114 Sealed It All With A Kiss

"I-i had no idea you were so high up Ms. Selena. Thank you so much for my promotion." June said happily while trying to smile as best as possible.

When Kanzaki heard this he was left with his jaw slightly slack shocked at the fact his fiancé was able to pull of such a feat, 'She's too amazing~' Kanzaki thought to himself with a smile as his heart felt warmed by Selena's gesture.

"There's no need to thank me. The co-owner of the company is your son after all. He was the one that asked me to do it before you even got here." Selena said lying completely about what happened which made Kanzaki look at her questionably but she just continued smiling.

June on the other hand was left slightly shocked as she had never expected her son to be so high up in a company that she worked for, "Thank you so much, son. I had no idea you were doing so well out here, I'm proud of you." June said with a smile towards Kanzaki.

"No worries mom. I know how hard you work and thought you deserved to live even better." Kanzaki said as he hugged his mom going along with the plan Selena had set out for him.

The two stayed in this hug for a few moments before June finally broke the hug, "Well I guess my reason for being here has been fulfilled. I see you're doing great and you truly don't need my help anymore, you're all grown up. I should probably get going." June said as she turned her back and began making her way toward the exit of the apartment.

However, before she could get too far a hand landed on her shoulder stopping her, "Why don't you stay with us today? You're my family now after all~" Selena said with a wide smile.


While Selena, Kanzaki, and June had their first family bonding day there was someone who was doing not nearly as well. The person was a female wearing heavy clothes all over her body covering most of her features she boarded a plane.

When the girl boarded this plane and began making her way down the aisle many people were weirded out by the strange outfit but even more, people were left in shock when they got a peek at the person's face.

"What happened to that girl?!" One person whispered to the person beside them after getting a peek at the girl's face.

The girl in question obviously heard this but ignored it as she made her way to the back of the plane where the VIP cabins were and sat down with her luggage.

After sitting down the girl breathed a sigh of relief as she relished in the comfort of her seat and stared out the window of the plane to look at the city beside her.

She had lived there most of her life and had many cherished memories of the place but she was no longer able to stay there, it wasn't safe.

After sitting there for a while the plane slowly began taking off before it finally lifted into the air heading towards its next destination which was also a safe haven for the girl in question, 'I'm finally safe from that psycho.' The girl thought to herself before one of the workers on the plane approached her.

The girl turned toward the worker not expecting these next words to come out, "Ms. Selena wishes you well in your new life outside the country. If you need anything during the travel please let us know Ms. Fria." The worker said before leaving not giving Fria the chance to answer back.


The worker that had just spoken to Fria went straight to the phone on the plane after talking with Fria picking it up with someone already on the other line, "Ms. Selena, Fria has got on the plane and we have now taken off to the other side of the country." The worker said to Selena who was on the other line listening.

"Good work, Samuel. I will make sure you're paid handsomely for your work these few weeks." Selena said before hanging up the phone.

The worker now known as Samuel put the phone back on the wall before thinking over all the memories he had made with Kanzaki the past few weeks. He had gotten close to Kanzaki all under the orders of his boss but had ended up enjoying the time he spent with his new friend, "I wish you and Selena a happy life, Kanzaki." Samuel thought with a smile before getting back to work.


After spending the whole day together Selena, Kanzaki, and June all had a great time with Selena getting even closer to June after June found out Selena was technically her boss.

The trio had spent most of the day inside the apartment catching up and getting to know each other before Kanzaki treated the other two to dinner at the sushi place Selena had taken him to before.

This had enforced the idea even more in June's mind that Kanzaki was doing just fine by himself and with his new fiancé which in turn made her ease off of his case not questioning his decision to stream anymore.

Finally, at night Selena and Kanzaki saw June off as she left their apartment and went to her own which Selena had given her for the night leaving the two lovebirds alone in Kanzaki's apartment.

Kanzaki couldn't help but feel that Selena had done so much for him yet he had done so little. The problem with his mom was something that had weighed on Kanzaki's mind the second he knew about it but Selena made it seem like a simple issue.

At the very least Kanzaki wanted to express how he truly felt as they stared into each other's eyes silently, "Selena, I don't know why you chose me specifically but one thing I know is I don't deserve it. However, even though I don't think I deserve it I promise to show you even more love than you have shown me and will make our lives together even more fun than you have ever experienced. I love you Selena." Kanzaki said with every ounce of his being going into every word he said while Selena's body slightly shook taken over by emotion at each sentence.

At first, Selena didn't respond to Kanzaki's words which made him feel slightly embarrassed but that didn't last long as she launched her body towards him pushing him to the ground as she hovered over him and placed her lips right above his own as she stared deep into his eyes with an overwhelming psychotic love that shook even Kanzaki to the core of his soul, "I'm the one that doesn't deserve you my love~ You brought me out of the depths of that hell I was living in purely out of the kindness of your heart~ You saved my life letting me live another one and I will happily give this new life to you~ I promise to devote my entire being and ounce of myself to you~ I love you so much that my entire body shakes at the thought of you~ I will never let you go even if you try to leave~ I love you Kanzaki~" Selena said with a crazed smile as she closed the distance between the two's lips and sealed their love with a deep kiss.

No matter what they would face from now on both Kanzaki and Selena knew with each other's help they could face anything. The streaming world wasn't ready for Kanzaki and the entire universe wasn't ready for what Selena would do for Kanzaki.

The End.

Authors Note: Hello everyone it's me! This chapter officially concludes the end of Behind The Screen and I just wanted to thank you all for joining me on this journey. From the month long break in the middle to the chapters after that I thank you all for your continued support with my books and hope you all will continue to join me as I write more stories. My plan for this book was to do better at the ending than I did with my previous book and deliver an ending that not only I would be happy with but also you readers as well! With this I will conclude all the mushy gushy talking and end it with a huge thank you to all of you that have read this far! I hope you all have an amazing day and I will see you in the next novel!