Ben 10: In the Multiverse of Unexpectency

It's been a month since he arrived in Jasper, Nevada. It was torture. It was a time of his own mental decay. This is all a dream. It's not real. Not what he wields, not the city. He has so many questions and so many paranoid thoughts. He's lost himself. He doesn't know why he live again or where to get answers to everything. He doesn't exist in this world before woke up here, so why even try? * * * [I know this cliche story about Multiverse and etc, but let me try. Maybe this worth a shot. ] 1'st World: Transformers:Prime 2: MCU 3: [We'll see] P.S I will use redesigns for aliens that fans did. I find them really cool, I'll leave name of the artist in comment section after every chapter.

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Thomas Andre was ready. The device, HighTrix, integrated into his very biology , was primed for action. He had resolved to join this mission, retrieve the so-called Cliffjumper, and return for talk with the boys. That was his current plan as he waited at the entrance to the GroundBridge, anticipation building with each passing moment.

Jack and Raphael exchanged puzzled glances, while Miko, standing beside them, clearly wanted to tag along. However, Optimus Prime had firmly instructed her to stay behind with Ratchet.

The hum of the GroundBridge intensified beside him, signaling its activation. Thomas took a step back, feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension. He wouldn't transform just yet; he wanted to gauge the kids' reactions first, ensuring he didn't add to their fear.

As the GroundBridge fully activated, Optimus Prime's voice resonated with command and confidence. "Autobots, roll out!" he declared.

Optimus Prime gave Andre one last glance, his blue optics reflecting a mixture of determination and concern. The leader of the Autobots had always been a symbol of unwavering strength, but in this moment, there was a rare, fleeting vulnerability in his gaze. With a resolute nod, Optimus turned and ran inside the GroundBridge, the swirling portal of energy casting an ethereal glow over the scene.

The rest of the team quickly followed him, their movements synchronized and purposeful. Each Autobot carried the weight of the mission on their metallic shoulders, understanding the gravity of the task ahead. As they disappeared one by one into the GroundBridge, Andre stood rooted to the spot, a whirlwind of emotions churning within him.

Bumblebee glanced at Andre, his optics narrowing slightly. Then, he beeped, indicating the land bridge. Andre tensed, trying to catch the words, but all he could decipher was the urgency in Bumblebee's tone. He wished he could understand him, but it didn't seem possible at the moment. But that problem would soon be resolved. Hopefully Optimus Prime wouldn't mind that he had been scanned.

Thomas only assumed what Bumblebee was talking about, perhaps he was asking him if he was going to go with them? He only nodded briefly.

Throwing one last glance at Andre, Bumblebee rushed towards the ground bridge, dissolving into a swirl of light and energy.

Before that disgruntled medic closed the portal Thomas must hurry to Groundbridge. His muscles tensed, ready for action. But barely had he gotten ready to take a step when a voice broke through the noise of the portal. "Uncle!"

He froze in place as the word broke through the fog of his mind. He turned slowly, and his gaze fell on Raphael. The young man's face expressed worry and fear, his wide-open eyes reflecting the turmoil around him. Raphael's voice trembled as he continued: "Be careful."

He's not afraid of him. But Jack was silent.

A small smile appeared on his face and the frown eased. He turned his head slightly in his direction and showed a thumb.

"Ugh... " muttered the Medic, Thomas twitched and ran inside the portal.

He mentally set a command to HighTrix to use the new DNA in his collection.

And Thomas Disappeared into the portal.


Portal opens.

And The Autobot team came into readiness.

In an instant, each Autobot stood up and activated their blasters, smoothly forming a protective circle. Optimus Prime, keeping his guard up, surveyed his surroundings. Barely had they exited the portal when he realized that there were no Decepticons around, but they were in the shaft. "Energon Mine. " he said, and the portal closed behind him with a decisive clang. The sound of metal hitting solid ground echoed through the air.



Arcee, standing closest to the source of the sound, turned around, aiming her blaster and readying it. The rest of the team followed suit, their weapons at the ready and their senses heightened. They were ready for anything.

"What...?" muttered Arcee, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

The entire team turned their attention to a new presence, a Cybertronian standing in front of them.

