Ben 10: Branching The Omniverse

A young man who died never knowing what it felt like to truly be alive gets a second chance at life. And, he refuses to ever by held down by fate again, as he takes on this new life in a version of the Ben 10 world. Though, not as Ben, no, instead he chooses to become the punk Osmosian, Kevin E. Levin, who was not left to the streets, but instead adopted by the Tennyson's with his name changed. How will he live this new chance, how will he use his abilities, found out here on- Nico: Dude, stop treating my life like an episode of DBZ, and let's get to it. I want to turn octopus head into Takoyaki. Fine, fine, geez, you are just like your sister I swear. Well, you guys heard it, let's get on to the story. __________________ A/N: The cover art, as well as any art that I use is created by me. And, for those who haven't realized it yet, this story is placed in an AU of the Ben 10 world, as well as the story of the second apostle of Seria. Now, let's finally get to this thing, Fae signing off.

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A Tennyson's Confession

After what seemed like a a few hours of fishing the captain finally started to move the boat back to the pier. Max and I actually managed to get a decent amount of fish while we were out on the lake, we would have gotten more, if Max didn't want to talk more about my feelings towards the girls.

Apparently Max here was amazed that I did end up falling for the girls, probably because I never really showed an interest in being in a relationship till now. I get the feeling he might end up calling Carl and Sandra to tell them about this.

By the way, I do find it slightly odd how I'm so accepting of this new information about myself, and my feelings. But, I guess it's not the strangest thing in this world. I mean seriously there are characters like Professor Paradox, Celestialsapiens, Dagon, and who could forget Petrosapien Jesus!

So, me gracefully accepting information about myself without freaking the fuck out, is honestly one of the lesser strange things in this world. I mean I'm part alien and demigod for crying out loud! Why should I keep comparing myself to a human's standard of normal?

"So, Nico, how do you plan on telling the girls about your feelings?" Max asked me as we stepped off of the boat and onto the pier.

"By looking directly at them and telling them that I developed feelings for them. How else would I go about it?" Does he expect me to say it in a different language or something?

"Huh? You're not going to make some speech or do a grand gesture?" Max looked at me with a puzzled expression, while we watched the captain take his boat somewhere else after Max paid him.

"Why would I do something like that? Telling them with some cheesy speech would feel too drawn out, so Lucy and Penn would just tell me to get to the point. And doing a grand gesture is something that should only be done during a special event/occasion, like a birthday. Doing that at the very beginning would make it seem like all I want is to be with them for some physical reason, I don't want that, I want to grow alongside them and experience love properly with all of them."

After I finished my explanation Max looked at me like I was some rare specimen, which I don't understand why. Shouldn't what I said be a logical reason for just telling them bluntly that I love them? I seriously feel like I'm missing something here.

"*Sigh* You're definitely more mature and logic focused than I was at your age." Ah, I get it now. If I recall Max once told me about his 'relationships' when he was younger after I asked him about why he started to make a journal in the first place about so many aliens.

Turns out the journal was originally intended for one of his sons, should they have tried to be with an alien girl at some point, or tried to go the path of the Plumber. But, since neither of those situations occurred he decided to pass the journal onto me, as he saw that I did have an interest when it came to other species.

Anyways, I don't think me acting the way I am makes me mature in any sense of the word. Even if it's considered a 'logical choice' as one could put it, that isn't true, it's just the only choice that I actually know how to go through with.

"Let's just get to the RV, the sooner I tell them my feelings, the sooner they can process it." I said while walking towards the Rust Bucket. I may not be that well versed in relationships, but even I know that having romantic feelings for multiple people at the same time isn't exactly normal, at least not among humans.

While we were walking to the RV I tried to figure out what the best way to tell them would be. If I did just say it like 'Hey girls, I've realized that I am in love with all three of you.' I'm pretty sure I'll come off as a douche, or a general piece of shit.

I would ask Max for advice, but I don't think he's ever been in this type of situation, and I can't really ask the girls for obvious reasons, hell, I can't even ask my family for advice since I don't have a way to contact them.

Fuck, I can already see the Rust Bucket now. I guess I'll just have to say whatever feels natural to me, and hope for the best in this situation.

"Girls, we're back, and Nico has something to tell you three!" Max would you kindly fucking not! You're making it seem like I got the best news possible for them, rather than telling them about something that'll most likely get me multiple slaps to the face!

After he said that I saw the girls come out from the Rust Bucket's door, all of them looked curious as to how the talk between Max and I went, and about what I wanted to tell them.

"So, Nico, are you feeling any better?" Gwen asked me as she walked towards me. I guess they really did want the whole fishing and talk thing to be something similar to a therapy session for me.

"I guess? I mean, I understand my emotions better, and we got some fish that I could use for tonight's dinner, I consider that a win." It's feel nice now to know that my willing to kill to get stronger, among other stuff, was because I love these girls enough to kill to protect them.

"Well that's good. Now, what did you want to tell us?" Lucy said while she tilted her head to the side, which made her look cute, like a curious Golden Retriever.

"I wanted to tell you girls something that I realized about myself while on that boat." I just noticed that I could say some shit like, 'Yeah, turns out I'm sea sick', if I chose to chicken out on this shit. Which, would be entertaining to see what they would do, but I want to do this properly without jokes.

"Gwen, you are an adorable girl that I am constantly amazed at when it comes to fighting techniques, academic knowledge, and the fact that you make me feel calm and at home whenever I'm near you." I could see a light blush begin to grow on her face, while Lucy and Penn looked like someone just kicked their puppy.

"Lucy, you are an absolute beauty that manages to make me feel as if I am cared for like no one else can, and I loved the times when you asked me to help you prank other's" Lucy looked shocked that I said this about her, but a smile grew on her face nonetheless.

"And Penn, words can not fully describe how much I appreciate you making me smile all these years, or how happy I was that one time you drop-kicked a girl that tried to flirt with me. I should also say that I do find you very attractive." Penn may usually be the type who acts strong, or like a tomboy at heart, but when faced with genuine heartfelt compliments she becomes a blushing mess.

I think I did end up forgetting to mention the drop-kicked girl at one point though. It actually happened two years ago when a girl that was in the same class as us thought it would be a good idea to try to make me her boyfriend. That really should have been the point where I noticed Penn didn't view me as her brother or a friend, but at the time I was more worried about making sure Penn didn't get expelled after that.

"With that, I saw this with a hopeful heart. Penn, Gwen, Lucy, I am deeply in love with the three of you." Well fuck, I said I wouldn't make some cheesy speech, and then I went ahead and did exactly that.

The three of them froze at my words, seems they weren't expecting me to say something like this at all. I would be worried that they would reject my feelings, but even if they did, it's not like I'll ever let another man be with them, no other person is worthy of loving them.

"You girls don't have to give me an answer if you're not ready to, can wait as long as you want. But, you should know that even if you reject my love, it won't change the fact that I do love you." With those words I walked into the Rust Bucket, letting them process what I said today.

I wonder what I should make for dinner? I do have plenty of fish to work with, so it'll obviously be fish based, but should I use all of it, or save some of it for tomorrow's lunch?

Eh, I'll figure that out after I figure out what to make. Maybe I should make fish curry, but what type? Decisions, decisions.


Sorry for the short chapter, I just know that the next one will be pretty long in comparison to the chapters so far, and didn't want to drag that one out too much.

Though, to try make it up to you guys, I'll be giving a hint as to what two worlds I chose.

First world: "OH MY GOD!"

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