It's not like I try to make them jealous. I just want to help people." Alistair sipped on his hot chocolate :"There are two ways to deal with these people."

Getting the others' attention as he continued :"One, completely ignore them. Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. People will always find a stupid reason to hate on you. And now that we're famous, people will be even more jealous. So the first way is to completely ignore them and live your life, ignore them like how you did to others before you got the watch.

And the second way is what I just did, clap back. Nobody said you have to tolerate their nonsense. In fact, they're stupid if they think we'll just take it and let them walk all over us. When they find an excuse to hate on us, we'll just completely prove them wrong. If it's just nonsense and irrational like how those two bastards acted, we'll just shut them up.

I don't know about you, but although I play the hero, it's not like I'm some saint. You already know my temper, I'm not someone to take disrespect. But we can't deal with the jealousy of everybody in the world, so let's just let them run around panicking like headless chickens."

"Al's right, Ben!" Gwen nodded :"Why do you even let their nonsense get to you? You should just ignore those jerks and focus on what you do best, being a hero and saving lives! In fact, I have something to show you two."

As they turned to her curiously, she turned her laptop towards them with a big smile :"Check these out!" They focused on the screen, and what they saw was the positive comments of people who they had saved before.

"I don't care what those jealous idiots say, those two are heroes! I was in that museum attack this afternoon with my son, and we were nearly killed by that crab alien when Ben Tennyson saved us!"

"Exactly! I was there too with my friends when the museum was coming down! We were about to be crushed by the rubble, but Alistair turned into his octopus alien and saved everybody!"

"You can say that again! These two saved so many people just today, yet they're being labeled as bad guys or something just because some people are jealous of them! I'm telling you, as someone who's still alive because of them, I'm absolutely furious for how my saviors are being treated!"

"Agreeing with you wholeheartedly! And that's just what happened today. Imagine how many people they've saved since they got those devices! I know for a fact that not many people would do what they're doing with them."

"Yeah, Ben Tennyson saved me and my son a few days ago from a burning building!"

"They saved me when some armed robbers had taken me and a few other people hostage!"

"See?! These kids are doing good with these devices instead of actually terrorizing people and committing crimes that they can definitely do, but they're just being hated for it! Aliyev has every reason to react like how he did on the show! I would be livid too if instead of thanking me, assholes like that who don't know a single thing just tried to frame me!"

Seeing the numerous positive comments as Gwen just scrolled lower and lower, they all couldn't resist smiling. Especially Ben, whose sadness had completely disappeared. Smiling, Alistair ruffled Ben's hair :"See? Although there are a lot of jealous people, there are a lot of good people who appreciate our deeds as well. So don't let some punks get to you. If you want to hear some farts, just go to the restroom."

"Hahahahaha!" The others laughed. But suddenly, Ben realized something. A look of horror taking over, he looked at Alistair :"Wait, if that's how jealous people act... was I being like that too whenever I got jealous of you?!"

The silence was loud, except the awkward coughs the other let out. Poor Ben looked traumatized :"Oh god, I'm never going to let myself get jealous ever again..."

And for the rest of the night, while Alistair worked on another device for Ben instead of himself, Ben kept on reading the comments that kept on increasing. And Gwen, being a good cousin who wouldn't tolerate other people making her cousin sad, lent her laptop kindly. She even sat down with him to read them to make sure he was feeling better. And obviously, Alistair wouldn't miss out on recording such a wholesome scene.

'I wonder if this would work?' He brought his attention back from the cousins to what he was working on. Which was the device he had taken from Animo. He no longer had a need for it with how surprisingly he had achieved his goal already, but he wasn't someone who'd forget his friends.

- (Night)

Later that day, when he had made sure everybody had fallen asleep in their rooms, Alistair got ready. With a red light, Remix appeared and duplicated himself into three. Nodding at each other, all of them turned back into humans.

"So shall we get started?" E (Evil: Ego) smirked. N (Neutral: Null) nodded :"We stick to the plan. I'll stay here with the others, you two will go and search for the rest of the Potis Altiare pieces spread around the Earth."

D (Good: Devotion) nodded with a smile :"So should we just let the Nemetrix absorb them when we find them, or would that cause issues?"

N shook his head :"That's unlikely. It's not like anything has happened to the Ultimate Function even though we're separate, so there won't be any issues there either. Each of us will get new abilities, but when we fuse again, the Nemetrix will get them all."

"Then we'll do just that-" E shrugged, before all of their watches interrupted at the same time :"[Warning, Nemetrix is in cool down. Further upgrades aren't possible currently. You'll be notified as soon as further upgrades are possible.]"

E sighed :"So much for that plan. Alright, shall we go now, D?" And D nodded with a bright smile :"Yeah, let's go and get even stronger!" Guess even if he was Alistair's good side, his drive for power was still the same.

Opening the large window of the room, which was on the higher floors of the tall building, the two of them transformed :"MantAstral!" Before taking off. After watching them leave, N closed the window and got back into the awesome bed :'Hope they'll be back soon.

(A/N: And episode 5 finally ends! By the way, in the future, when an episode isn't mentioned in the title of the chapter, it means that chapter isn't placed in any episode. It will happen in chapters where Alistair does his own thing and such.)