He was much larger than even Optimus Prime, who already towered over most other Cybertronians. This warrior's armor was more formidable, featuring imposing shoulder pads and a protective brace around his neck. His helmet bore a striking resemblance to Optimus', with similarly pointed features and antennae on the sides. His color palette was predominantly black, accented with gold highlights that added to his imposing presence.

His massive arms held a colossal energy shield, with a muzzle protruding from its bottom edge. The hilt of a sword, with its long blade extending visibly, jutted out from behind his back, hinting at the formidable weaponry he carried.

From his elevated vantage point, he gazed down at the Autobots, his face obscured by a battle shield. His blue optics scrutinized them with an intense, menacing focus. The very sight of him was intimidating.

A dark green dial sat prominently in the center of his chest, adding to his distinctive and foreboding appearance.

Bulkhead mumbled, " And I thought JetFire is big. "

Optimus Prime's optics narrowed. "Identify yourself," he commanded, his blaster aimed and ready. He couldn't see any designation signs, but the Cybertronian held an energy shield—a weapon typically reserved for only one group...

"Warrior class," Bumblebee interjected, his voice tinged with surprise. He knew a lot about this class, having aspired to join it himself. This Cybertronian, however, was different. Besides his unique and admittedly cool appearance, there was something strangely familiar on his chest. Bumblebee's optics widened in recognition. "Wait... That's Shapeshifter!"

Optimus turned to Bumblebee, blinking in surprise at his revelation. Then, he faced the towering Cybertronian. "Mr. Andre?" he asked, the question heavy with a mix of hope and uncertainty.

The giant spoke in a rough yet velvety voice. "Yes, Optimus Prime. Let's hurry; your friend is not waiting," he said succinctly. He clenched his large hand before slowly reaching for the sword on his back.

Optimus took a moment to process the scene before him. A warrior, taller than himself and possibly even taller than his old friend JetFire, was offering his help. Refusing such an ally would be foolish. "Right, let's move. " he agreed.

Arcee, as surprised and mesmerized by the warrior's presence as the others, quickly shook off her astonishment. There was no time for distractions; they were here to save a friend—her Cliffjumper. "Quickly, forward!" she commanded, removing her blaster from Thomas and moving swiftly to the other side of the cave.

Optimus Prime and Arcee moved forward, with Andre following closely behind, his massive feet taking deliberate steps. He drew his large sword from his back, and his shield expanded, entering its activated mode. Thanks to HighTrix and Cybertronian biology, all necessary data—commands, movements, functions—had been seamlessly integrated.

Bulkhead and Bumblebee exchanged glances. Under different circumstances, Bumblebee would be asking countless questions. Bulkhead, on the other hand, just smirked faintly, though he remained on guard. "Looking good," he commented.

From his vantage point, Thomas observed the dynamic between the Autobots. Bumblebee, from a Cybertronian perspective, was quite young—perhaps comparable to Jack's age, maybe even younger. Bulkhead, in contrast, seemed closer to his own age.

Thomas noticed the excitement in Bumblebee's optics; the young Autobot was clearly fascinated by Andre. "Thank you, Autobot Bulkhead," Andre replied briefly.

"Why so formal?" Bumblebee asked, his curiosity piqued. Now, the words were clearer to him. His processor, aided by HighTrix, had analyzed the sounds and translated them into English. As he had suspected, Bumblebee's voice was youthful.

They continued to move, weapons at the ready, yet still engaged in conversation. "An uninvited guest has no right to be addressed differently, Autobot Bumblebee," Andre responded succinctly. His activated visor didn't muffle his words.

Optimus turned around briefly to make his stance clear. "Someone who has journeyed to protect the lives of children is not an 'unwanted guest,' Mr. Andre. Your actions deserve respect."

"Thank you, Optimus Prime," Thomas replied, nodding weakly.

Thomas couldn't help but admire this version of Optimus Prime; he had a remarkable way with words.

Arcee's voice rang out, "Decepticons!" as she surged forward, guns blazing.

And with that, it began.


Bulkhead and Bumblebee scrambled for cover, their movements quick and precise.

Thomas thrust his activated shield forward, his sword extending with a metallic hiss.

