Behind The Screen!

Warning: This is a yandere romance novel. Kanzaki is your average everyday guy. He has just finished college for a degree he didn't even care for but luckily by the grace of God he was able to get a job that he liked much more than the one he got a degree for. He became a V-Tuber! Kanzaki was quickly becoming a streaming sensation at an astonishing rate but there was always one person that commented strange things about loving Kanzaki. Where will this lead? Read to find out!

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Selena had been sitting in the bathroom for quite a while trying to collect her thoughts. This entire time she didn't understand why she was feeling this way toward Kanzaki despite only knowing him a short amount of time but she knew one thing and that was the fact that it wasn't love, or at least she thinks.

The feeling that she was beginning to understand was an obsession. She was obsessed with the way he treated her and that just maximized all the rest of his charms. Selena knew that she had never had something like this before and the feeling she was having was that she never wanted it to go away either.

After taking a few breaths Selena finally calmed herself down before standing up. Slowly but surely she was starting to understand why she was feeling this way but one thing she didn't understand was her reaction toward him having a girlfriend. If she just wanted him to keep treating her the same as he has been so far then why worry about a girlfriend? All she had needed and asked for was nice conversation with the occasional compliment.

'I don't understand.' Selena thought shaking her head. She was an adult and someone that was supposed to be put together in high society. This type of behavior and action was not normal or accepted by her peers but when she was confronted with that situation she couldn't help herself.

Deciding to visit his stream after greeting everyone Selena exited the bathroom after washing her hands and began going door to door once more greeting all of her new tenants. After going a few doors down from Kanzaki one of the doors that opened up revealed a girl with long flowing red hair that seemed to be the same age as Kanzaki.

She wore glasses, a white t-shirt, and grey sweat pants while holding a book when she opened the door. The book read Covet and Conquer by Blue_Robin. Once the girl opened the door Selena went about her normal process of introducing herself to someone but one thing that she failed to see was that back inside the apartment there was a small art studio in the open with a bunch of electronic drawing tools. In addition to this if one were to look at the monitor that the girl was using they would recognize that she was drawing V-Tuber models!


When Kanzaki began streaming his mood immediately brightened since it let him forget everything about what happened earlier in the day. He had begun streaming and much to his surprise all of the viewers that he had the day before joined again! It was a fun and enjoyable time for him especially since he had people that could show and explain things he had never seen before.

After a few hours of playing Kanzaki even began having new viewers visit his channel this made his viewer count get all the way up to 10! He had never expected to have so many people at once and it really surprised him. Some of the people even began following his account!

[Owu has followed.]

[Mimic has followed.]

[Murphy has followed.]

[BlueDragon has followed.]

[LotusMan: Mask I realized this morning that you always begin streaming every morning but at different times? Do you have somewhere that has a list of when you're starting?]

Kanzaki was continuing to play the game and chatting with his viewers when he saw the comment from LotusMan. When he saw it he almost face palmed himself when he realized he had completely forgotten the promise he made himself the day before.

He had realized the problem and planned on fixing it but so much happened in a short period of time that was outside the normal of his everyday life that he just forgot to do it, "Thanks for reminding me LotusMan! I had planned on figuring out some sort of schedule or place I can set up for you guys to see what I'm doing each day but I don't really know how to do it." Kanzaki said admitting he truly had no clue what place he could use to show them his schedule in the slightest.

However, it didn't take long for some of the viewers to perk up and begin answering his questions.

[BigBertha05: Why don't you just use Tweeter? Most streamers use that when they want to talk to their viewers.]

[I_Miss_Timmy: Yeah I agree, Tweeter is easy too, all you have to do is type the schedule and pin it to the top so we can always check when you're going to go live.]

Kanzaki began reading the comments of everyone and when he did he almost face palmed himself again. It had been over two days since he last used the app but one common thing he found and had forgotten was that every time he looked at a V-Tubers account they had pinned a picture with their schedule at the top. Normally it would only be a schedule of the week but some went even beyond that planning out entire months of content.

"That's a great suggestion! Thanks everyone for the help. I'm going to set it up after this stream, it will have the exact same as my name on Witch so if you want to search it up after the stream then that would be great!" Kanzaki said planning to actually do as he said this time and set up the schedule.

If he were to do that then he thinks that he would be able to retain a lot more people in addition to growing his own social media which could also draw in new people. It was a new realm of possibilities that Kanzaki was happy and excited to explore with all of his energy.

Kanzaki continued streaming for multiple hours with his first viewer to ever join Boss413 joining the stream once more later in it. He kept mentioning them trying to see how their day was and thank them for coming into the stream but much to his surprise they never chatted or even sent a message throughout the entire stream.