Ben 10: The Ultimate Predator

(A/N: Guys, I had THOUGHT of making this a two lovers story, and even had gave the readers the decision to choose, with the second lover being Drew Saturday. But I decided against it, since, 1: I hate harems or anything near it in modern world settings. 2: The unneeded and unnecessary drama needed to work it out with her would be annoying as hell. So for those that wouldn't like the idea of her cheating on her family, good for you, it's not happening. Just consider the few chapters that they were around as a one episode crossover.) (A/N: MC doesn't start off as Ben's childhood friend, he literally comes falling down on him with the Omnitrix and the Nemetrix lol.) I died, I met an Omnipotent being, and he granted me some wishes. Pretty cliche at this point, right? Can't get any originals in these times, am I right? But that's where the cliches stop. Why? Well, what do you think my wish was? To be overpowered? To have a massive, useless harem? No, god no. I hate harems, damn it! (Ahem ahem, but some worlds are exceptions.) So what was my wish? Pretty original, I wanted to be a Multiverse myself! Not as in own a Multiverse. But as in be a literal Multiverse myself! Pretty cool, right? But what kind of Multiverse did I become? Simple, I became a Parasitic Multiverse, where I would send pieces of myself to different Multiverses and copy their sources of powers and such to make myself even stronger than them! Comics like Marvel, DC, Invincible, movies like Transformers, Godzilla, Harry Potter, cartoons like Rick and Morty, TMNT, Kung Fu Panda, animes like Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, and games like God of War, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry! I want them all, I want every power available in each and every one of them! So I sent my soul pieces to every one of them! But not as overpowered beings. Nah, that would be boring. I don't want to just copy their powers, I want to experience and venture around too! So what about this soul piece? What's it going to do, and what Multiverse will it go to? Doesn't the damn title make it obvious?! This is the tale of my soul piece going to the Ben 10 Multiverse as the bearer of Nemetrix! But would a parasite like me be okay with just a few predators?! No, so good thing my somewhat (very) weird watch can scan the DNAs of other aliens and even automatically give me their predators! Oh, did I mention I can go Ultimate from day one? Get some popcorn, drinks and snacks, cause it's time to hunt!

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CH 29: Ultimate Alistair (E5)


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"What's going on?!" Alistair checked himself in the mirror and looked down at himself. But all he saw was that he had aged up. Aged up like fine wine at that.

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His eyes widened :'Wait, that permission request from the Nemetrix just now!' He raised the hand with the Nemetrix :"Hey, Nemetrix, is this your doing?"

The red parts of the device lit up :"[Affirmative. You had confirmed the default state of the transformations to be their evolved forms.]" He frowned :"Yeah, my transformations. Why did my original body get an evolved form too?"

"[That's because the homosapien/human species isn't the original species of the host.]"


She dropped a bomb and refused to elaborate. The silence was thick. Like an old school cartoon mom. Speechless, Alistair turned to look at the others —except Tetrax who was just standing there awkwardly— and saw that they were just as shocked as them.

"Uhh... then... what's my original species?" He asked unsurely, and the Nemetrix answered :"[Answering the host, the original sp#ci@s o¥ @_& &;@$@*'$##$-]" Hearing it glitching, Alistair quickly stopped it :"Whoa whoa whoa, chill out! No need to answer, no need to answer!"

When it stopped, he sighed in relief :"Huff, that scared me. I thought I broke it..." He wiped the sweat from his forehead :"You alright, Nemetrix?" With its answer, he calmed down :"[Affirmative.]"

Seeing it truly was alright, he sighed in relief :'Thank god nothing happened. Because I —know— something bad would have happened if I let it continue.' Sighing in relief again, he looked at the Tennysons :"Sorry, guys, seems like we can't get any answers right now. But before anything else, we've got an interrogation going on."

He turned to Tetrax who looked as serious as ever. The Petrosapien nodded :"Ask whatever you wish. I'll answer whatever I can."

- (Not skipped on the show)

After clearing his name and convincing them that he wasn't a bad guy, Tetrax began to explain some things about the devices. At least whatever he knew.

"So this thing's name is the Omnitrix?" Ben, sitting inside of the Rust Bucket with everybody else, looked at his watch, before looking at the Nemetrix :"And that's the Nemetrix?" Tetrax nodded :"That's right. They're the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. The key to an epic battle between good and evil. Their power utilizes alien DNA, which binds to the hosts' own genetic structures."