He glanced over and saw Optimus Prime taking cover behind a large rock, his eyes scanning the battlefield. Arcee, undeterred, fired back with fierce determination, her shots echoing through the cavern.

In an instant, the silent cave erupted into a battleground of chaos and energy blasts.

And in that moment, he felt a strange sense of peace, willing to die here if it came to that.

"RRAAAGH!" he roared, charging into the fray with his shield held high. Enemy fire immediately converged on him, blaster shots ricocheting off his unyielding shield.

But his shield was strong.

And his rage was even stronger.

Yesterday's battle as a Vaxasaurian had only ignited his fury. He yearned for more—more combat, more action, more release. He wanted to clear his mind through the clash of steel and plasma, to unleash his fists upon his enemies. To show them how a man with nothing to lose fights


Thomas's shield deflected a barrage of blaster fire as he charged forward, his massive sword gleaming in the dim light of the cave. With a swift, powerful swing, he cleaved through the first Decepticon in his path, sparks flying as the mechanical foe was split in two.

Another Decepticon lunged at him from the side, but Thomas was ready. He swung his shield, which transformed into a blaster in an instant, and fired a volley of energy blasts that sent his attacker crashing into the cave wall.

He spun around, sword at the ready, and parried a series of strikes from a Decepticon armed with dual blades. With a quick sidestep, Thomas disarmed his opponent and drove his sword through its chest, the force of the blow sending the Decepticon's lifeless body skidding across the cavern floor.


More enemies surrounded him, but Thomas stood his ground. He activated his shield blaster again, unleashing a devastating burst of energy that tore through the ranks of Decepticons. Pieces of metal and circuits scattered as the blasts found their marks, each shot precise and lethal.

A towering Decepticon with a heavy cannon aimed at him, but Thomas was quicker. He dashed forward, using his shield to deflect the cannon's massive shot, then leapt into the air. Bringing his sword down with all his might, he cleaved the cannon in half and decapitated the Decepticon in one fluid motion.

The battlefield fell silent for a moment, allowing Bulkhead's hearty laughter to echo through the cave. "BWAHAHAHA! THAT'S WRECKER STYLE!" he bellowed, running up to Thomas, with Bumblebee close behind, and Arcee and Optimus Prime following more cautiously. "You were unstoppable, good job!"

"That's warrior class for you," added Bumblebee with a nod of approval.

Thomas, still catching his breath, looked at them and then at the defeated wave of Decepticons. The realization that they had repelled the first assault sank in as he slowly sheathed his sword, the mechanism on his back locking it into place. "Thank you for the compliment, Autobot Bulkhead."

"Just Bulkhead is fine," Bulkhead replied, slapping Thomas on the back.

"Same goes for me," chimed in Bumblebee, giving a thumbs-up.

Optimus Prime stepped forward, his gaze steady and respectful. "You fought with incredible skill, Mr. Andre. But this battle is far from over. We need to keep moving."

Arcee pointed ahead, her voice urgent. "That way!" she called out, already moving swiftly toward their next objective.

With a curt nod from Andre, everyone followed Arcee's lead. They sprinted through the cave, their footsteps echoing off the rocky walls. Though Thomas's curiosity urged him to examine the cave's technology, the mission to find Cliffjumper took precedence. His shield remained extended, ready for any threat.

Arcee led the way with determination, Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee close behind, and Thomas bringing up the rear. Their pace was swift, and it wasn't long before they reached another cave exit.

"Be careful, Autobots!" Optimus commanded, his voice firm and authoritative.

Andre, anticipating danger, quickly switched his shield into blaster mode, ready for whatever lay ahead.

They entered a new section of the cave, one teeming with advanced technology. Vehicons patrolled along wall-mounted tracks, while in the center of the expansive cavern stood a peculiar structure—a yellow, transparent tube that stretched upward, likely an elevator. Loot was being transported out of the cave through this tube.

Upon entering, they quickly took cover behind a series of metal crates. Bulkhead let out a low whistle of amazement. "Phew, what a place."

It was a mistake.

Suddenly, blaster fire erupted from all sides. Thomas immediately aimed his shield blaster upward, targeting the elevated platforms and trying to eliminate the enemies positioned above them.

