Believe in Love Again

The peaceful life of David, a gardener entering adulthood, comes to an end when a young, handsome but somewhat strange millionaire is brought into his neighborhood. Gustav is a loner with an ice-cold gaze and a hostile attitude, but for some reason he accepts the presence of his employee, David. He even cross some boundaries of decency with him. Everything for David gets even more complicated when it turns out that Gustav is not the only man who is interested in the black-haired 20-year-old and yet David is already in love with a certain girl. On top of that, all the guys who are interested in David have something of the bad boy in them. Will David be seduced by the aura of unavailability spread by the millionaire Gustav and help him believe in love again? Maybe he will be seduced by the equally unpredictable Greg? Or will it be a third party who will win his heart? In front of you a somewhat disturbing but warm story about the struggle against adversity to win and keep true love. All characters, organizations and events described in the book are fictional. The resemblance to the real ones is purely coincidental. The cover illustration is generated by AI

AmberFullMoon · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
320 Chs

Burning with Desire

"Seriously, do you love it?" Gustav's breath was too hot. It burned like a living fire.

"Yes... Oh Gustav... If it weren't for your hand, I would have told you to take me..."

"I don't need a hand for that. If we do it standing up..."

"Standing?" David felt that he suddenly ran out of breath. "That hasn't happened before..."

"It was in my fantasies. In my fantasies I took you in every possible position..."

Oh God, oh God, oh God!

David had no idea what was burning more now - his cheeks, his heart, or the rest of his body. He felt as if his whole body had turned into some red-hot metal.

Gustav desired him. He fantasized about him. Every time David heard similar words, he couldn't believe them. Really, it was so incredible, so unbelievable....