Alistair hummed :"Which is why they can't be removed so easily." Tetrax nodded again :"Of course. Devices that bind to the DNA cannot simply be removed like taking off a hat."

Ben :"Uhh, can I ask you something? Those bounty hunters kept on saying something about Al being a pet or something after seeing him in his transformed state. What was up with that?"

Alistair groaned in annoyance.

Tetrax :"Actually, I've been confused about you as well. As far as I know, the Nemetrix was designed to protect the Omnitrix like a guardian. That's why it is only supposed to have the DNA of Predators, which results in no sentient being having the ability to wield the Nemetrix.

Because if someone does so, their mind will be broken in minutes. That's why it's known that the Nemetrix would be wielded by the pet of whoever wields the Omnitrix, since it can only be wielded by non-sentient beings like animals."

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"Oh please, age is just a number."

"So is 911!"

"They're both underage anyway, so it's not even a crime!"


"Or at least that's supposed to be how it is." Tetrax continued, unaware of what was going to happen in the comment section after the episode was posted because of what he had said :"So I'm confused as to how you, a clearly sentient being, can wield the Nemetrix. And you don't seem to be affected negatively at all on the surface."

"Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about his taste buds." Ben groaned quietly to Gwen, who nodded with a grimace. Tetrax looked at Alistair seriously, but also curiosity :"Has there been any effects on your behavior? Anything violent or animalistic?"

Alistair shook his head :"None at all. My senses seem to be getting stronger ever since I woke up, but nothing other than that."

Tetrax :"Hmm... I don't think that's necessarily because of the predators."

Ben :"Then why else?"

Tetrax :"It's because of the special function of the devices. I've heard that they will transform the users into the peak condition of the aliens they have. Hence why the aliens you turn into aren't children like you."

Gwen :"Ooh, that's cool! Wait, so if Alistair isn't originally a human and that's his transformation, does that mean he has always been the peak of the human race?"

Tetrax :"If he truly isn't originally a human, then yes. I am confused about why he would be turned into a child, but we don't know everything about the devices."

Alistair smirked smugly :"Hell yeah, baby, I'm literally the best human there has ever been. But I guess since that transformation was set as a child, it was still underdeveloped. Hence why instead of being the strongest and smartest human right off the bat, my body was slowly improving instead. Like how a child would mature into an adult. But you're right, it is confusing why it would do that. Well, we can always just ask it."

Raising his left hand, he looked at the watch :"Hey, Nemetrix. Why is my normal human transformation a child unlike all my other aliens and predators that are fully mature?" It came to life once again :"[That's because upon scanning the other species, they were all in their fully grown states. However, the scanned subject of the human species was a child, Ben Tennyson.]"

Ben's eyes widened :"You scanned me?!" And Gwen grimaced :"Worst possible subject for scanning you could've picked, Nemetrix." Earning a glare from her cousin. Max hummed thoughtfully :"The Nemetrix automatically scans any species that comes near it for the first time. So when Ben, the first human, got near, it scanned him too."

Alistair looked at his watch :"Then if the first human was grandpa Max, would my human transformation's default maturity be an old man?" The Nemetrix replied "[Affirmative.]" Causing him to sigh in relief :"Thank god Ben was near instead."

"Come on, Al." Max smiled awkwardly. Alistair chuckled apologetically :"Sorry, grandpa Max." Luckily, the Nemetrix saved him :"[Would you like to change the default maturity of your homosapien transformation?]"

"Hm? I can do that?"

"[The Nemetrix not only automatically scans every unidentified species, but also scans every different version of the scanned species. However, the host is notified only when the species is of a completely different evolution or has gone through mutations. Scanned differences such as gender, race, age, etc are not announced.]"

Gwen :"He can change his age?!"

Ben :"He can turn into a girl?!"

Alistair :"I can say the N-word?!"

"..." The humans looked at him judgingly. The phrase "there are three kinds of people in a friend group: the normal one, the honey one, and the terrorist" had never seemed so true.

Alistair shrugged :"What, it's what everybody would have thought!" Ben shook his head :"No, you're just weird as always." Causing him to roll his eyes before he looked at the Nemetrix :"Then set the physical maturity of my human transformation to the same as I am now."

"[Understood. Setting the default maturity of human transformation to 17 years old.]"

