54 Chapter 54

After introducing himself, Akira pointed to Lavinia who was standing next to him, and said, "This is Lavinia Reni, starting today, she will also be a third year student."

Sona's eyes moved to Lavinia.

Frowning, she finally recognized this woman.

"You are a human mage, correct?"

Sona's question, made Lavinia raise her eyebrows, but seeing that it had no malicious intent, she just smiled, "Yes."

Feeling down, Sona sighed.

'Why did these two people have to come to Kuoh?'

She knew that these two people were not here to study, but due to the difference in strength, it was impossible for her to question them, and even if she tried to threaten them with her big sister's strength, it was impossible for them to take it seriously.

Seeing that Sona was thoughtful, Akira decided to say, "You don't have to worry, we didn't come here to cause harm."

Akira's speech didn't make Sona more comfortable, in fact it had the opposite effect. But since, there was nothing she could do at the moment, Sona opted to just take them to the student council, after all, no matter if they were from the supernatural or not, they were still late.

"Follow me."

Saying those words in a serious manner, Sona led them to the student council room.


In front of the student council room, Akira felt the presence of some devils inside, but knowing who they were, he entered the room with a smile.

The moment he entered the student council room, he was greeted with the sight of a girl with long hair and glasses.

"President, I have separated the papers you requested." Tsubaki Shinra said as she bowed.

At that moment, she felt the presence of two other people behind Sona, raising her head, she saw a handsome man with white hair and next to him was a beautiful woman with blonde hair.

Being looked at by Tsubaki, Akira stepped forward, and greeted her, "Hello, I am Akira, I am a transfer student."

Lavinia who was standing next to him, also introduced herself to Tsubaki.

"Oh? I didn't expect there to be transfer students this season, I'm Tsubaki Shinra, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Tsubaki had already sensed that Akira was a devil, and that the girl next to her had magic coursing through her body, but since Sona hadn't said anything, she thought they were allies.

There were other people inside the student council room, who Akira recognized them as members of Sona's nobility.

In a matter of seconds, Akira and Lavinia introduced themselves to the people in the room, causing Sona to have a strange look on her face.

'Didn't they really come to cause chaos?'

She had many doubts, but buried them deep in her mind as she sat down in the student council president's chair. The moment she sat down, her whole aura changed, and she looked much more serious.

'Even if they are strong, as long as they are in Kuoh, they still need to respect the school rules.'

With those thoughts, she decided to introduce the rules of Kuoh, and also take them to the classroom they were assigned.

"Alright, you two can take a seat, I need to check your documentations, also, since you were late, you will need to sign a term." She said with a serious expression.

Lavinia stepped on Akira's foot as she heard Sona's speech, her eyes said something like, "See? It's your fault we're late!"

Feeling that his foot had suffered a lot today, Akira gave a self-deprecating smile, and sat down on the chair opposite Sona.


After signing a form that said they would no longer be late, Sona finally brought them into the classroom, and maybe because Sona was the student council president, or maybe because she was afraid they would destroy the school. But she said they would be in the same class as hers.

Standing in front of the classroom door, Sona told them to wait while she told the teacher that two transfer students would be joining this class.

Quickly, they both heard the class teacher call them in, and with a smile on his face, Akira opened the door and walked in with Lavinia following him.

The moment he entered the classroom, Akira felt several stares upon him, but the stare that stood out the most was that of Rias, who stared at him in disbelief.

"Huh?" Rias exclaimed as she looked at Akira who at that moment was standing in front of the whole class.

Beside him was a beautiful young woman with blonde hair, whom Rias quickly recognized as Lavinia Reni, a human mage.

Rias remembered seeing this woman in Grigori's bar.

Never in her mind did she think that Lavinia would become a third year student of Kuoh. She already knew from Akira that he was doing some jobs for Grigori, but she never expected that one of his jobs would be to become a student at Kuoh Academy.

She remembers Akira telling her that he would give her a surprise today, but she never expected that this would be the surprise.

Akeno, who was sitting next to Rias, saw her friend's incredulous expression, making her look interested in the new student. She tried to search her memory for someone who looked like the new student, but unfortunately she couldn't find anyone.

'He must be a devil who belongs to a big family in the underworld.... But for Rias to have that kind of reaction, what is the relationship between them?'

Her eyes showed interest as she looked at Akira.

The rest of the students also seemed excited, especially the girls who looked at Akira with a twinkle in their eyes. Of course, the men in the class had dark expressions, but upon seeing the new student, their faces lit up.

"Please introduce yourselves." The teacher said as he signaled to Akira and Lavinia.

Nodding his head, Akira stepped forward and said with a smile, "Hello everyone, my name is Akira, a transfer student."

His introduction was simple, but it couldn't stop the excitement of the girls in the class.

Lavinia seeing Akira introducing himself also stepped forward and said in a gentle manner, "Hello, my name is Lavinia Reni, I am also a transfer student. Please take care of me." At the end of her speech, she bowed slightly.

Seeing that both of them had already introduced themselves, the teacher nodded and signaled for them to sit in the chairs that were vacant.

Akira swept his gaze, and noticed that the famous seat near the window was vacant, and that it coincidentally was next to Rias' seat.

With a smile on his face, he walked over to the seat and sat down.

In the process of sitting down, he turned his face to Rias, and gave a gentle smile, which made the young woman blush with embarrassment.


Rias sputtered in her mind, but her heart grew warm at the sight of Akira's smile.

Akira's interaction with Rias, did not escape the eyes of the class devils, but the devils pretended they saw nothing, and turned back to concentrating on the class.

Lavinia sat in front in Akira's seat, since she didn't know anyone else in the class. When she did, she greeted the other devils with a smile on her face.

Seeing that the students had calmed down, the teacher said, "Okay class, let's continue the class."


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