Ben 10: In the Multiverse of Unexpectency

Author: Just_Moron
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What is Ben 10: In the Multiverse of Unexpectency

Read ‘Ben 10: In the Multiverse of Unexpectency’ Online for Free, written by the author Just_Moron, This book is a TV Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, OVERPOWERED Fan Fiction, SLICEOFLIFE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: It's been a month since he arrived in Jasper, Nevada. It was torture. It was a time of his own mental decay. This is all...


It's been a month since he arrived in Jasper, Nevada. It was torture. It was a time of his own mental decay. This is all a dream. It's not real. Not what he wields, not the city. He has so many questions and so many paranoid thoughts. He's lost himself. He doesn't know why he live again or where to get answers to everything. He doesn't exist in this world before woke up here, so why even try? * * * [I know this cliche story about Multiverse and etc, but let me try. Maybe this worth a shot. ] 1'st World: Transformers:Prime 2: MCU 3: [We'll see] P.S I will use redesigns for aliens that fans did. I find them really cool, I'll leave name of the artist in comment section after every chapter.

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Good story ovaerall with crossover in transformers and Ben 10 and others. Aren’t autobots technically aliens so can’t they be used by the hightrix


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