2 Model

[Mask: What are these streamers called?]

[TommyLikesDD: They are called V-Tubers. They are a new type of streamer that has shown up recently. Pretty hot right?]

[BobIsNotBob: Yeah!]

[VirginityRocks: You people disgust me.]

Kanzaki began asking questions after watching the streamer for a few hours wanting to know what these new type of streamers were called. Someone had been nice enough to answer but right when Kanzaki was going to ask more the chat went in a completely different direction.

'I guess that's to be expected.' Kanzaki thought as he chuckled slightly. While he wasn't thinking as extreme as some of the people in the chat he understood the appeal of these V-Tubers. Someone could easily create a character that filled their imagination and dreams with no type of blemishes or insecurities, it was bound to be a hit.

Kanzaki continued to watch the streamer for a while even giving them a follow but all things come to an end so after a few hours it was finally time for the stream to end, "Thank you all for joining today~ It was a lot of fun and I hope to see you guys tomorrow!" The streamer said making everyone in the chat go ballistic before she logged off.

Once the girl was gone Kanzaki quickly opened his phone going to an app called Tweeter. This app was commonplace for streamers to post things about their schedule and other mundane topics but what Kanzaki was looking for was completely different.

He quickly typed V-Tuber in the search bar and began looking through tons of accounts that were V-Tuber streamers just like the girl he had seen earlier. Apparently, the trend was growing quite quickly which excited him since he thought it would be cool to be one himself.

'Wait... excitement?' Kanzaki thought in surprise as he found himself enamored by the idea of being a V-Tuber and seeing how it worked.

The idea was very interesting to him and this was not a common theme in his day-to-day life which caused the sudden confusion to wash over him but gradually he started to smile more, "I'm excited!" Kanzaki shouted gleefully as he spun around in his chair making himself a little dizzy.

Once Kanzaki made sure he wasn't going to puke out everything inside his stomach he began thinking to himself whether he should try streaming as a V-Tuber himself. It didn't seem like a bad idea and at the least he could try it until his money ran out. While it would be a short ride he hopes it will be a fun one.

Kanzaki finalized in his mind that he wanted to be a V-Tuber making him begin scrolling through every account he could find trying to find out whether or not there was some place he could find to get one of these characters.

While searching he kept coming across V-Tubers that in their bio they had people labeled as their mother and father, 'That's strange.' Kanzaki thought to himself. If the people were becoming V-Tubers to mainly keep their identity and face a secret then why would they link their parents in their bio! Matter of fact, why were their parents on Tweeter in the first place?!

Kanzaki couldn't contain his curiosity and clicked on one of the parent's page. However, the page didn't have what he expected. There were no cringe tweets about how proud they are of their precious child. Instead, there were a bunch of posts about art and different V-Tuber 'models' as Kanzaki found out they were called.

The more Kanzaki scrolled the more he realized that these people weren't the streamer's mother and father. They were the creators of the V-Tuber models! They were technically the parents of the model since they made it so in the description of the V-Tuber's actual profile they put them as their parents.

'That makes a lot of sense.' Kanzaki thought as he began nodding his head in understanding.

Kanzaki then took his time looking at how the models were made which looked quite amazing but when he looked at the average price of these models he almost jumped out of his chair, "$8,000!" Kanzaki shouted in surprise.

This price tag was more than the rent of his apartment for more than two months which was completely absurd. Kanzaki thought it was so absurd that he began checking other people's prices but much to his surprise they were about the same! The lowest he was able to find was one for $2,000 but it would take over a month to make according to the artist.

This was an amount of time that Kanzaki didn't have and it was made apparent as he thought about the current balance in his bank account.

"Is there nothing else I can do?" Kanzaki let his thoughts out to himself.

Kanzaki refused to give up and decided to message one of the artists he found to have one of the cheapest rates.

[Mask: Hi, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you have any V-Tuber models for sale that are already completely done. Reply at your convenience and thank you!]

Kanzaki sent the message trying to be polite as possible to maybe raise his chances of maybe getting a deal on the model or even getting a higher chance at finding one for sale. Kanzaki planned to check again in the morning since when he checked the clock it was already 11PM but within a minute he heard a sound coming from his pocket indicating that he had a new message.

[Rainbow Bunny: Hi! You're no bother at all! I'm always open to more work but as for your question, normally I would say that I don't have any models available. However, I had someone commission me but then never pay me so I kept the model. It has been sitting on my computer for a while and I would like to get rid of it if you're interested?]

Kanzaki quickly read the words with his excitement growing with each word he read. Once he got to the end of the text he couldn't help but smile brightly glad that today he had some sort of plot armor on him.

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