Ben 10: In the Multiverse of Unexpectency

It's been a month since he arrived in Jasper, Nevada. It was torture. It was a time of his own mental decay. This is all a dream. It's not real. Not what he wields, not the city. He has so many questions and so many paranoid thoughts. He's lost himself. He doesn't know why he live again or where to get answers to everything. He doesn't exist in this world before woke up here, so why even try? * * * [I know this cliche story about Multiverse and etc, but let me try. Maybe this worth a shot. ] 1'st World: Transformers:Prime 2: MCU 3: [We'll see] P.S I will use redesigns for aliens that fans did. I find them really cool, I'll leave name of the artist in comment section after every chapter.

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1.It begins.

Everything in this world is can change.

Sometimes these changes are so radical that it is hard to believe that things were once different. Light is replaced by darkness, and goodness gives way to evil, just as the sun is hidden behind thick clouds.

At his 31, Thomas Andre was a pale shadow of the cheerful man the world once knew as "Star Giant." His eyes, which had once shone brighter than any stars, had faded. Life itself had faded in them. The smile that radiated warmth and made the hearts of millions beat faster was replaced by a grimace of pain and bitterness.

What happened to this once brilliant man, whose path was like a comet that lit up the sky? What tragedy, what betrayal or loss had managed to so disfigure his soul that he had been transformed from a Star Giant into an empty shell, devoid of the vitality that had once nourished him?


The last thing he remembered was his show, taking a break and deciding to relax. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, he found himself in the middle of a vast desert, surrounded by city ruins. His heart was pounding frantically, and his mind was covered in a shroud of fear and confusion. What the hell had happened? Was he really dead?

The answer came in the form of an incredible gadget, the HighTrix, a more advanced version of the Omnitrix. It was thought to be nothing but fiction. Something that shouldn't exist, just as he does now.

Thomas explored the device's functions and discovered an instruction mode with the ability to ask questions of the built-in artificial intelligence. In a moment of desperation, he asked about his fate.

"Tell me, did I die?"

The answer was simple and direct: ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

[ Affirmative]



Death descended upon Thomas André like a heavy curtain at the end of his life's play. It ruthlessly erased his dreams, desires, and the very essence of his existence. He strove for more, longed to improve, but fate had other plans.

He wasn't destined to stand before that, at something he had been preparing for all his life. He was a kind man, giving joy to others, helping those in need. He deserved, as it seemed to him, an eternal resting place in the paradise where his beloved mother had already found peace.

From childhood, Thomas had been certain that after death, everyone would be judged righteously, and that only the pure in heart would appear before the gates of paradise. But was none of this true? Even after a month, he refused to believe in this bitter truth.

Everything that was happening was a test, another obstacle in his path. He hadn't done enough good deeds to attain eternal bliss, so the Almighty brought him back to life in this new world to test his faith and fortitude.

Yes, that must be the case! Thomas refused to accept the idea that all his endeavors and righteous deeds had been in vain.

And had he done anything useful for the world?

He did. A man with no purpose and no reason to live did them.

And the funny thing is, he did it with the help of aliens. The very same ones, made up, painted, non-existent.

With the help of these aliens, he managed to enter the country's database, provide himself with material goods, and save people's lives. He secured a quiet life for himself rather quickly.

He had the most powerful device in the universe in his hands, capable of destroying the universe. Why would he do that? Why would he, out of 8 billion people, have that honor? Maybe for the same reason he's so enormous, 8'4 feet tall. He doesn't know, and such foolish speculation is only making things worse for him.

He must freshen up.

He opened his door and left his shelter.


Jack Darby had regretted his rash decision to get on that motorcycle a hundred times. The fleeting thought of buying such an iron horse and the desire to feel its power for a moment had dire consequences.

First, the aliens were not a fiction. They were a reality. Secondly, they appeared in the guise of giant robots, inspiring terror by their mere appearance. Or were they the fruits of secret government developments? Then why were some machines fighting others?

Jack's mind was racing with questions as he pulled his friend Raphael away from the steel paw of the purple robot reaching for them. "Watch out, Rafe!" - He shouted, pulling his buddy away from the deadly grip with all his might.

But even that was becoming impossible due to the deafening roar that rumbled behind the purple giant's back. The sound was so powerful that it stunned both friends for a moment, causing them to stop dead in their tracks.


The evil robot was also distracted, hastily jerking his steel arm away and scooting away from Jack and Raphael. He was probably trying to find out who was making that terrifying noise.

To be frank, his curiosity overpowered his fear. Initially, he had wanted to flee with Raphael, as the exit from the chimney in which they had taken refuge was not far away. However, the unknown beckoned him, and the sound he had never heard before...

