1 Chapter 1 Distress

Beiyuan Xiuxian Realm, Zhao State, Qingli County.

A small village by the Qingxi River sits alone in the wilderness, with no people around for dozens of miles. The small village is called Qingxi Village, and there are 100 families in the village.

At the east end of the village, there was a little boy, with his hands behind his back like an adult, walking eastward along the river bank.

At this time, it is the Qingqiu season, and the banks of the river are full of reeds. The breeze is blowing, and the reed flowers dance with the wind, like snow flying all over the sky. A mile away from the village, there is no farmland, just a clump of bushes. These trees are still luxuriant, a green color. The reed flowers floated over and covered the bushes with a layer of white gauze, and the bushes showed Lingshuang Aoxue's character.

The little boy had no intention of admiring the beauty in front of him and walked aimlessly. He could only hear him muttering: "When the times are bad, you can be struck by lightning in the house. Luckily in the misfortune, you have been reincarnated and reincarnated. In this world, there is actually a saying of cultivating immortals."

He is not an ordinary child, but a traveler. In his previous life, he was an unremarkable office worker in the Earth's Huaxia Kingdom, whose name was Wang Daoyuan. Because of a bead, he traveled to this world of immortal cultivation.

In the previous life, Wang Daoyuan was adopted by an old Taoist since he was a child, and followed the old Taoist around to show people Feng Shui and exorcise evil spirits.

Later, this bowl of rice became more and more unpalatable, and the old Taoist sent him to school because he was afraid that he would lose his livelihood in the future.

Wang Daoyuan did not live up to the high expectations of the old Taoist priest. He was finally admitted to the university. After graduation, he successfully found a decent job in the city. The old Taoist priest also enjoyed a few years of happiness with him.

When Wang Daoyuan was 30 years old, the old Taoist priest, who did not know how old he lived, came to the end of his life.

Before the old Taoist emerged, he passed the "mantle" to him. This "mantle" includes a gray and purple, translucent glass bead, and some books on feng shui, divination and fortune-telling.

Wang Daoyuan buried the old Taoist near the thatched cottage where the master and the apprentice had lived for nearly 20 years. After that, he checked the relics left by the old Taoist.

I don't know what the bead did, but when Wang Daoyuan was playing, he was struck by lightning. Wang Daoyuan was also devastated by Chiyu and was split into ashes.

His last consciousness was that he had turned into a fist-sized little man and stayed in a dark environment. He was already a five-year-old child when he recovered his past life memory.

In this life, Wang Daoyuan was born in Qingxi Village. According to his parents, the villagers in Qingxi Village are not ordinary mortals, but members of the Wang family Xiuxian family in Yuquan Peak, thousands of miles away. Every year, "immortals" from the clan come to the village. Test whether a child who has just turned ten years old has the qualifications to cultivate immortals.

Qingxi Village is located on the edge of the Wang family's territory, a few hundred miles to the east, where monsters are entrenched. Therefore, there are often "immortals" coming and going here to protect the village from monsters.

Wang Daoyuan has also seen several "immortals" from the clan, all wearing white robes, with the clan embroidery embroidered with gold thread on the cuffs - fish with dragon heads.

The previous Wang Daoyuan has not recovered the memory of his previous life, and his intelligence is no different from that of an ordinary child. His parents also told him that he should not be disrespectful to the "immortal", and he never dared to get too close to the "immortal".

Before he knew it, Wang Daoyuan had already walked two or three miles away. There are often wild beasts and even monsters near the village, but they are afraid of being killed by the "immortals" and dare not attack the village at will, but near the village, there is still the courage to attack the lonely villagers.

Wang Daoyuan turned his head to look at the village, and found that he was a little far away from the village. Usually adults repeatedly warned that they must not leave the village alone, otherwise they will be carried away by wolves.

Because he had just awakened the memory of his past life, his mind was a little confused, so he forgot about it. Now that he reacted, he immediately turned around and returned to the village. A five-year-old, defenseless against the beast, is an excellent snack.

