1 I am a gay

"I don't like you, I mean I .." Danil paused his words, confusion and fear approached him at this time. Is it true he has to be honest with the beautiful truth about himself, or he is hiding the truth, but he is not the type of man who likes to lie, but he is afraid .. afraid to leave because marrying a beautiful is his mother's last hope-, before her mother died? by gathering all his courage, honesty is his choice.

"Jelita, I'm gay." finally the words slid smoothly from the beautiful lips of a Danil Mahendra. like being struck by lightning and hit by a storm, words from Danil Mahendra shook and shattered the heart of a beautiful, beautiful little girl who holds the status of his future wife, the woman who graduated from an Islamic boarding school in East Java sat languidly, she covered her face with her palms. her tears flowed without being able to bear it

"Beautiful, I'm sorry, really I don't want to lie to you, but I can't refuse my mother's last wish, please understand, but I also don't want to be selfish if you want to cancel our marriage, I'm ready, I'm fine."

beauty wiped her tears harshly, then she stood up, her beautiful eyes staring at Danil sharply. then took a deep breath and then she said "we will still be married." He is stared at Jelita with a look of disbelief, whether that girl is crazy, or he has a disorder, how could a normal woman want to destroy her future by marrying a gay. this is really beyond Danil's estimation. with a position that is still staring at beauty with a look of disbelief, being beautiful is turning her face aside. then Danil continued his words, "Are you sure of your decision?" firmly beautifully answered, "I'm sure"

"You will not regret your decision?"

"not." the beautiful answer was so steady, it made Danil lost for words. but he didn't want to give up

"You know the consequences of marrying a gay, right?"


"why ?? you doubt ??" asked the beautiful

"No, it's just, what is the reason you want to marry me?"

"Is it because of money? or .."

"maybe." answered beautifully deliberately cutting the words to be issued by Danil. how beautiful she cursed the words she had just said, words that seemed to show what a materialistic woman she was. but there was nothing he could do except undergoing this marriage.

"Okay, then let's make a deal."


"how much money do you want to be my wife?"

"I want you to be a regular donor at the pesantren where I studied, and to be my prayer priest when you are at home with me, and we don't interfere with each other's personality matters."

He has narrowed his eyes when he heard the beautiful condition. but in the end, he agreed to these terms.

"OK, I agree," said Danil, holding out his hand to shake hands in agreement. while Jelita just clasped her hands in front of her chest and gave a slight nod in response.

"Our conversation is over, I will excuse you, assalamualaikum," Jelita turned around and stepped away from the meeting place with Danil. while Danil could only look at the departing Jelita with a gaze that was difficult to understand. but his lips unconsciously said "waalaikumsalam,"

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