Perhaps it was something like the roar of a dinosaur, like in those movies.

Raphael was already moving forward to find out what was going on, succumbing to the call of curiosity.

Jack didn't stop him, even though his instinct for self-preservation told him to.

Jack and Raphael emerged from their hiding place with purpose, seeking to gain a better vantage point. This time, they found an opening that allowed them to survey the area without being seen. They quickly assessed the situation and decided to retreat to a safer location.

Darby stood in front of Rafe to protect him. Rafael noticed something strange and pointed at the bridge.

Young man looked where Rafael was pointpointing

His eyes widened as he saw the DYNOSAUR on the bridge.

It was a prehistoric monster that had literally come to life! It was a Triceratops, a bipedal giant with a crown of bony growths on its head. Its powerful horns were straight and sharp.

The beast was as big as the purple robots. It was scary.

The triceratops jumped off the bridge. Its landing made a new cry, different from the roar, but just as loud. It made me wince with terror.

Jack couldn't believe what he was seeing. Aliens, giant machines, and now a reanimated fossilized lizard were beyond his grasp of reality. But the creature before him was so majestic and formidable that it was real.

Jack looked at Raphael. He expected to see fear at the sight of the prehistoric beast. Instead, the twelve-year-old boy was happy. His eyes were shining.

"Wow, a waking Triceratops! Amazing!" - said Raphael, unable to contain his emotions.

Jack realized it was incredible, but scary. He agreed with his friend, but added:

"Yeah, now let's go."

He grabbed Raphael by the hand and led him towards the pipe that would take them to safety. Despite the incredible view, Jack knew it was better to get away from the giant dinosaur and the unknown threat it might pose.


The giant "triceratops" brought its massive tail down to the ground, to the astonished looks of those present. The end, like a deadly mace, shattered the stone surface with a deafening rumble. The shockwave traveling across the area caused the robots to stagger. The giant exhaled through its nostrils, emitting a heartbreaking sound.

To everyone's surprise, the prehistoric creature spoke in a deep, menacing voice, "You'll be a good punching bag. I've been waiting for something like this for a whole month."

Their eyes were fixed on the strange device sticking out of the living fossil's chest. It was a dark green panel with a dial in the center that gave off an ominous glow.

The two purple robots glanced over. They quickly switched their hands to blaster mode, ready to repel the threat. However, the triceratops wasn't going to hesitate.


With a loud roar, the prehistoric beast charged forward. Its powerful paws shook the ground, one step at a time, bringing it closer to its target.

A quick look showed two other robots, a yellow one and a smaller blue one, that looked like they were female. They backed away without a word, letting this living battering ram take the lead. Even though their faces were hidden, every move showed they were tired after the fight they'd just been in.

But he wasn't after these two. He was after the purple robots, the Decepticons.

Triceratops was in no mood for pity or fatigue. His nerves were as taut as a bowstring, and his veins were filled with the rage that had been building up over a month of self-doubt.

The creature was eager to fight because it felt like the only way to release the resentment it had accumulated in this foreign place. It was filled with anger and determination, giving it the strength to make the final dash.


"Was there another alien race on Earth?" - Arcee asked, leaning on Bumblebee to regain her strength. Their energy reserves were low, and the fact that they were fighting warrior-class vehicles didn't help. And now they were joined by this enormous creature...




Arcee checked her optics to make sure what she was seeing was real. She watched as the alien mercilessly slaughtered the Vehicons. A sweep of powerful limbs—and the right Vehicon flew away from the force of the blow.

For a moment, the other one froze in place from the impact. The creature moved with the deadly fury of a predator from the Stone Age, venting its gleeful rage on its victims.

*Crunch *

He grabbed another enemy and squeezed the head between his hands, turning it into a lump of mangled metal.

This creature was extremely dangerous, and Arcee felt a shiver of fear that they would be next. She wouldn't have worried about it if it weren't for their defenseless state at the moment.

"I don't know Arcee, but it's like those dinosaurs I read about on the Internet." - Bumblebee replied with a series of beeps, trying to encourage his friend. - Maybe it arrived here recently? And on our side?

Arcee wished she could share his naive hope, but common sense told her otherwise. Fortunately, the creature's rage was directed at the Decepticons. But where the hell was Bulkhead? They were in desperate need of support.

"Maybe or maybe not, but it's about time Bulkhead showed up," Arcee said, watching the frantic battle.




One after another, car horns honked behind them, drawing attention. Arcee and Bumblebee turned around, hoping to see the much-anticipated reinforcements. And they were right—a familiar green Jeep was coming at them at full speed.

The car shook, and Bulkhead emerged from the vehicle in his full, massive form. He barely had time to assume a fighting stance when he froze, staring dumbfounded at the chaos unfolding before him.