Being larger than the Autobots, Thomas had a better vantage point to identify the sources of gunfire. He quickly spotted a projectile heading straight for Arcee. "Ragh!" he growled, leaping in front of her and deflecting the projectile with his shield.


As the Autobots continued firing, Arcee was about to fall back when a shadow loomed over her, followed by an explosion a few meters away. She would have been caught off guard if not for Thomas's quick intervention.

Raising her optic and resuming her fire, she called out, "I'll owe you one, Shapeshifter."

Thomas nodded in acknowledgment. Suddenly, Arcee's sharp voice rang out, "Cliff! I see him!"

Optimus, momentarily distracted, issued a command. "Run, we'll cover you."

Thomas, however, wasn't about to let her go alone. It was too dangerous to reach a target several floors away without protection. As soon as she bolted, he motioned for her to follow, determined to ensure her safety through the perilous path ahead.

Arcee was a bit surprised by Thomas's protective actions, but she quickly accepted them as part of the mission. His larger size allowed him to cover ground more quickly, and he soon got ahead of her.

Two Decepticons suddenly appeared, firing at them. Thomas surged forward, crashing into one with a forceful tackle.


With his free hand, he grabbed the second Decepticon by the head and effortlessly flipped him away.


Arcee caught up to him, and together they looked up at the floor above. Thomas had an idea. "I'll give you a ride, Autobot Arcee."

She nodded in agreement and stepped back as Thomas lowered his large hand. She placed her heel on his palm, then gave him a nod. "Ready."

"Hop!" he said, raising his hand sharply and launching Arcee upwards. She easily reached the next level, landing with agility. As she did, Thomas transformed his shield back into a blaster and began firing, covering her ascent.

Several Decepticons were stationed on the elevator platform, and Thomas immediately opened fire on them. His Shield Blaster was more than just an ordinary energy weapon; it had multiple modes. Currently, it was set to automatic fire. Other possible modes included sniper, high-caliber, and even a bazooka-like weapon, though the latter was too risky to use in the fragile cave environment.

Sensing movement behind him, Thomas spun around sharply.


A single shot took down a creeping Vehicon.

He return to firing, his processor working at an incredible level. HighTrix was elevating his abilities to the max, thanks to it he had enhanced strength, reaction, speed and all characteristics. It also enhanced his transformations, and now, as a Cybertronian, he felt no fatigue.

Sure, he wasn't used to seeing numbers and commands in his head, but as a Cybertronian it was elevated to the extreme. He saw everything as a percentage of possibility, and his own condition shown by percentages. And there it was 100% - unbelievable.

Suddenly he heard Arcee's voice yelling, "Cliff, no!"

Thomas looked up to see her holding something - or rather, some sort of "stump" exuding an ominous purple color. Literally, Arcee was holding only half the body of this "CliffJumper" because that was all that was left of it.

He also heard the creature hiss. And Cybertronians don't hiss like that. Thomas tore from his seat, channeling energy into his legs and making one mighty leap to get to Arcee in time.

The Decepticon shot at her and she flew downward with a scream.

Overcoming the distance in the air, Thomas carried his shield to his back and stretched out his large arms to catch Arcee.

Thomas successfully caught Arcee in mid-air, and she silently grabbed onto him. Like a huge cannonball, he flew down and then landed with a deafening Boom, spreading his arms to give Arcee freedom. She was still silent, but she looked up at him, and her gaze told him enough. He only nodded to her, accepting her silent gratitude - she didn't have the strength for words, but he knew that look all too well.


Suddenly there was an angry laugh from somewhere above, and they both looked up. There, walking among the platforms, was a Decepticon - gray, with long wings on his back. He was very skinny, but he was also sharp. His fingers were long, and his feet even had heels on them?

Andre noticed this. He had no idea who this Decepticon was.

"Prime! I'd stick around, but I'm squeamish! "

After saying that, the Decepticon threw down a flashing device and then transformed and flew away. Down below, Optimus Prime instantly realized what he was holding, so he immediately contacted Ratchet. And as the device fell, a portal opened behind them.

Thomas and Arcee looked at each other and nodded.

It had to be a bomb, and they had to get out of here.




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