Ben got confused :"What? Why mess with your normal form? Aren't you going to stay in your Ultimate Alistair form?" Alistair shook his head :"No, because this body is... well, too strong. The reason why it seems impressive only in appearance is because the Nemetrix seems to have sealed its powers. Otherwise, I'mma be honest, Ultimate Alistair is a pretty strong alien. And you know me, I don't like being nerfed. No way I'm staying in a sealed state 24/7."

(A/N: When I was deciding what human transformation will be like, I thought of fictional characters who got to where they are by just training their bodies. No magic, no mana, no supernatural powers involved. And when it comes to characters like that, only two people come to mind. Saitama and Yujiro Hanma.

I had thought of putting Batman too, but I just like the menace known as Yujiro Hanma more. So you have Saitama with hair as Ultimate Human and Yujiro Hanma for normal transformation, which turns Alistair into the peak of the human race. By the way, the abilities of the Homosapien and Evolved Homosapien are at the end of the chapter to not waste word count.)

He turned to his device :"Nemetrix, return the default state of transformations to their normal versions."


With a red flash of transformation, he found himself without the stuffy feeling of having his powers restrained. He sighed in satisfaction, before looking to see what had changed in the mirror. Nothing had changed. Due to the Nemetrix restraining all his Ultimate Alistair powers, he was basically just in his aged up normal transformation. But he instantly noticed a change.

His drip had devolved. Now he was just in a casual outfit of a black shirt and jeans instead of a beautiful suit. Alistair felt disappointed, but he just shrugged :'Can always just buy a suit myself. Not like I'm not making big money now.'

Ben smirked :"So the difference between your normal and ultimate form is the clothes you wear?" Earning an eye roll :"No, genius. Believe me, you'll love it when you see Ultimate Alistair in action. But having an awesome drip is definitely a perk."

With the conversation finished, Tetrax rose up :"It seems like I don't have any business here anymore." The others got up with him. Alistair smirked :"So, satisfied with who got the watches?"

Surprisingly, Tetrax smiled :"Yes, it seems like they've fallen into the right hands. I don't have anything to worry about. I just hope it stays that way." Ben gave a huge smile :"Hey, we're the best heroes around! Don't think that will ever change!"

Seeing the Petrosapien glance at him, Alistair chuckled :"As long as the world doesn't give me a reason, I'm chill too." Tetrax sighed :"Good enough." As he opened the door and walked out, he halted and turned to the noiret :"Oh, and take this."

Alistair raised an eyebrow as he handed him his hoverboard :"Think of it as an apology." Taking it, he shrugged :"Alright then, thanks. But how are you going to go back now?" Tetrax smirked as he fiddled with his belt :"Getting in here was hard, but not getting out. Hope we meet again, bearer of the Nemetrix, bearer of the Omnitrix."

And as a red beam of light surrounded him, he disappeared. Smirking, Alistair let the Techtrix absorb the hoverboard :"Teleportation. Gotta make one for myself."


[Peak Homosapien Abilities]

(During Immaturity)

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Jumping

Extended Lifespan


(During Maturity)

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Stamina

Superhuman Agility

Superhuman Reflexes

Superhuman Equilibrium

Regenerative Healing Factor

Shockwave Generation

Earthquake Generation

Demon Back

Statistics Amplification (Via Demon Back)

Intimidation Aura

Madness Inducement (Via Aura)

Extrasensory Perception

Accelerated Development

Poison Immunity

Disease Immunity

Genius-level Intelligence

Martial Arts Mastery

Tactical Genius

Technique Reading

Stealth Mastery

Weakness Detection

Fighting Instinct


[Evolved Homosapien Abilities]

Supernatural Condition

Supernatural Body

Supernatural Mind

Supernatural Beauty

Supernatural Charisma

Supernatural Sex Appeal

Supernatural Potential

Supernatural Strength

Supernatural Speed

Supernatural Durability

Supernatural Stamina

Supernatural Agility

Supernatural Reflexes

Supernatural Equilibrium

Unparalleled Physical Prowess


Vacuum Survival

Indomitable Will

Accelerated Development

Afterimage Creation

Shockwave Generation

Non-Physical Interaction

Technique Mimicry

intangibility Negation

High Lung Capacity

Gravity Resistance

Night Vision


High Intelligence

Regenerative Healing Factor

Danger Sense