"Where are the Decepticons?" He started to ask, but the words stuck in his throat at the sight of the prehistoric monster slaughtering his enemies. "And is that?"

Bulkhead pointed at the huge creature, which seemed to have no trouble at all defeating the sturdy Cybertronian armor. The Vehicons weren't known for their toughness, but it was still impressive.


After the first Vehicon fell, the scaly creature felt a sudden attack from behind. It was the second Vehicon firing a blaster at him. The blow only made things worse.

He got up from his seat and moved around a bit, making a mess of the floor. The Vehicon kept firing at the target in mid-air.

The dinosaur made a turn in the air, exposing its tail. It hit the Decepticon right in the middle.


"I'm not sure what this Bulkhead is, but we need to get Groundbridge here as soon as possible in case it attacks us."

" I can handle it. "Bulkhead said, turning the servo into a mace.


This "dinosaur" was Thomas Andre. It was a race of Vaxasaurians from the planet Terradino. This transformation was the best way to release emotions through force.


The second robot was pretty much destroyed when it landed. Some dust kicked up as it settled, and he took a moment to think about it.

He recognized those insignias, so he knew where he was.

The Transformers universe. This is where the Autobots and Decepticons have been fighting their eternal war.

He knew only Bumblebee, but even he was different from the silent character from the movie he had once watched with his nephews.

Well, it seems like there are alternate realities all around us. But why had he been sent here from all the other worlds? What was the hidden meaning of such a displacement?

He took a deep breath and wiped the dust off his hands. He stood there for a moment, trying to get his bearings. His Vaxasaurian form gave him incredible physical power, and his HighTrix ability elevated him to the strongest version of the race. Plus, he knew he had one more thing going for him:


Due to the genetic characteristics inherent in the host organism, the manifestations of its transformations are expected to undergo variations. The final sizes of these transformations are anticipated to diverge significantly from the initial representations of the species depicted in HighTrix.


The cloud of settling dust cleared, and he got a better look at the people behind Bumblebee and the other small female Autobot. A large green Transformer with a huge mace in place of one of his arms assumed a fighting stance, hovering protectively over them and looking in his direction.

He took one cautious step forward, and the blue female bot and Bumblebee immediately switched their hands to blaster mode, aiming their weapons directly at him.

He frowned, but he understood why they were reacting that way. It's unlikely they knew about Vaxasaurians like him. There are no such creatures in this world or any other world that we know of. The thing was, HighTrix's hands made him look even more imposing, powerful, and intimidating.

Andre froze in place and raised his hands in a calming gesture, showing that he meant them no harm.

"I mean no harm," he said, trying to reassure them. I saw the kids were in trouble and tried to help.

Bumblebee responded with a series of excited beeps, clearly still not trusting the stranger. But after a brief pause, he did lower his weapon.

Beeps. He replied with beeps instead of phrases from the radio.

It seems that poor Bumblebee had been rendered voiceless in every reality. Andre tried his best to remember this and kept up a friendly tone, given the gruff voice and appearance. "I don't know who you are, but you'd better go back where you came from and get some rest," he said, lowering one index finger and pointing at the woman and Bumblebee. "And please take this trash away." He pointed at the two Vehicons.

After this fight, he felt better, so he no need to be rude to them. And it seemed like they finally relaxed. After Bumblebee, the others lowered their weapons.

"We don't know who you are either," the blue fembot replied in a louder voice so that Andre could hear her. - But your help came just in time.

She lowered her weapon, and behind the Autobots, something strange started to happen in the air. It was like a maelstrom, distorting reality.

"This is our way out," she said quietly to the huge green trooper. Bulkhead, grab the bodies of the deactivated Vehikons. We need to make sure the humans don't see them.

Bumblebee said something in agreement, clearly understanding his colleague's instructions.

Andre also relaxed and lowered his arms, seeing their peaceful reaction to the strange portal that had opened. It seemed to be a regular occurrence for them.

"I'll say you my name...Next time, and..." he said, turned his back to them, and added, "...You are welcome."

Then he tapped his hand lightly on the strange dial on his chest. The Vaxasaurian's body lit up with a bright green light.

And in his place came another.

It was another equally strange creature.

The creature was bipedal with a long tail and peculiar claws. It had black orbs on its feet, a black tail with black and white stripes, and bulky claws on its three fingers that could only open and close. It wore a black cone-like helmet with a protective visor that slid over its face. It had two ridges on its back, the larger one closer to its neck and the smaller one lower.

The creature was 7'1 feet tall, which is unusually tall for this race, called Kineceleran.

"I will see you soon," it said, and then a visor lowered over its face and in a gust of wind, it disappeared from its place.


"I can't say better, Bumblebee."


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