1 Transmigrated, but I'm Still Teaching English

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"It's very important to speak good English, use proper grammar, and vocabulary!"

"10 parts of speech, 9 components, 8 sentence patterns."

"As long as you can master these, you have grasped the foundation of English."

"Now, let's revise…"

In the area surrounded by mountains, withered trees grew and poisonous vines wrapped around them. It was really a barren land.

Birds did not go there, and beasts took detours when they saw the situation.

A melodious sound of someone reading aloud came from the simple stone house surrounded by withered grass.

A young man in plain clothes held a papyrus textbook in his hand and patiently taught his students.

He had an outstanding appearance and a slender figure.

Anyone who saw him at first glance would be stunned by his appearance.

However, they will also feel it was not worth it for him.

Because the young man's white and turbid eyes could not see anything.

But so what?

Even without sight, there were still other senses like touch and sound.

He could still teach the students!

Fang Ping touched the smooth stone slab behind him with one hand, confirming the location of the pen.

With his other hand, he held a talc and carved four English letters on the stone slab behind him.

"Today I'm going to teach you a new word."

"'Cure', the meaning of healing."

"'Cure'. It's usually used to treat something."

"For example, this is a cure for nature. It's to treat and heal nature. Read it with me. Read it a few more times."

"This is a cure for nature."

As the students read, the green light that symbolizes healing enveloped the withered grass outside the courtyard.

Under the catalysis of magic power, new sprouts quickly grew from the roots on the ground.

In just a few words, the courtyard was filled with vitality!

"Very good!"

Listening to the student's increasingly standard pronunciation, Fang Ping was very pleased.

When they first met these children, they could not even grasp the simplest 26 English letters.

Now, almost all students can communicate normally in fluent English.

In addition to his teaching, the diligence of these students was also a very important factor.

"As a reward for your hard work, let's end class early today."

When the students below the podium heard that the lesson was about to end, they immediately panicked.

"No, Teacher Fang! We haven't heard enough!"

"That's right, Teacher. Teach us more!"

"Teacher, I'm still wanting to swim in the ocean of knowledge."

These students were much more studious than when he was in school.

Fang Ping smiled.

It was certainly a good thing that children liked learning.


"We've already had five hours of lessons today. Although knowledge is important, everyone has to pay more attention to the balance between work and rest."

He was too biased.

Learning knowledge but missing out on learning to be Human.

It will be his negligence as a teacher!

"And you're all kids."

"Children should play well and socialize! Learning knowledge can always come later!"

Fang Ping closed the textbook in his hand.

"Go on, go out and play."

Under Fang Ping's urging, the children in the class reluctantly walked out of the classroom.

Unknowingly, he had taught these children English for four years.

He should have accumulated enough lecture points to recover his vision, right?

Fang Ping opened the system's page in his mind.


He was only 50 points away from the goal of 999 teaching points needed to restore his vision!

It was only a matter of time before he regained his vision!

Unfortunately, if only nothing had happened when he first arrived.

Fang Ping sighed slightly. In the system's mall, lecture points could be exchanged for other interesting things.

If only he hadn't been blind when he first came.

Otherwise, he would have settled down by now.

Four years ago, on his way to the branch school, Fang Ping had an accident.

When they drove past a rugged mountain road, the mountain road suddenly collapsed.

Fang Ping and the car rolled dozens of times on the almost vertical hill.

If not for the few crooked trees growing on the cliff that supported the car and acted as a buffer,

He would not be alive today.

However, just as he crawled out of the car window covered in blood, he encountered another strange wolf.

Although it was a wolf, there was actually something a little different about it.

The wolf was covered in a thick layer of frost, and its eyes were like blue glass marbles without pupils.

The wolf bit him without any explanation.

At that time, seeing that the situation was urgent, he could only pick up the stone on the ground and smash it hard.

But at that moment, the wolf seemed to spit out something cold.

Fang Ping was caught off guard. His eyes were blinded by that thing, and he could not wipe them clean no matter how hard he tried.

That was how he became blind.

If not for the fact that the children in the village had saved him,

He might have really lost his life.

Thinking of this, Fang Ping's lips curled into a smile.

Until now, he still remembered clearly what happened back then.

Just when Fang Ping thought he was going to be killed…

The ferocious wolf suddenly let out an earth-shattering howl.

A girl's exclamation, hurried footsteps, and the sound of tearing fabric mixed together.

A pair of cold little hands touched Fang Ping's forehead. The warm, rough fabric wrapped around his forehead.

That wonderful sense of security was like someone handing him a bowl of hot porridge when he was about to starve to death.

"You saved me just now, right? Thank you."

Fang Ping forced a smile. There was a slight pain in his forehead. The bandage was almost done.

"Remember to give me your contact information. Although I'm blind, it's not a problem for me to sponsor you to university."

Fang Ping could not repay this life-saving kindness!

Upon hearing his words, the tense feeling instantly stopped.

"Ji ginseng gu gu gu…"

Fang Ping: "?"

What language was this?

Aren't ethnic minorities bilingual nowadays?

If Fang Ping could see it now, his jaw would definitely drop.

The girl who had treated him.

She had slightly glowing moon-white skin, pitch-black hair, green eyes, and a pair of standard drooping elf ears.

She clearly had the appearance of an elf from another world.

The elf girl looked at Fang Ping curiously.

Who was this person?

Why did he come to the Dark Elves' territory?

And… What was he talking about?

Moon Bell pinched her petite chin in distress.

She remembered reading about Forbidden Spells in books, she had seen incantations that could be used to communicate.

She didn't know if it would work, but gave it a try first.

Moon Bell carefully moved closer to Fang Ping's ear and tried out the forbidden incantation.

"Ho, ah, rain?"

Hao ah Yu…?

This little girl's pronunciation was not standard. Could it be…

Fang Ping's intuition as an English teacher reacted immediately!

How are you?

Thinking of this, Fang Ping's heart instantly turned cold.

Could it be that he had transmigrated after falling from the mountain?

And he crossed over to an English-speaking country?

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