Wang Daoyuan turned around and didn't take a few steps when he heard the sound of trees breaking from the bushes more than ten meters away. He turned to look, and saw a black wolf sprang from the bushes and rushed towards him.

In his previous life, he also practiced some things that are said to be immortal cultivation techniques with the old Taoist priest, but he didn't practice anything famous, and he also practiced some boxing and kick kung fu. Four or five big men couldn't get close to him.

But he is only a five-year-old child, no matter how good his kung fu is, without physical strength, he can't beat a wolf.

Wang Daoyuan has been a human being in two lifetimes, and he has been with the old Taoist priest for more than 30 years in his previous life. Naturally, he will not be at a loss when faced with danger like ordinary people. Knowing that he couldn't beat the wolf, he could only run away and call for help.

He cries for help as he burrows into the bushes ahead.

The wolf's running speed is much faster than that of ordinary people, and its endurance is extremely strong. How could a five-year-old child outrun a wolf.

Although Wang Daoyuan was chasing in the bushes, relying on the dense branches of the bushes to block the calf-sized body of the black wolf, the distance between him and the wolf was still shortening.

In less than twenty breaths, the black wolf was less than two feet away from him. The black wolf leaped forward, opened his mouth, and bit Wang Daoyuan.

A feeling of powerlessness rose in Wang Daoyuan's heart: "I was struck to death by lightning in my previous life, and I was reincarnated in the world of Xiu Xian.

At this critical moment, a black shadow sprang out from the side, pounced on the black wolf, and hit the black wolf directly on the waist.

At this time, the black wolf's saliva had dripped onto Wang Daoyuan, but was knocked out by the shadow more than ten feet away.

The shadow fell to the ground, and only then did Wang Daoyuan realize that this was his own dog, Da Hei.

The big black bared his teeth, making a threatening sound of whining, and stared at the black wolf.

All wolves are "copper heads, iron brains and tofu waist". The black wolf was hit on the waist and suffered some injuries. At this moment, his standing posture is a bit strange, but he didn't leave, and showed his teeth to Da Hei.

Wang Dao was far-sighted, and immediately hid behind Da Hei, picked up a stone about the size of his fist, and was ready to smash it at the black wolf at any time.

Although the black wolf was hit by Da Hei and his waist was injured, he still had most of his fighting strength. I didn't fight Da Hei head-on just now. I don't know the depth of Da Hei, so I just left, unwilling.

Suddenly, the black wolf strikes first, rushing towards Da Hei. Wang Daoyuan immediately threw the stone out of his hand and smashed it at the black wolf's head.

Although the smashing force was small, the black wolf dodged subconsciously. Da Hei seized the opportunity, pounced on the black wolf, and bit the back of the black wolf's neck, tearing the wolf and the dog together.

Da Hei was much weaker in size and strength than the Black Wolf, but the Black Wolf had a wound on his waist, and Da Hei took the advantage and bit the back of his neck. After biting for thirty or forty breaths, one wolf and one dog were separated, and there were a few more wounds on the body, which was evenly divided.

The black wolf gasped for a while, and was about to continue to pounce, when he saw Wang Daoyuan holding another stone in his hand, he hesitated.

Continuing to fight the black wolf can indeed win, but it will also be seriously injured. It is an outlier, a lone wolf, and being seriously injured means death. It is definitely not worth it to eat such a child who is seriously injured.

The black wolf made a move forward, and Da Hei was also ready to fight back. The stone in Wang Daoyuan's hand was thrown out again, but the black wolf turned his head and ran away.

One person and one dog are a little messy. When they react, Da Hei gets up and goes to chase. Wang Daoyuan said, "Don't chase Da Hei, let's go home quickly."

And just as the black wolf ran a few feet away, a water blue long sword fell from the sky, and the sword pinned the black wolf to the ground. The black wolf struggled a few times and stopped moving.

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